Future Incarnations: Inuyasha 2030

Setting: Tokyo 2030

This story is a sequel of "Silly Human Mating Rituals" (Romance/Humor). So do yourself a favor and try to read that story first. It is only 8 chapters long. Inuyasha 2030 can stand on it's own, but you'll have a much better idea as to what is happening and why if you read the prequel. Thanks for reading and please read and review if you want me to post future chapters more quickly! :-)

Unwanted Company

The late afternoon sun settled around the shrine's entrance. It made the Torii gates that stood before them seem somewhat ethereal. Two young men peered past the lingering light and tried to step past the gate. Both men were somewhere between being a teenager and a man. Not quite a youth anymore, but not quite men. Their faces still had a softness to them that age hadn't yet erased. The young man who led the charge up the gate had a beautiful face that seemed mischievous and short black hair that was drawn up into a very small ponytail. His violet eyes sparkled in the setting sun. He was motioning for his friend to join him. Unfortunately his friend was pouting and was crossing his arms out in front of him. The friend was even more striking than the first man. His hair was platinum blond, in fact it almost looked silver and it was drawn up into a long ponytail that fell to his waist. His eyes were expressive and brown. He seemed to be sighing with discontent.

The first young man with short black hair seemed to be grinning with delight as he rubbed his hands together.

"Wait until you see the luscious maiden that lives on the premises," said Miroku with a sigh that was tinged with lust.

All Inuyasha could do was roll his eyes. He had lived in Miroku's household for the past twelve years and was well aware of his amorous ways. It was the only thing about his brother that he disliked.

"Come on Miroku, we have better things to do that for you to grope every available female ass you see," said Inuyasha with feigned disgust.

"Oh, well I see that on that one point we'll never see eye to eye. So many beautiful bottoms and so little time!" added Miroku with joy on his face. "And this one, Inuyasha…I think you'll like her as well. I have been trying for the past month to win her over. But alas, she has refused me!"

"So she's been slapping your face all month? Is that right bro?" said Inuyasha with a smirk. "Now Miroku let's just call it a day and go home. We don't need to be visiting shrines when your family owns a temple."

Miroku put his hand to his face. "Oh, but my temple doesn't have any lovely maidens hanging around. And I love chatting with her even if she has managed to slap me once or twice. But most of the time we exchange stories of what life is like living on Holy Grounds. She's a miko, a shrine maiden."

"What's a shrine maiden?" asked Inuyasha nonchalantly.

"Oh, Inuyasha. They are the blessed virgins who serve the Kami's. It makes them all the more irresistible to me when I know they haven't been sullied by men yet," said Miroku.

"And you intend to do the sullying?" asked Inuyasha.

Miroku could only give him a sardonic grin in reply.

By this time the duo had made it up to the front gates of the shrine. Miroku paused at the fountain out front that had bamboo cups for them to use. They fountain contained holy water that they were to drink and to wash their hands with. Once they had gone through this ritual purification they could enter the Shinto Shrine.

"Hey, Yasha…Purify yourself!" smirked Miroku as he splashed Inuyasha with water.

"Not funny Roku," glared the half-demon. Purification spells had been his bane. So he really tried his best to stay away from shrines or temples. The last thing he wanted was to be purified out of existence.

"Now if you would follow me…," said Miroku in his best business voice as he hurried up to find his prey.

"So where is she?" asked Inuyasha in disdain.

"Oh, I don't know but I am sure that she is around here somewhere…," said Miroku as turned around 360 degrees trying to find his latest flavor of the month.

Inuyasha could only see two shrine maidens on the grounds and well, they weren't even close to being gorgeous in fact if he were to describe them he would say…

"Boy, what a bunch of homely wenches this shrine has Miroku...," exclaimed Inuyasha.

"Homely wenches!?" said a woman behind them. "I see Miroku that your friend has even less tact than you do."

Life seemed to go in slow motion for Inuyasha right then. He had smelled her scent before she had even spoken. And the scent was haunting. He couldn't place it, but it was a familiar scent, it was a lovely scent….

He turned to see a gorgeous raven haired miko standing behind him in Shinto robes. Her top was a white kimono and she wore bright red hakama pants. Her long black hair was bound up in a white pony tail holder that let her hair drape seductively over her shoulders before it fell down her back. Her chocolate eyes blazed in fury. "Oh no!," he thought. He had managed to insult one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. There was only one chance to make a first impression and he had just managed to blow it.

And the more he looked at her, the more he felt that he knew her from somewhere…and the more he felt like crawling into a hole for insulting her.

"Oh my dear Lady Kagome, please don't take Inuyasha's words to heart. He can be rather…," Miroku paused while looking at the half-demon, "…tactless at times. I am so glad to be blessed with your beauty, may I…?"

"Can it Miroku!" said the miko as she stormed away.

"Oh, that was good!" said Inuyasha.

"You didn't fare much better, my friend," added Miroku slyly. "Oh my, what have we here…"

Miroku was making a bee-line for a new girl in a karate uniform who was running up to the lovely miko. Inuyasha could only sigh and follow his friend.

Miroku noticed that the new girl was very athletic looking. She still had curves, but her muscles were better defined. Her black hair was also long and tied up with a pony tail. But whereas Kagome seemed to be very feminine, this new girl had none of that softness. Still, she was beautiful. He could get lost looking into her cinnamon eyes or better yet, her shapely tush.

"Ahem, girls. May I introduce myself. I am Miroku…," said Miroku in a way of introduction.

"…a lecher…," added Kagome as Sango suppressed a giggle.

"Oh you hurt me girls…," feigned Miroku. "And this is my brother, Inuyasha…"

"Who insults women he doesn't even know…," added Kagome with a smirk.

"Hey! I'm sorry wench! If I had known that you were there…," said Inuyasha trailing off.

"You would have what? Just insulted me to my face instead of behind my back? What sort of person are you to come to my shrine and insult me?!" said Kagome with her fury rising.

"Your shrine?" asked Inuyasha.

"Yes, my family's shrine. I live here," she said without a note of civility. "Come on Sango let's catch up while I do my chores…"

Sango managed a brief wave to Miroku that he half-heartedly returned as the two went to the far end of the shrine.

"Time to head home Miroku?" asked the hanyou.

"Yes, sigh…we need to work on your manners Inuyasha… I mean homely wenches…?" said Miroku.

"Oh I know. I'm regretting it already. Can you tell me more about that girl, Kagome?" asked Inuyasha.

"Why are you interested brother?" prodded Miroku with a grin.

"Uh, well it's just like I feel that I know her from somewhere. I don't know where…she's just familiar...," said Inuyasha in confusion.

Author's Note: Inuyasha is described as having brown eyes, but only because he is wearing brown tinted contacts. His real eye color is amber. Yes, and his ears are missing right now. Don't worry. They will come back! You just need to wait a few chapters…