A Wedding and a Funeral

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Hojo's Funeral

Kagome was wearing a black and purple kimono with a black and gold obi as she stood before an altar. She moved forward and knelt before an urn which had a small wooden placard in front that was labeled 'Hojo, Akitoki'. Incense had already been burning in front of the urn and a steady meandering stream of smoke floated toward the ceiling. Kagome pinched some green powder that lay next to the burning incense and then carefully added it to the small smoldering pile. Then she bowed to the urn and wrapped the Buddhist prayer beads around her hands that were clasped together in prayer.

Her eyes were closed as she prayed to the Kami's for Hojo's soul to pass through the three hells and into heaven. She hoped that his final moments would atone for any wrong doings that he had done.

After she added more incense and bowed two more times she stood up to meet Hojo's mother and father who were standing off to the side. They were both dressed formally in black kimonos. Kagome walked up to Hojo's mother and bowed respectfully to her. As Kagome straightened she noticed that his mother had Hojo's brown hair and her deep brown sorrowful eyes looked just like Hojo's. For a brief moment Kagome thought she was looking into Hojo's eyes.

"Mrs. Hojo," murmured Kagome as she looked into his mother's eyes. "He died saving me. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Hojo-kun."

Hojo's mother bowed back and softly said, "They said there were multiple stab wounds on his body…" and the mother couldn't help but let her eyes water.

"Hai, they were about to stab me in the back, but Hojo moved between us and he was…" Kagome couldn't finish as she looked into his mother's teary eyes. "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Hojo. I will be eternally grateful for him."

"He talked about you all the time," said his mother.

Kagome looked at Hojo's mother's eyes with sadness as she murmured, "He did?"

"Yes, I think that he loved you very much," added Hojo's Mom. Both Kagome and Hojo's mother had tears falling from their eyes as the mother moved forward to embrace the young girl. "Please live for my son." Then she paused to hand Kagome a small gift. "Here is your funeral gift. It was actually something that he had picked out for you about a few weeks ago from his father's herbal remedy store."

Kagome grasped the small wrapped gift and gave Hojo's mother a soft smile as they parted.

Kagome walked away and was met by Inuyasha who was wearing a formal black haori coat and grey hakama pants. He was wearing a grey bandanna to cover his ears and he was growling.

"Inuyasha-kun," scolded Kagome in a whisper. "It isn't polite to be growling at a funeral."

"Damn traitor is still trying to give you gifts, even when he's dead!" said Inuyasha under his breath.

Kagome turned to place her small hand on Inuyasha's cheek. "The poor boy is dead and he died so that I could live. We owe him a soft spot in our hearts for what he did."

Inuyasha winced as he was forced to remember a time when he wasn't able to save Kagome and another boy had given his life in his place. "OK. But only your heart is soft enough to forgive any soul."

"It always was and will be," added Kagome as she kissed Inuyasha's cheek. Then she moved her small hand into his larger calloused hand and smiled. "We should be going Inuyasha. We have a wedding to prepare for."

"Keh," was all he could manage as he looked at his miko as they walked hand in hand away from Hojo's funeral.

Shinto Wedding

Inuyasha could only roll his eyes as his adopted mother and Miroku helped him dress. He had already put on his black kimono and his grey striped hakama pants. He held out his arms parallel to the ground as they put his black haori overcoat on him and then brushed off any lint that they found.

His mother then brushed his silver hair into a long ponytail that fell behind him. She hummed as if she was pleased when she was done. His furry white ears flitted from side as she put a light-grey bandanna over them.

"Inuyasha-kun, you never told me why you have these dog ears again. How did it happen?" asked his mother.

Miroku stopped rolling the lint remover over Inuyasha's garments and paused as well. "I've been wondering myself," added Miroku.

Inuyasha sighed and picked up his Tessaiga and handed it to his Mom for inspection. "I don't know how to fully explain all of this Mom. But I can tell you that I was here before."

His mother winked her deep brown eyes, "We have all been here before, Inuyasha."

"Yes, of course," added Inuyasha hurriedly. "But this sword is something that I owned in my past life. When its magic became activated, I was able to remember my past life and I also gained these," said Inuyasha as he motioned to the ears that were now hidden under a bandanna.

"It must be very strange for Kagome to see your dog-ears, Inuyasha," said his mother with a smile. "I suppose it must be love…" she said as her voice trailed off.

"Actually, Kagome can't get her hands off of his ears," added Miroku with a smirk.

Inuyasha blanched and his face grew deep red at the implication.

"Oh, poo!" added their mother as she playfully slapped Miroku across his face. However, unlike Sango there was no red mark left behind—it was all in jest. "You are as bad as your father, Miroku. I swear you get all of your bizarre behavior from him!"

"I can't help it! It's genetic," added Miroku with a smile.

"Keep telling that to yourself dear," added Mrs. Moroboshi. Then she turned in her royal blue kimono with gold trim and looked at Inuyasha with appraising eyes. She adjusted his haori overcoat again and traced the white symbols on the front of his jacket. "These are the symbols of the Moroboshi Temple, Inuyasha. But now you will be living here at the Higurashi shrine and leaving your parents home. That is why we placed the symbol of the Sunset Shrine on the back of your haori."

Inuyasha glanced back to see a stylized white symbol emblazoned on his black haori of the Goshinboku tree.

"Keh. It's perfect, Mom," said Inuyasha with a true smile. His face was still red, but the blush was starting to fade.

"Good, you look very handsome Inuyasha," said Mrs. Moroboshi as she kissed him on the cheek. "Kagome is a lucky woman to have you."

"No, Inuyasha is lucky Kagome can stand him," added Miroku with a smirk.

"Why you!" yelled Inuyasha as he bounded off after Miroku in an attempt to hit him on the head. As they bounded off out of the room Mrs. Moroboshi could only roll her eyes as she adjusted her silk kimono and held her purse to her side. "Boys! Will they ever learn?" she asked to herself as she trailed off after her two sons.

Inuyasha and Miroku were bounding down the hall and suddenly ran right into the bride's party. Miroku was the first to slam into Sango. Inuyasha was not able to stop himself and slammed directly into Miroku.

"Inuyasha!" yelled Kagome. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Inuyasha winced. She had never "SAT" him on purpose in this lifetime. He was lucky that as the years had passed in their past life that she had only used the spell when it was an accident or if his demon blood got out of control. But he had the sneaking suspicion that this was actually an occasion when he might deserve it.

He slowly opened his eyes and glanced at the miko who was standing in the hallway before him. His eyes widened as he looked at her. She was gorgeous.

She was wearing a white silk and gold kimono, with her 'lucky' kaiken knife tucked into her kimono with its white tassels hanging down. Her hair was drawn up in an elaborate traditional hairstyle that held gold combs and accessories. Her deep umber brown eyes looked directly at him in subdued anger and her cheeks flared with a pink brilliance. He looked at her perfectly formed pink lips and her long swan-like neck. She was angry with him, but she was also very lovely.

He moved toward her and motioned Sango and Miroku to move out of the way.

"You look beautiful Kagome, just like a princess," he said while he reached for her hands and drew them to him. Suddenly Kagome's anger subsided and was replaced with a bashful blush. Inuyasha bent down and kissed her on the lips before Sango intervened.

"Stop that right now, you two!" yelled Sango as she moved between the bride and groom. "None of that until after the wedding!"

Kagome just looked up at Inuyasha as if she was lost as he pulled away from her and smirked. "Yes, after the wedding," he said huskily. Kagome's blush became several shades darker and most of the members of the wedding party also started to blush at the implied comment.

Miroku grabbed Inuyasha and pulled him aside. "I'll get him lined up with the groom's side of the family for the procession. Sango, will you get the bride's side of the family organized?"

"Hai!" answered Sango as she started to motion the wedding party families to line up. The bride and groom were in front. The groom was on the right and the bride on the left. Their parents were behind them and then any other relatives trailed behind them. Soon Inuyasha spotted Sesshomaru who stood with his adopted parents behind him along with little Rin. Rin was an adorable dark haired pre-teen with wide brown eyes who seemed to worship every step that Sesshomaru took. Inuyasha could only shake his head in silence. "I'll never know what Mom saw in him," he thought as he turned around and faced forward.

One miko from the Sunset shrine positioned herself in front of Inuyasha and Kagome, while another miko held a large red paper umbrella that was held over the couple. The red color symbolized prosperity in their marriage.

Inuyasha was not supposed to hold his bride's hand as the wedding procession started to wind its way through the shrine and past the Goshinboku tree to where the outdoor wedding ceremony would take place. "Screw custom!" he thought as he reached for Kagome's hand and smiled down at her as they walked together. She looked up at him shyly with a smile and blushed. She only had eyes for Inuyasha as they walked together towards the outdoor altar that was setup for them to say their vows and to drink the sacramental sake.

Honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea Mountain

The Sun was starting to set over the Mauna Kea astronomical observatory that sat on the top of the dormant volcano. Kagome looked ahead and was mesmerized by how high they had traveled. As she walked around and looked at the horizon she could see the clouds drifting under the 4,200meter summit! The Sun was setting in its entire splendor. Brilliant yellows erupted in the sky followed by fiery orange that shifted into red and hazed into purple and then to a deep blue. Soon the velvet blue shifted into inky black and the diamond-like stars started to sprinkle them along the mass of the sky. As Kagome looked up she could see the Milky Way glowing along the center swath of the sky. She had never seen the Milky Way shifting before her in sparkling whites before this night. In downtown Tokyo the constant light pollution of the skyline all but obscured the brightest stars.

"Wow! Inuyasha, look at that!" she murmured as she pointed to the horizon and four stars that appeared there.

"Keh! What am I looking at?" asked Inuyasha in annoyance.

"It's the Southern Cross, Inuyasha! It's amazing."

"What is so amazing about the Southern Cross, Kagome?"

"First of all you can't even see the Southern Cross in Japan. It's the constellation that marks the South Pole. See if you look at the four stars and mentally draw a crossline between the stars, you get a cross shape," explained Kagome as she pointed and drew imaginary lines in the air as she pointed at the constellation on the horizon.

"OK. And?" said Inuyasha in unimpressed tones.

Kagome blew at her bangs in exasperation. "The middle of the cross is the south pole. That is how ancient mariners could find their way using the Southern Cross as a guideline, just as people in the Northern Hemisphere use the North Pole. You normally have to travel to Australia to see this constellation. But here we are at Hawaii and we can see it! Not only is it visible for a few months during the year from this location—you can also only see it right at sunset. We're lucky to see it," said Kagome with her usual enthusiasm.

"Keh," murmured Inuyasha as he leaned against the jeep they had rented and drew Kagome into his arms as they looked up at the darkening sky. They stood there together looking up at the night sky in silence as more and more stars started to flit and emerge in the growing darkness. Kagome started to shiver. She had been wearing a bikini, shorts and a sweatshirt. But she didn't realize how cold it would be at the high summit. The day had been warm and humid. But now that the sun had set and they were so far up above the clouds—the chill started to creep inside of her skin. Inuyasha held her more firmly and started to stroke her arms in an attempt to warm her up.

"If you seem so adamant about seeing stars tonight, I figure that I can help you out and perhaps I can warm you up as well," said Inuyasha with a smirk.

"What are you planning, In-u-ya-sha?" asked Kagome with a note of suspicion.

"Oh. I'm just trying to be helpful, Kagome and besides we are married," added Inuyasha. "And you are here to see the stars, right?"

Kagome knew where this was leading, but decided to play innocent. "And exactly how are you going to accomplish this Inuyasha?" she asked with a knowing smile.

Inuyasha continued to rub her arms and then started kissing her neck. Soon his mouth made its way leisurely up to her ear and started to nibble on it. Kagome's eyes started to close as she moaned softly.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to me dog-boy?"

"Keh," was all he replied as he continued his delightful torment.

Kagome was starting to feel a little lightheaded. She didn't know if it was because she was thousands of meters above sea level and had 40 percent less oxygen than normal to breathe or that it was Inuyasha's attentions that were causing her to feel faint. She found that she really didn't care as she turned around in his arms and faced him. She moved her hands up against the smooth planes of his chest and then tip toed to stand up to kiss him languidly on his lips. Her hands managed to find their way under his red T-shirt and snaked their way up his chest. She caressed him under the thin cotton fabric and gently tweaked a nipple that puckered under her fingertips and the cool mountain air.

Inuyasha moved his hands under the back of her sweatshirt and gently moved them up until he ran into the strings of her bikini top. While he kissed her--his fingers were tugging at the strings and soon the bikini top was untied. While her undergarment was freed his hand now snaked around to the front of her chest and cupped a breast before moving his fingers over each warm globe.

"Inuyasha," murmured Kagome breathlessly between kisses. "Don't you think we should continue this elsewhere?"

"Where?" asked Inuyasha as he continued to knead her breasts and felt her nipples harden under his touch.

"The hotel," said Kagome as Inuyasha started to kiss down her neck. "Oh, that feels good…"

"No, that is two hours away," added Inuyasha as he started to maneuver her sweatshirt off of her.

"Then where?" asked Kagome.

Inuyasha smirked as he held Kagome with one hand and then opened the door to the jeep rental with his other hand. With the slightest of pauses he managed to get both him and Kagome inside the jeep and onto the front passenger seat. Inuyasha sat down on the chair and Kagome was sitting on his lap. He continued to kiss her and massaged a breast with one hand while his other hand fumbled to find the seat recliner.

"Umpf," was all he heard out of Kagome as the passenger seat lurched backward nearly perpendicular with the ground. Soon both Inuyasha and Kagome were lying on the front seat as if it was a small cot that they were sharing.

Inuyasha finished taking off Kagome's sweatshirt between kisses and she managed to take off his T-shirt with relish. Soon Kagome was nipping at the 'V' indentation in his neck and kissed her way down his chest while she managed to grab the sides of his swim trunks and shoved them off and down to his ankles. Inuyasha could only manage to kick the trunks off one of his legs. The discarded and forgotten trunks still lay on the ground wrapped around a leg while his fingers slid under the sides of her shorts and bikini bottom before he pulled them down. Soon bare flesh was sandwiched on top of bare flesh in the front seat of the jeep.

Kagome's arm encircled Inuyasha's neck and her other arm touched the warm hard planes of his chest. They were still kissing and Inuyasha's hand crept down her back and then massaged and squeezed her firm bottom.

Kagome felt a warm hardness form under her wetness. Inuyasha lifted her bottom with one hand and with Kagome's help slid his hardness directly into her warmth.

"Oh, I've been wanted to do this all day, wench," he added in bliss. "Your damn bikini leaves little to the imagination."

"Are you complaining, Inuyasha?" she asked as she kissed and nibbled his furry ears while she shoved her bottom downward against his hard shaft.

"Oh Fuck, No," said Inuyasha as he felt her velvety, warm wetness engulf him. "Damn wench…"

Kagome smiled as she sat up on top of him, perpendicular to his body and rocked against his hardness. She lifted her bottom up and then shoved it down hard on him as he gasped in pleasure. Then she started to slow down the pace as she traced circles over his chest. His eyes lit up in the blackness of the cars interior. Golden eyes and the shimmering color of silver were the only things she could see in the darkness.

She bucked against him and kissed his lips. Then she took his hand and had his fingers touch the nub at the front of her wet opening. "Rub me, " she gasped as she took his hand and showed him the small circular motion she wanted him to do as her firm bottom rocked up and down against him.

Inuyasha complied as his demon's eyes took in Kagome's body that was drifting into ecstasy. He could see a red blush enveloping her entire body from her cheeks to her breasts and then the heat traveled down to her black curls. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. As her body rocked she started to gasp and then to yell until an ear splitting scream called out his name as he felt her insides quiver and gush warm fluid against him.

Her body was like a rag doll on top of him. As she went through the throws of her orgasm--Inuyasha took over by grabbing her bottom and lifting her up and them slamming her down again and again on him. Inuyasha's head spun in ecstasy and he gave up trying to control his body and simply let the waves of pleasure fill him. "Ka-go-me," was all he could manage to gasp as he let loose inside of her.

He gingerly moved his hands up her back and then pulled her down on top of him. Her head was cradled in his chest and she felt limp to his touch.

"Well, did you see stars?" he asked lazily as he stroked her hair.

"Ummmm, stars," she murmured. "Yes, stars I saw lots of stars." She managed to use her elbows to prop herself up and looked deep into his amber eyes. "I need to take you on more stargazing expeditions," she said with a laugh.

Inuyasha looked into her deep brown pools and laughed with good humor as he kissed her again. Their naked bodies were entwined against each other in the reclined seat of the jeep and they both turned while embracing to look out at the expanse of stars that were scattered across the heavens.

Kagome's fingertips touched the glass window that was in front of them. Her finger left hot trails against the cool glass. "We should have another 300 years together. Do you think we'll ever live among the stars Inuyasha?"

"Anything is possible Kagome," he added while he hugged her smaller frame. "You never know what the future may bring. But as long as I have you…"

Kagome smiled lazily against his warm, sweaty chest. "Yes, as long as I have you, Inuyasha. This life or the next." She smiled again and then felt a warm hardness form under her again.

"Inuyasha!" she exclaimed.

"What?" he asked in mock surprise. "What do you expect? All those weeks when I had blue balls every day and then I almost lost you. I need to make up for lost time," he said as he maneuvered her around and placed her firmly on top of him.

She only smiled and laughed at the lustful hanyou under her. "I love you, Inuyasha."

"I love you too, Kagome, always…" was all he said as they started to make love again under the starry expanse of sky that crested over the Hawaiian mountain.

The End

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