Summary: Lily had a great life filled with love, friendship and happiness. Then, her 2 best friends turned their backs on her. Can James save her from them…and herself? Lily/James.


Chapter 1- The Beginning

(An: I would like to inform you that this story is based on something that happened to me. It is true except for all the love scenes, but everything else is absolutely positively true. The difference between this story and what happened to me is that my friends got jealous when I was invited to visit our friend that moved away. Not because the guy they like fell in love with me. And unlike Lily, I found new friends that saved my life even though they don't know it. If this has ever happened to anyone else, I'm truly sorry. If I can make it through, you can too. Don't give up.)

(Here are short profiles for all of the characters)

Lily- 15 years old. 5'4''. Painfully sensitive, kind of shy and always smiling.

James- 16 years old (birthday in summer) 5'11''. Kind, arrogant and somewhat idiotic.

Sirius- 15 years old. 5'9''. Goofy, easy-going and loyal.

Remus- 15 years old. 6'. Somewhat quiet, serious and intelligent.

Brittany- 15 years old. 5'8'' Immature, competitive and a follower.

Ashley- 16 years old (held back a year) 5'2'' Easily jealous, immature and a user.


It's always so unexpected…so unpredictable. You never know when it'll happen because it sneaks up on you like a cat does a mouse.

It felt as if my world, as if my heart was shattered, as if it had broken into pieces that would never be put back together again. The pieces so miniscule that they fell through my fingers like sand.

After that, I didn't know if I could ever live like I did before. I fell deeper and deeper into the dark hole where my heart was supposed to be.

Happiness is no longer a part of my future; it's a part of my past.


"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" I yelled as I ran for the train. I was late again because I had trouble fitting all my abnormally large textbooks into my suitcase. You wouldn't believe how much bigger they get every year!

I managed to slip through the doors, only to fall clumsily on my face. Turning beet red, I got up quickly and tried to find a compartment and my friends.

After looking for a short while, I turned around when I heard a familiar voice shout, "Hey Lily!"

My face broke into a full-hearted smile when I saw it was Ashley and Brittany walking towards me with their suitcases in tow.

I've known Brittany since our first year (5 years) so my friendship with her is stronger than the friendship I had with Ashley. Brittany has short brown hair with blonde streaks that goes well with her naturally tanned skin. Her face is round/oval with small brown/blue eyes, thin lips and a somewhat upturned nose. Her build is heavy on top and slim on the bottom. She also has a little trouble with acne because of all the sweets she eats.

Ashley isn't as much of a friend to me as Brittany because I have only known her since last year. She has pale skin with brown hair (which has too short bangs), round eyes, upturned nose, and average shaped lips. She has one very large mole on her right cheek, that is sprouting hairs, but she either doesn't care, or doesn't notice. She is very skinny/bony and doesn't have very many curves. She also has no chin.

Since I'm describing people, I might as well tell you a little about myself. I have crimson red hair (I like the way crimson sounds) 5 inches past my shoulders with many layers and a fringe on the left of my forehead. I have green eyes that look blue when I cry and a small nose with average/full lips. My face has clear skin and is oval-shaped and I have an average/semi-curvy body. And unfortunately, I am not that tall.

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed while giving them tight bear hugs, "I've missed you both. How was Hawaii and Arizona?"

"Hawaii was very hot, but the sea was beautiful. I had a lot of fun." Brittany replied while smiling.

"It was nice in Arizona, but it would have been nicer if my little brother wasn't there to annoy me." Ashley said with a sigh.

"I know what you mean, it's nice to be back at school and away from Petunia and Vernon. Ugh! When they make out, their happier than pigs in shit…but I can't say that for the rest of us…it's actually quite revolting…" I shuddered because of the bad mental images.

"EWWW!" Brittany and Ashley squealed.

"I know," I replied while making a disgusted face, "It's nasty."

After talking for another minute or two, we realized that we should probably find a compartment now. We searched and we came across what we had desired, an empty compartment.

Once we were settled in we talked about our vacations, our families and our crushes.

Brittany and Ashley both have huge crushes on James Potter. Sure he is good-looking, but I am more interested in Remus Lupin. He isn't arrogant or idiotic like Potter is, not that I have a problem with him.

Brittany and I like to admire our men from afar, but Ashley is a bit of a stalker. She even knows where Potter lives! She also shows of in front of him…or tries to, but oh well, that's Ashley for you.

Anyways, we talked about other random things before we got changed into our school clothes because we were nearing Hogwarts. I can't wait to see it again!

When I was coming back from getting changed I bumped into Potter. "Whoa! Watch out Lily. Wouldn't want to fall on your pretty little face," he said.

"Thank you so much Potter," I said sarcastically as I headed for my compartment.

"No problem!" he replied in a cheery voice with that dumb grin plastered on his face, "I don't mind when pretty girls run into me!"

"Ugh…" I sighed while I pretended that I was momentarily deaf when Potter shouted that to me.

That's the thing…I forgot to tell you one teensy weensy detail. I mean it's no big deal, I just remembered about it now. Can you keep a secret?

No one knows about this, (which is surprising because it's not like Potter tries to hide it) so don't tell anyone.

I never meant for this to happen because it would hurt my friends if they were to ever find out…and I don't want to do that.


I can't deny the fact that James Ian Potter is in love with…


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