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The Bashing of Aizen-sama

Ohayou-gazaimasu Aizen-sama
Pleasant day for a stroll
Round the corner, here comes Momo
Lieutenant, try to exercise some self-control

No can do, the brown eyes narrow
Icy glares for the stabbing jerk
Glaring's done, she's on the move
Brace yourself, she's gone berserk

A whap and a slap and a pound in the face
A kick in the shins for good measure
A bloody face and two bruised eyes
A vision that brings delight and pleasure

Roundhouse kicks to the head
Several back kicks for his side
He's falling down now, what to do?
Knee him in his manly pride

Groaning, moaning, blood spurting out
Give a kiss to the good old floor
Aizen-sama, you're down already?
Up you get, there's still more

Tobiume out at the ready
Say bye-bye to your precious arm
Please send that leg my best wishes
Minor wounds, no need for alarm

Seems she's gone a bit astray
High off the thrill of slaughter
A similar stab in the chest
Blood spilling out like water

Aizen-sama, you're not dead?
Why of course! Cause I say so!
Round the corner, here he comes!
Your dear short friend Toshiro

Walking over to his childhood buddy
"Momo, are you insane?!"
A round of kicks for Aizen-sama
"He's nowhere near in enough pain."

Bankai called, great ice dragon summoned
The prodigy raises his sword
Rushing in with blinding speed
Fifty feet, a brand new Guinness World Record

Landing with a sickening crunch
Can barely lift his head
Double team! Back to bashing
Don't you wish you were dead?

Walloping him with a great big stick
Jumping on his back
Down we go with ten-ton force
Hear his backbone crack

"Shiro-chan, he's still breathing!
Even with all those gashes!"
"You worry too much baka bed wetter
I'll break out my secret stashes."

A minute later, screams of pain
The body rolled in salt
Mischievous devils in the corner
Planning their next assault

Lighters out and thumbs up
Some petrol in his hair
Chairs folded back, sunglasses on
Recording wails of despair

"Urgent meeting in two minutes!"
Drat. Their fun was coming to an end
Shackles on, down we go
May fishes you befriend

"Shiro-chan, now he's dead!"
"But we've ruined the story line."
Shutting him up with a kiss
"Mou! The readers will be fine."

Hand in hand to the meeting
Greeted with smiles less than hearty
But after the fate of Aizen made known
There was a full-blown sake party

Oyasuminasai Aizen-sama
Pleasant night for a stroll
Oh wait my bad because you're dead!
So sorry, oh well, Ja Ne!

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