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Anyway, Brave Hero


Mario was a bitch.

That's just all there was to it. He was fat, slow, and was always running after Peach who was stupid enough to get herself kidnapped by various villains. No, Mario wasn't as great as everyone thought. Matt came to this conclusion a long time ago but he had just reached the assessment that Luigi was better. No, scratch that, Luigi wasn't just better than Mario… Luigi kicked ass.

Seriously, he was always going on cool adventures of his own. Sure, he got captured sometimes but he was no Peach, that was for sure. And in Luigi's Mansion, he went looking for Mario's crazy ass with a vacuum cleaner strapped to his back and a Gameboy in his pocket.

That was Matt's kind of man.

But Matt didn't just like Luigi. Matt thought Mello was pretty cool too. After all, Mello was real. And rather hot. Mello was probably the best looking guy at the school, and one of the most popular in the Junior class, even though his title sort of agitated Mello. He wanted to be known as the badass he was but it was hard for people to take him seriously when he looked like such a girl. But either way, to Matt, Mello was pretty badass, despite the leather and big blue eyes. And, best part of Mello was that he was all Matt's…

Well, sort of.

As Matt sat in his seat, his DS in his hands under the desk, he glanced up mildly at the blond head in front of him. Mello wasn't particularly listening to Mr. Yagami talking, like always but his head was turned like he was certainly interested in something else. Matt followed his gaze across the room to the second row where a smallish boy, pale all over like snow whirling into a ball, was taking notes at a turtle's pace, occasionally looking up at Mr. Yagami who went on and on and on.

Matt looked back at his game and pressed a few buttons, his goggled-eyes returning back to Mello then. He leaned forward, keeping one eye on the screen and one eye ahead of him (a strange talent he had acquired over the years.)

"Ah, Mel, what are you doing?" he asked, irritated.

"What?" Mello whispered back, sending him a much-too-innocent look.

"You're staring at him-" he paused to send a finishing blow to one of the enemies "-like he's a piece of chocolate."

"Am not, shut up."

"But-" click, click, A, B, "-but you're my boyfriend now… it's-" B, B, "not-"

Mello began to snicker then, sending Matt a smirk over his shoulder, the look that had first made Matt forget what he had wanted to say to Mello the first day he met him. "Matt, you're jealous."

"No I'm not," he whispered defensively.

"Oh yeah? Then why's it matter who I look at?" Mello tilted his head towards the pale boy two rows away again.

"It's not right, Mello!" Matt beat on the keys harder. It seemed they were always having this conversation all the time, which wasn't good, since they had only officially been going together for about a month. Matt really wouldn't mind Mello's wandering eye so much if they actually did anything together and Matt knew for a fact that Mello wasn't a prude by any stretch of the imagination but… still, not much in the way of action. And for some reason, it grossed Mello out when Matt jacked off so he tended to beat on the buttons of his DS instead of his meat, to appease Mello.

So Mello ignored the jealous teenager sitting behind him and continued his watching of other students. Matt looked up, noting that he was once again being disregarded and groaned, messing up and pressing B instead of A. There was a loud dying noise and Matt, distressed, said loudly, "Goddamn it!"

Everyone in the class looked at him mildly, used to Matt's outbursts about once or twice a week.

"Matt." Mr. Yagami was looking at Matt with a tired glare, like he was used to it too.

Matt looked up, dismayed. "Uh, yeah?"

"Come here."


"Bring that thing with you."

Matt sighed and walked up with his DS, ignoring snickers from others he passed. Mr. Yagami held out his hand sternly and Matt whiningly handed it over. "Ah, come on, you can't take the whole thing!" He was thinking of his sex-life as he said this. What would he play with in the meantime? "Dude, just take the game!"

"I'm not a dude. And if I don't take the system, you'll just play with this again tomorrow in class," the brunet explained, setting it down on his desk.

Matt thought. "Well, yeah…" That was all he had.

Mr. Yagami sighed.

"Well, let's switch then," Matt offered. He pointed to the DS and the game inside. "You take this game and give me back one of my other ones in your desk. Deal?"

"… I don't make deals with students! Matt, go sit down and pay attention. The things I'm talking abut now will be on the exam."

Matt groaned and trudged back to his seat. "I always fail the exams," he mumbled.

"Sit," the man ordered, then turning back towards the blackboard.

Matt plopped down heavily and sat with his chin planted in the palm of his hand. He had a hard time paying attention to Yagami, as Mello had begun to send that odd, pale boy again and he had begun to look back, however his expression was more of worry than enticement. Things stayed that way until the bell rung at three and the school was let out and the end-of-the-week rush rolled through the hallways.

"I can't believe it," Matt stated sadly as he leaned up against the locker beside Mello's. "Now what am I going to do? I was on the second to last level…"

"Well, don't play in class anymore if you don't want to get your shit taken," Mello said, obviously unaffected by Matt's angst.

Matt raised his eyebrow as Mello fished through his filthy locker. "I wouldn't have to play in class if you'd give me a little attention…"

Mello laughed. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Uh…" Matt didn't want to spill his embarrassing secret that playing DS was like masturbating. Mello might think he was odd. "Nothing," he said, walking with Mello as they left the hallway. "I just like attention."

"I bet."

"And you're always giving that albino kid attention."

"I think his name's Near."

"Okay, Near. Why do you like him so much?"

Mello rolled his eyes as they hit the concrete. "I don't, he's kind of weird. I just think it's funny to hit on him because he tends to get all scared."

Matt wondered briefly if pretending to be scared of Mello would get him flirted with. He was almost sort of thinking about maybe trying it but as they crossed the street, Mello spotted that same little white ball scuffling along on the other side of the street. Mello elbowed Matt eagerly. "Hey, hey," he said, grinning, "watch this."

"Mello, what are you doing-"

"Hey!" Mello called and the boy turned around, looking at the two of them. Mello whistled. "Hey there, hot stuff! Can I get some fries with that shake?"

Near looked down at himself self-consciously as if to say, 'I'm shaking?'

Matt rolled his eyes. "Mel, leave the kid alone."

"Yeah, baby," Mello called, laughing, "hike up that skirt of yours!"

Near then blushed and huffed, turning back around and shuffling down the street faster. When he was out of sight, having turned the corner, Mello and Matt continued on their way, Mello laughing like a madman and Matt, not so amused.

"D-Did you see the look on his face…" he said, breathless, leaning on Matt for support.

"He looked at you like you were a rapist."

"Yeah." Mello exhaled heavily. He looked at Matt with a happy smirk. "Sure is good, huh, Mattie?"

"What? Harassing kids on the street or pissing me off?"

Mello sighed. "You're so insecure."

"Gee, I wonder why!"

Mello walked around Matt to the gate of the house they were about to walk right by. He opened it and walked up the driveway by himself to the front door, feeling around on his belt to get his key out.

Matt stayed on the other side of the gate, a hand on one hip. "Can I stay the night?"

Mello looked up. "What's wrong with your house?"

"… It's got woodlice."

"… You liar!"

"I just wanna hang out with you, Mel," Matt pleaded.

"Is that code for screw?"


Mello laughed and winked at the redhead. "You horndog. Go home, Matt. You know I'm saving my virginity for marriage."

Matt blinked unbelievingly. "Virginity?"

The door shut behind a cackling Mello and Matt kicked the gate violently out of frustration and was soon on his way down the street again. A whole month of dating and all he had thus far received was a kiss. True, it had been the most intimate, most amazing kiss ever. And true, Luigi never got a kiss, as far as Matt had seen. So he guessed he should count himself lucky.

As he made his way to his house, unlocking his own front door, he determined to somehow get Mello to not be so aloof. He thought of tons of ways he would one day soon win Mello's affections which should've already been his, what with him being the boyfriend and all… but hell, maybe Matt's way of thinking was different than everyone else's.

He shifted through his wall of videogames and decided on Paper Mario for that evening. Luigi was kickass but Mario had more experience in these things.

Perhaps if he paid attention, close attention, he would learn something.

To be continued.

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