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Rated "T" for Teen

For mild violence, somewhat mature themes, et cetera. I dunno, I haven't begun writing it yet...I can only assume I know what I'll end up writing. If I'm wrong, I apologize for misinforming you.

Legacy Of Twilight

Prologue - Legacy of Darkness; Lament of a Hero

Amidst the star-sprinkled night sky and the silence of the sprawling fields below, the wind carried upon it's breath the scent of despair. Though peace had reigned in the land of Hyrule for a number of months, now, not all was tranquil. There were secrets, hidden within the shadows...and gradually, unnoticed by those who went about living without a second thought, change was occurring.

It was not so long ago that there was little hope of Hyrule ever returning to it's former glory. With the invasion of the kingdom of Hyrule at the hands of the usurper lord of the Twilight Realm, Zant, and the following imprisonment of princess Zelda, the future seemed very bleak, indeed; even if most of Hyrule's citizens had been blind to the chaos ensuing around them.

However, all was not lost; in the quiet, secluded confines of a sleepy farming town by the name of Ordon, a young man would learn of his role in the fight against the force of darkness and destruction who lay in wait within the realm of Twilight. It began simply with a quest to rescue his friends, who had been kidnapped by strange creatures...but it led to him discovering the ancient power of the goddess Farore within himself. Transformed into a sacred beast by the power of the Twilight Realm and taken prisoner, he met the mysterious imp, Midna, whose integral role in all of this remained unknown to him for quite some time.

It was eventually revealed to him that Midna was actually the princess of the Twilight Realm, whom Zant had cursed after his rise to power. Though his newfound power was not his own...

Ganondorf. He who is known as the bearer of the Triforce of Power, the recipient of the strength of the goddess Din...he who has long opposed Hyrule in his quest to claim all that lies before him.

Though he had been captured and sentenced to death, he was unable to be killed. The triforce of power lent him the strength to break free of his captivity. The only solution was to seal him in the realm of Twilight in an attempt to rid his persuasion over Hyrule once and for all. Using the relic known as the Mirror of Twilight, they trapped him, and the mirror was destroyed, split into pieces.

This would prove inadequate, however, as Ganondorf was able to feed off the despair of those imprisoned within the realm of twilight and amass his strength once again. He approached Zant as a god of sorts, and bestowed upon him his power, as he could not carry out his plans without a vessel of sorts.

Using Zant to further his own purposes, he almost succeeded in finally taking siege of Hyrule; if it had not been for the resolve of the young hero, Link, and his companion, the disowned princess of the Twilight Realm, who repaired the mirror of Twilight to find and defeat Zant. Zant told them of his God, Ganondorf, and the two set out to conquer the lord of darkness and return peace to the land.

In one epic confrontation, he fought with the hero, the Twilight Princess, who had gained formidable power, and princess Zelda, whom he had previously used as a vessel in which to fight.

Though he was defeated and, presumably, killed when Zant betrayed him by severing the powerful connection that the two shared, the victory came at a price...

Midna, restored to her previous form, realized the danger of maintaining the connection between her realm, and that of Hyrule. Though it pained her immensely to do so, upon returning to the Twilight Realm after saying her farewells to Zelda and Link, she shattered the mirror with a teardrop, thus cutting off the means of traveling to and from the two separate worlds...

Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?"

Link stared into the setting sun, as memories threatened to overwhelm him. He had been trying so hard to move on, but with all that had happened, he found it impossible to do so. How could anyone go on as if nothing had happened, after something like that...?

He could not go back to his previous life as a ranch hand in Ordon. He knew that his friends and the people he had lived with almost his entire life were worried about him. He wished that they could understand, and he wished that he could come to grips with it all. But he could not tell them about what had happened. All they knew was that he was now some sort of hero...though he didn't exactly feel like one.

He should have been able to do more. Maybe...maybe she could have stayed.

"The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world..."

Sometimes, he wished that nothing would have changed. It could have been anyone...anyone. So why, then, was it him? Why was he chosen? Out of all the people, why him?

His eyes hardened as his thoughts turned to self-pity, and he shook his head. He could not afford to be so weak...he couldn't afford to complain. Not like this...Midna wouldn't approve of that.

He sighed, and rose from his seated position within the grass, stretching. No use tearing himself apart about it now...he had been away some time, and his friends were probably wondering where he was. He just needed some time to think, some time alone; so he had left Ordon, for a bit, and decided to simply sit out in Hyrule field, staring into the endless sky, losing himself within the memories and emotions associated with them that threatened to eat him alive. He had to tame this beast, somehow...but now was not the time.

Instead, he should be thankful that all was back to normal. He had to keep telling himself that this was normal...that normal was not running around, cutting down monstrous creatures and finding his way through gargantuan dungeons. That normal was not having her around, with her sarcastic remarks and her admirable determination, all which belied a profound sadness...

He shook his head. He was tired, and sleep would take his mind off of such things, as long as he didn't dream. Another thing he feared was dreaming...he didn't need to be reminded of his losses, not with everything everyone else had gained as a result of his efforts. He should be happy.

Even if his heart told him otherwise...he would try to move on.

It was night, now, and the stars glittered generously overhead. All was calm, all was silent...but as the hero chosen by the goddesses, no longer adorned in the green tunic that had given him his status, returned to Ordon, he felt as though part of him, deep down inside, was dying.

"That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight..."

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