Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. I receive no profit from this, mainly just my own amusement.

This fiction takes place in the awesome universe created by Karategal. I requested and received her permission to post this. An additional thanks to her for taking the time to beta this. If you haven't read her stories involving a young Bumblebee being raised by the Autobot army, I suggest you do. This will make a lot more sense, plus it's a great series of stories.

I also snatched the time chart from her universe for the sake of consistency.

Sparkling - Newborn

Youngling - Child

Breem - 8.3 Earth minutes

Joor - About 6.5 Earth hours

Orn - About 13 Earth days

Vorn - About 83 Earth years

It was a slow time onboard the titanic Autobot warship, Artemis I. Most of the ship's mechs were off-shift, either relaxing in their private quarters or socializing in the rec room. It was here that the Artemis' inquisitive youngling, possibly the last of his kind, was located.

Bumblebee sat on Hound's wide lap playing with a brightly colored puzzle cube that Tracks had brought for him during his last off-ship mission. Hound was involved in an avid conversation with Raindance and Perceptor concerning the different environments and species of various worlds. As the conversation continued, Bumblebee drifted in and out of listening to the conversion, quietly observing other activities in the rec room. One part of the conversation that garnered his attention was Perceptor explaining his theory of how the residents of Theronian might have gained the ability of flight.

At the end of a verbose explanation filled with several large words he couldn't understand, Bumblebee was impressed. "Wow. Brawn was right. You are smart."

Hearing his designation from across the room, Brawn looked up from his chip game, frowning. He never said … a look of dawning realization came over his features as he recalled what he had muttered to Huffer last orn when Bumblebee was in the weight-lifting room with them.

Primus, that youngling missed nothing!

Suddenly, Brawn's chips were airborne as he launched into a dead run aiming for the younger minibot.

"Truly?" A soft, faint smile began to appear on Perceptor's face. "Brawn said that?"

"Yeah," Bumblebee replied, never looking up from his puzzle cube. "He said you thought you knew everything."

The smile vanished in an instant, replaced with a slight scowl. "Ah. I see."

Perceptor began to scan the room for the mech in question as Brawn suddenly became more interested in blending into the similarly colored paint jobs of Grapple and Hoist's legs. Despite his best efforts, Perceptor's acute vision caught sight of him and he stalked off "to have a word." As Brawn tried to put his course in reverse and escape through the path he had created in his initial stampede across the room, Sideswipe leaned over from his table and gently rubbed a giant finger affectionately over Bumblebee's tiny head.

"A natural born little Pit-raiser!" Sideswipe crowed with glee.