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A tall brunette walked into Sasuke's backyard, where her underlings stood waiting for her entry. As soon as they heard the fence creak open, the girls abruptly ended their conversations, her new presence bringing about a forced silence. The brunette narrowed her eyes as she spoke with a tone of hard professionalism.

"Alright, you all know your assignments." she said, pacing slowly between the girls. "Section F; follow Sasuke-chan to the market. Document the cuisine substance he purchases." A blonde girl scratched her head.

"You mean…write down what he buys?" The brunette in chare glared.

"Yes, you simpleton." The blonde frowned.

"…Fine…" She made a hand motion for her group to follow her.

The menacing brunette snapped towards another group of girls. "Section D; deduce what are Sasuke's personal food likings from what Sakura forced him retrieve. You shall meet up with Section F at the market in approximately ten minutes." A short girl raised her hand.

"What is it Johnson?"

"Captain, our section head is sick." The brown-haired leader sighed.

"…Very well. Avery, be the temporary section head until McCoroy returns." A pretty blue-eyed girl nodded, signaling she understood.

'Yes ma'am." She and six other girls left Sasuke's backyard. The three remaining shared a knowing expression and locked eyes on the brunette.

"You three, Section X…"

"Yes Captain?" She sighed.

"…You come with me."

"I can sense the difficulty this mission already," said one of the girls, putting her super-spy shades on. "…this danger...is grows tiring…" The leader put a condoling hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Yes, I know," said the captain, sadness etched in her voice. "…but this is the life we've chosen to live…the life of the fangirl."


Sasuke trudged into his room smelling strongly of grass and sweat. Training was awfully intense with Naruto that afternoon. He had to admit…though Naruto was indeed a dobe in ever aspect of the word, he was also a formidable fighter. Sasuke sported as many cuts as he did. Then, to make his hard day even better, crazy fangirls followed him all over the market, 'accidentally' bumping into him, etc…

Fangirls really should die. They have no life. They--

"Snuck into my house…again!" yelled Sasuke to no one. Sakura was pulling a nightshift at the hospital. He opened up the pink and red note tied to his bed, smelling heavily of perfume.

Dear Sasu-chan.

While we, your loyal admirers were doing our routine…inspection of your lovely home, one of my girls found a letter addressed to us in the horrible event of your death. Since we are polite young females, we have written a reply. Also, please stop heightening security around your house…it makes us think you don't love us. D:

Love, Team X

"X for extra pain in my ass that I want to Chidori violently…"

First off, we are very honored that the first people you address in your…will of sorts, is us, Sasuke-kun. (heart, smiley face)

Rot in hell? What? Did you write this Sasuke-kun? You've never wished us ill before. We bet it was that bitch Sakura, wasn't it? She made you write it. What a whore. We think you should leave her manly ass right away!

…we never stole your shirts. You gave them to us. You KNOW we do our…inspection every Wednesday and you KNOW we like high collared shirts. You left them on your bed as a present to us that Wednesday, remember?! Silly Sasu-chan.

…weird rituals? Those are ceremonies of our love for you Sauske-kun!...yes sacrifices must be made but they're all for you! Does the fact that we are willing to sacrifice small children in your name not show our significant love?

…we did not 'crash' your wedding. We just happened to be in the area is all. Mere coincidence.

…ALL of our fanfiction is beautiful! You and Naruto together is just SO KAWAII and sexy. But you're the sexier of the two, so don't feel bad.

…Oh don't front, we know you love our beautiful voices. Name a better way to train then training with the singing of angels?

…Okay, we're SORRY for trying to kidnap you. How any times to we have to apologize, geez!

…Plushies are cute.

…and we're sorry for videotaping you in the shower. But really, it does have over 3 million views on youtube. We should get some kind of thanks for making you an internet star!

Your not an asshole to us sweetie. It's just how you show your love…don't feel bad.

We will love you forever!

You threw out our obento boxes and Valentine's Day Cards? You clumsy clumsy boy! We'll just have to make you some more!

The tomato girl? THAT'S ME!!

Anyways, go to sleep, we know you're tired. We know everything.

Your Dearest Lovers.


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