The Story of the Golden Blade Group part 2

(I have taken the advice from the previous reviews. To give you the details: Dedrik is in normal, Camella is italic, and the newcomer in this chapter is bold.)

I never killed any opponents while I was at the arena. I thought it was unproffesional, and wrong to do in general. But still, being the champion for a solid year was getting tiring for the crowd, and they were soon booing me offstage. Now, I can tell you that I handled this manner as a proffesional would, and in a civil way. After this commotion, I decided to find another job as soon as possible.

They were not only tired of my brother, they even had the guts to throw stuff at him because they were bored with his usual strategies. And the "proffesional and civilized way" of responding to the crowd was throwing the stuff back at them. Naturally, to no effect, and in fact, higher agitation to the crowd through these efforts, causing me to pull him out of the arena to prevent an angry mob. Finally, he decides to move again and find another job.

We went towards the nearest outpost in the land, a brutal land grab on the part of the South. There was much Southern influences there: clothes, architecture, even governing were Southern in basis. But, of course, I read that from a map, and the actual distance to it is a few days. So, packing my stuff, I got started on the walk with my sister, down the forest trail. All of a sudden, a bandit crossed us and tried to mug us, and during a struggle, I stabbed them.

I looked at the bandit, then my sword, then to my sister, and back to the bandit that was motionless and bleeding on the snow. Naturally, as I have not killed a person before in my life, I was a bit shaken by the event, but still able. I knew that this was simply a way of how I would grow in life, and how I would move on from a novice. I handled the problem with the bandit quickly, and we kept moving on.

You wouldn't believe how hysterical he was when he had attacked the bandit, bawling and crying, and staring wide-eyed. Nor would you believe that the bandit that he "killed" was not stabbed in any vital areas, and in fact, got up and ran away. I told Dedrik that he hadn't killed anybody, and he just kept on crying like a baby. Finally, when he was done crying, we looked at the map and continued on the path. When we got to the end, however, it was just more wilderness.

As we were pondering, I saw an outpost about a quarter mile to the west, and then looked back at the map. I traced every inch of it, and then found out that the manufacturers were in some Southern colony on the frontier. Since they knew almost nothing about our land, I assumed that the Southern imagery was just lack of knowledge. Needless to say, I gave Dedrik a smack on the head after that. Then we went on towards the west, ditching the map in the grass.

... When we got to the outpost, of course, we found it to still hold the Northern traditions, but was much richer than the last one. I got a job as one of the guards in the fort, which was an okay job, since the pay was good and I could double as a blacksmith. However, running chores when noone was attacking was annoying, to say the least. But really, toilet duty was the worst chore for me. I will not even get into specifics with you.

The breaks were long enough to not be overworked, but the shifts were long enough to not turn lazy, so I was in a good position. Anyway, as I was on sentry duty, I spotted a band of elves moving into the city, carrying boxes. I identified that they were spice boxes from their shape and design, so they were most likely here for trade. Either way, I was sent down to inspect the merchandise. I suspect it's just some spices that they want to sell, but whatever.

When the elves came, people seemed to be smiling, and the caravan stopped in the street. That's when I saw my brother walk up to the caravan, inspect some boxes, and had them continue along. Suddenly, he stopped one of the elves, and I noticed that elf to have no box with him. They talked for a while, and I was too busy with my job as a public musician to listen. Soon enough, both the elf and my brother walked back over to where I was playing, and I stopped.

My brother, after a few minutes of banter, said to me, "This elf is going to accompany us for a time, perhaps longer." He then walked towards the nearest tower to talk with the guards there. I then turned my attention towards the elf, and saw that he had wizard's robes on. The tone of his robes told me that he was a wizard, and the tone of his fce told me that he was a moon elf. He didn't seem to talk; he just continued to smile at me.

I will tell you the conversation between that guard and me went like this: "Excuse me, I was wondering why you had nothing to trade with us." I calmly turned and replied, "Because I find it unnecessary to trade in my status, that's why." He was curious, "What exactly is your status, if you don't mind?" I grinned, "Well,to make a long story short, I'm rich. And I did it through... certain means."

When the guard asked me what I did, I told him that I had direct trade routes that sold medicine across the realm. The medicine was mass-produced and hand-picked with manufacturing machines and the best ingredients around. I also hungered for adventure, since simply being rich and in a forest wasn't enough. All of this I told him, and he looked thoughtful, then asked me to follow. I followed him until we reached the place where a woman musician was, and he told me that he would sign off with the guard.