Together Always

A Sakaki/Kagura Fanfic

Rated PG-13/Teen for drama and slight suggestive themes

Author's Note: I have been meaning to begin this project for awhile now, to get in focus of how my general idea of the Sakaki/Kagura pairing would come about and work together in my version of the 'Azuverse'.

To state, this is not a single story but rather a tale made of many different stories beginning from their getting together in their high school days to graduation and beyond!

There MAY be slight elements borrowed from my other Sakaki/Kagura stories

Also expect references to the anime and manga too

I hope you will look forward to these tales!

The prelude begins in a first-person viewpoint of how Kagura first glimpsed Sakaki, came to meet her, and why she fell in love with her.

The Prelude

How did it all begin?

The tanned and messy-haired woman looked at her tall female companion who was beside her in bed. She smiled softly, then she kissed the back of her partner's shoulders gently, sliding her arm under hers.

Let me tell you a small story…or rather a collection of stories, I think you'll be interested to hear…

…First Year: The Steak Cup…

Yukari, the homeroom teacher of Year One, Classroom Three, had challenged Miss Kurosawa, my homeroom teacher and swim coach, to a swimming relay race. I could tell that she wasn't pleased with the idea, but there was no way to change the other stubborn woman's mind, and so we were off.

I was prepared to win this for Miss Kurosawa, feeling pumped to dive into the water and put my best into it. What I wasn't prepared for was her.

To my shocked dismay, the tall girl from Class Three had out-skilled me. She swam much faster than I ever could, with such flawless grace like that of a dolphin. What was more, she didn't seem to make any real effort of it and had climbed out of the pool tirelessly. Who was she?

Yes, they still lost on account of the other teacher, but I was still awed by the newcomer's exceptional abilities. I had to know this girl.

P.E. was soon dismissed and I followed her into the locker room amongst the other girls. As she went up to her locker, I opened mine just nearby. Looking into the small mirror on the door, I caught a glimpse of her slipping out of her swimsuit. I saw myself flush red and discreetly averted my eyes to changing out of my own. For some reason, I could not help but feel embarrassed at being half-naked in the same room as her. I'd never felt like this with any other girl before, so why…?

Again, my eyes glanced to the mirror to see her drying her bare self with a towel.

I slammed the locker shut, dressed into my uniform as quickly as possible, and ran out. I never got to talk to her out of pure embarrassment...and I never got to know her name.

…First Year: Sports Fest…

The very memory of the girl still stuck in my mind after those months, nagging me to the point of annoyance.

Who is she? Why and how is she so good?

Unless it got the answers, the questions wouldn't just shut up in my head. Among them was an important one: Will I ever see her again?

That one question was answered when the annual sports festival came up. I was very excited for it; I had been training regularly since the weeks before, jogging in early mornings and after school. I planned to make a habit of it even after the festival was over.

My dad was there, waving at me from the crowd. I returned the wave and joined my group to prepare for the sports events.

Aside from a certain teacher trying to put me out of action, all was pretty normal – just doing some stretching exercises before the first event.

As I pulled my arm behind my head, I saw her again.

The tall girl stood not too far way, bending her upper body sideways. I couldn't help but keep staring at her. She was still just as amazing as I saw her in-person before. I looked over her, carefully surveying every curve. Never mind her being the biggest of the lot, her body was just proportionally perfect in every way possible. Her long, sleek, ebony-black hair complimented her features well.

Wait…what am I doing…?

Realizing I had been checking her out, I turned away guiltily.

There, I wondered: Is she as good in other activities as she is at swimming? My point was proven soon enough.

"Miss Sakaki from Class 3, Miss Kagura from Class 4, please come forth for the 100 km race," blared the speaker above.

So, her name is Sakaki…

With a grin, I followed her to the track, itching to get in action against her. I was again prepared to win this for Miss Kurosawa. Boy, was I surprised.

Once again, the girl took me by surprise, running ahead at the blast of the starter gun so fast you could have sworn she had disappeared into thin air. I collected myself and ran after her as fast as possible to make up for the distance lost due to her unexpected burst of speed. I could feel my chest aching as my feet thudded against the pavement, listening to the background shouts of the two teachers encouraging us on. The girl seemed to be not straining at all, yet she was in the front!

How does she does it?

I tried not to look at the loose white shirt flapping at her backside and focused on the race. Needless to say, I lost.

As I fell to my knees, gasping for air, she went over to her group as they cheered on.

"Don't worry, there's still the other events," Miss Kurosawa reassured from behind, handing me a bottle of water.

I gratefully took it, wiping my sweaty brow as I gulped down and stared at Sakaki.

More than ever, I wanted to beat her. Not just for us, but for me as well. I was going to prove to her that she wasn't the only big shot around.

Soon came the tug of war, and I came to face-to-face with her yet again. I picked up the rope and glared into her face to show I was the boss here. I was pretty taken aback, however, once I got a closer look at her face. In contrast, her face was expressionless and maybe even a bit plain, but her eyes were amazing. They certainly made up for most of her beauty.

Again! I was staring at her again like some lovestruck fool.

Maybe I really am a lovestruck fool

I shook my head to clear my mind and glared at her once again, hoping to get my point across. The girl said nothing.

And then tugging began.

The tug of war was won by our class, but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to beat her up close and personal, just her and me. The relay race was perfect.

Being the last runners, we waited near the end of the track. I shot a glare at her direction, though she wasn't looking at me.

I'll show you.

As a teammate ran up to me, I grabbed the baton and sprinted off.

For the moment, I was in the front. I was feeling pretty confident. I can win this!

Then out of nowhere, like a cheetah, Sakaki zoomed up beside me and to the front. My feet staggered briefly as I reeled back with complete shock. Unbelievable!

So it comes down to this…

I pushed forward with all the energy and determination I could muster. Soon, I was neck-to-neck with her. Already, I was feeling myself ache all over, but as the same, Sakaki wasn't even straining.

I won't…give…up…

It all ended in such a fast blur, I wasn't even sure at first who had won. All I remember is the flying ribbon, a sharp whistle, and the pavement coming up to meet me as I fell.

"And Miss Sakaki, in the lead, wins for her class!"


I had lost. I had failed to prove that I could be just as good as her. I broke down and not even my teacher's reassuring words could take away the ache of it.


…A Realization…

"Don't worry about it Kagura," comforted my dad as he put a hand on my shoulder. "You gave it your best, which is good."

"Thanks, Dad."

It was near evening, we were just walking home from the sports festival. My dad always knew the right words to say; he never failed to cheer me up. I suppose you could say he was like a big brother to me, too.

As we rounded a corner, I saw her once again. There was Sakaki, standing there by herself as if she was waiting for someone. Then she glanced my way and a warm feeling rushed throughout my body. We were locked in the gaze for what seemed like forever. Yet, in the briefest of minutes, I snapped back to reality due to my dad's asking "What's wrong, Kagura? You've gone all red-faced."

"Uhh…I-it's n-nothing…" I managed to stutter.

We moved on, but the girl still stuck to my mind. The feeling from earlier…why did it happen? And so easily on a mere glance?

As I thought about it a little more, I soon came to a shocking realization. It couldn't be possible…could it?

It was still too early to tell, but the motive was apparent.

I definitely had to know this girl.

But…how was I to go about it? We weren't even in the same class…

…Second Year: The Transition…

My opportunity came when our first year was nearing its end and the second year just ready to begin. There was a talk of students being sent to different to classes, save for Yukari's class where – due to a rumor – the majority of the students were safe to stay. That meant Sakaki would remain and if I wanted to develop a friendship with her, I'd have to be closer to her, that was for sure.

So I met with Miss Kurosawa in the teacher's lounge, where she told me to go to if I ever had any problems or questions. This was a matter of both.

She looked up as I entered inside.

"What is it Kagura?" she asked as she put her pen down, swiveling her chair around so she could face me.

"Well…" I started, not sure how to put it.

How was I going to explain to her that I wanted to be in same class as Sakaki just because I wanted to know her more without looking like a fool?

"You see, I was wondering if I c-could be…"

I paused, the teacher nodded as signifying me to continue.

"I…" Why was this so difficult to say? "…I w-want to be in a d-different c-class for the next s-school y-year…"

"Why do you want to be?" Miss Kurosawa asked simply, placing her chin on her hands.

"I…" A swallow then some mumbling.

"Sorry, I didn't hear that," she leaned forward. "Because what…?"


Then, I thought of a perfect way I could give the answer, but not exactly lie (I hate lying), and still hide the true reason behind it.

"Miss Kurosawa, I was wondering because…you see in my class I…I'm not really getting along with anybody," I explained. "So then I thought maybe if I was in a different class, I could meet other people and find pals, you know?"

It WAS the truth, I didn't really have an real friends as of then, and my objective was to meet Sakaki, a relatively new person to me after all (soon, I would discover that I made more friends than just her. I'll have to thank her for that).

The teacher looked at me with consideration then smiled softly.

"It's not my place, but I'll see what I can do."

Just then Yukari burst in, chortling. "Not to worry, I'll make sure you get sent to the right class!"

Secretly, this made me feel ecstatic as I could guess what she really meant while Miss Kurosawa was just irritated.

"Really Yukari…"

I left the lounge, feeling in high spirits.

…Second Year: The Meeting…

This was it. I entered the room that would be my new homeroom for the next school year. As expected, I spotted Sakaki sitting by the window and greeted her.

I suppose it was understandable she didn't remember me, and I was only bit disappointed, but I was happy enough to have finally met her. Aside the awkward intro, I saw it as a fresh start for what I hoped was to be our new relationship.

Being the sort of person I am, I'll admit my words came out more differently than I wanted them to, but I was just excited.

That same day, after school, I went to walk with her to our neighborhood which I had just recently learned was same as mine.

I had heard from other people before my move into her class that Sakaki was a 'lone wolf' and had no interest in being part of the crowd. This intrigued me greatly and was one of the reasons I wanted to know Sakaki more – not just because her exceptional abilities had wowed me. So I struck up some chit-chat about it, but she didn't respond much. Quiet and collected, I had to like that as I couldn't be like that – ever. This girl was getting more interesting by every moment.

And thus, began the development of our 'rivalry'.

…New Feelings…

Many months had passed since our first official meeting, and not only had I gained a bond with Sakaki, but also with the gang she was affiliated with. My feelings for her had definitely made themselves clear and I was now seeing reasons why I liked, no, loved her now.

Sakaki had shown herself to be more than what my first impression of her had been. She had a such friendly personality and a great fondness for all animals; she would never harm anybody. She got along well with her friends, especially the child prodigy known as Chiyo. Everything about Sakaki I grew to adore more. No longer was she a mysterious, sullen wolf, but a caring, nice shiba inu dog. All she needed was a confidence boost to show that, and I was here for that.

Then I would wonder: Does she feel the same way for me?

I had been trying all sorts of things to grab her attention, such as challenging her to various competitions in hope of impressing her, but I get the feeling she didn't really care for that.

I, too, showed my concern for Sakaki's wellbeing by scaring off all those cats that always bit her and even tried to teach her to learn self-control, but she didn't seem to appreciate that and kept ignoring my facts…I wondered if she would ever learn…

Back to my newfound love for Sakaki, it was now the beginning of third year and time was soon running out – we already had our summer trips.

I had to tell and reveal my feelings for her before it was too late, or else I would never know her response when the end of high school came and we went our separate ways.

I had to tell her now.