Can I be my true self?

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Chapter One.

True self

A blonde kunoichi ANBU BLACK Ops sat on Yondaime Hokage's stone head, over looking Konoha. The Fire Fox, code name for the kunoichi, let out a sigh as she stood up from the cold ground below her. Even if her smile was hidden behind her fox mask, anyone could tell that she was beaming. The bright sun brought out the best in her. She spun in the golden rays as her shoulder length blonde hair shined in the sun light. She looked like a fallen angel from heaven as she danced in the warm sun. Her blonde hair spun around her while her ANBU BLACK Ops uniform fit perfectly to her body. She looked happy.

"Naruto," said an equable male voice.

The eighteen year old Naruto knew for five years now that she was indeed a girl. She found out, when the henge, that the Third cast on her, disappeared when he died. It took her sometime to get use to the idea that he was really a she, but Jiraiya, one of the few who knew, helped her through it explaining why. The third as well as Jiraiya thought she would be safer as a boy.

Ero-sennin and Naruto were the only ones to know until the Valley of the End. After Sasuke left the male Naruto unconscious, Kakashi found the female Naruto. Kakashi was shocked as hell, but he knew she was the same loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja that he knew and cared for. At the hospital before anyone could see the true Naruto, Jiraiya placed another henge on her to protect her secret. Tsunade, the next keeper of the secret, found out after Naruto used the Rasengan on Kabuto. Naruto turned back to her normal self as she passed out on the hard ground.

She wasn't doing a great job in keeping her secret, now was she? Naruto used the henge for the next five years. She only recently stopped using the henge, and of course the whole town was shocked.

"Hai, Sai," Naruto responded to the Anbu.

"Hokage has requested us," Oil Eagle, Sai's code name, answered.

"What does obaa-chan want?"

"A mission, I believe…… You shouldn't call her that."

"I can if I want. Let's go see her," she muttered.

"I will meet you there. I have to go get Sakura," Sai said as he disappeared.

The kunoichi turned her back on the spot where Oil Eagle disappeared from. Naruto jumped to the Hokage tower and entered through the open window. The fifth Hokage didn't look up to the female Anbu entering into the room. "I have a mission for you, Fire Fox, but we will wait for Oil Eagle and Pink Slug."

"Hai, obaa-chan."

"Gaki, stop calling me that!" She pounded her fists on the table….. "There you two are," she said as the two ANBU entered the room through the door. Naruto stood in the middle of Sakura and Sai. "I have an important scroll that must be hand delivered to the Suna."

"To Gaara?" asked the Pink Slug.

"Hai," the Hokage answered. "This scroll has very secret information that cannot fall into the wrong hands." The three ANBU remained quiet, and Tsunade started again. "Get this mission done as fast as you three can. You are leaving as soon as possible. Understand? It's very important that you do so."

"Hai!" The three ANBU disappeared, leaving the Godaime Hokage to her paper work, who wasn't very happy with the amount she had. She picked up her drink and made it disappear in the matter of seconds.

"I wonder how the council and Naruto will react to who her father really is," she wonder, causing her to have a nasty thought. "This is going to get me more evil paper work, isn't it?"

Sakura was the first one to arrive at the village's gates with her supplies. Naruto and Sakura had gotten closer since she found out that Naruto was a girl. Sakura still found it hard to believe that Naruto was a girl, sometimes. I do wonder how Sasuke is going to react to Naruto being a girl. That is if he ever comes back.

As her mind pondered that, Naruto and Sai showed up. Naruto, being the leader, started to make a speech. It was hard to believe that the loud, hyperactive kunoichi was a captain of a squad, but Naruto was more mature when she was on a mission. "Let's get this done as soon as possible! That won't be a problem since we are the best ANBU Team in Konoha!" The other two Ninjas nodded. "We are Team Fox." With that they took off.

Sai paid close attention to the blonde as if to lose her would mean death. Sai had a strong bond with Naruto even with their problems with each other.

Sai was the silent one, but he did talk, when people talked to him first. Sakura on the other hand talked a lot, but it was always something that was needed to be said any ways. "Naruto."

The blonde with the scroll tied close against her body never looked back to answer the Pink Slug. "Hai, Sakura."

The area around them was nothing more than blurs as they passed. "Does Gaara and his family know that you're a girl?"

"No, why?"

"Naruto, think about it."

Naruto being Naruto didn't understand what she meant by that, and by her silence, Sai and Sakura knew she was clueless. "Sakura means that Gaara won't be expecting a female Naruto, which could cause problems."

"Oh," Naruto said finally seeing Sakura's point.

Sakura, jumping pass Oil Eagle, went to Naruto's side. Naruto thought Sakura wanted to tell her something, but instead Sakura slapped the back of Naruto's head. "Is that all you can say?" Sakura asked rather loudly.

Sai jumped to the other side of Naruto. "It's Naruto, remember?" Sakura and Sai didn't normally agree, but Sakura couldn't help but agree as she chuckled her answer.

"Oh, thanks guys!" Naruto whined. "And you're supposedly my friends!" Sakura and Sai could only laugh harder, but their masks hid their faces.

Sasuke, facing Konoha, stood on the outside wall, but his eyes were set on the Hokage's Tower. It had been three long years since he killed Itachi, but Sasuke wasn't ready until now to come back to the village. He knew he would have to accept whatever punishment came his way, but he wasn't going to let his fear get the best of him. He was an Uchiha and they had pride.

He wanted to see his friends (they weren't really his friends) and to fulfill the second part of his dreams. He wanted to revive his clan, but that involved finding a wife. He found all women annoying, and his brain hurt when he thought about it. At times, he would rather let the Uchiha clan die than marry a fan girl, and God, he had a lot of annoying fan girls. At times, Sasuke thought about turning gay. How simpler life would be! I wonder how the dobe is doing. He has to be doing something stupid.

The raven looked attractive even though he was wearing the same clothes for the past three years now. His onyx eyes never left the tower as he hurried to it. I wonder what the Hokage will do to me. As he walked up the steps in the tower, he felt many eyes watching him and he hated it, but since he was a missing-ninja, he couldn't complain. His pale hands reached the frigid door and pushed it opened revealing the room to him. Bronze eyes looked up from the desk. "What do you want?" She glared at him. Her killing intent could have killed him alone.

"I want to come back to the village."

"Why would you come back after all these years?" she asked.

"I killed Itachi."

"You did that three, almost four, years ago. Why now?" asked the Hokage.

"I had so many things to think about, and until I knew the answers, I couldn't come back." Sasuke hoped this would be enough to convince Tsunade that he was sincere.

Godaime looked at the man, who hurt her only 'family' she had. Tsunade wanted to kill this man. Naruto had waited years for Sasuke to come back.

Sasuke must had seen the killer intent in her eyes, because he backed up. He never looked away, however. "I will prove it to you. Just tell me how." He wanted to be in this village, but he was not going to beg. He had too much pride for that. All Uchihas had too much pride!

"I will talk to the council and see what they think, but for right now, I will have Anbu watching you at all times." Godaime stood from her desk. She was going to speak to the council about Naruto's parents anyway, so she would just add Sasuke to the schedule. She mobilized an Anbu Squad. "You are to watch Sasuke Uchiha at all times and if, he does something irregular, kill him." They nodded and disappeared, but they weren't gone.

Tsunade and Sasuke exited the hokage's office as he asked. "Where is the dobe, and the rest of his team?"

"His team?… You mean Naruto?" She asked. Does he know that Naruto is a girl? He doesn't know, and I'm not going to tell him. He will just had to sweat it out.

"Hai, Naruto's team."

"Sai, Sakura, and Naruto are on a very important mission. They should be back in a couple of days." Godaime couldn't wait until their mission was finished, so she could see the look on Sasuke's face. His face would be priceless, when he comes face to face with a female Naruto. "Kakashi's still here, if you want to see him." She smirked at him, leaving him in the hallway.

Sasuke was getting the feeling he was missing something. He didn't savor the feeling.

"Stop laughing at me!" Naruto hollered, when she handed the scroll over to Gaara. The Kazekage, Temari, and Kankuro found Naruto being a girl hard to take in. Sai, Sakura, Temari, and Gaara were laughing their heads off, when Kankuro started to circle the miserable blonde. "I know it's hard to believe that I'm a girl, but do you have to do that?"

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are one hot babe?" asked the puppet man. Lets just say, he found himself face down on the ground in a matter of seconds The three kunoichi all had the same idea knocking him into the frigid ground. "Why did you, three, do that for?"

"You know why, pervert!" Naruto glared at him. He didn't dare look into her cerulean eyes, which he could have, since none of the Konoha Anbu weren't wearing masks. They had to keep their identity secret, but no one was going to see them in the Kazekage's mansion. She turned away from him. "So Gaara and Temari, how are you two?" A grin appeared on her face looking to them.

"Good," Gaara and Temari answered.

"That's good to hear," she answered.

Gaara looked differently at Naruto, which made Sai rather upset, but he was in no way going to show it. He would have to think of something to do to show Gaara that he better not think about Naruto more than a friend. Sai had grown to cherish the hyperactive blonde, since she had restored Sai's forgotten emotions. Designing a plan, Sai wasn't paying attention to the conversation that Gaara, Temari, Sakura, and Naruto were having. (Kankuro was trying not to be hit again.) A plan came to mind. Sai moved to Naruto and whispered into her ear. "Tsunade wants us to get this mission done as soon as possible."

No one else heard it, but it caused the rest of the gang to give Naruto and Sai weird looks. They were reading between the lines, even if there wasn't a hidden message. Naruto being Naruto totally missed it, but Sai knew his plan had worked. Gaara miss read the situation as did everyone else. He was upset, and he glared at Sai; however, Sai just smiled at everyone. "Sakura, Sai, we better get going." Naruto fixed her hair and placed her mask upon her face. Sakura and Sai followed suit.

"Before you go, take this to the Hokage," The Kazekage said as he handed a scroll to Naruto. She looked over the scroll in her hands and placed it where the other one was before. "This is important, so get it to her as soon as possible."

"Hai," said the three Anbu Black Ops. They took off. Naruto thought she saw sadness in Gaara's eyes, but she just pushed it out of her mind. The area blurred around them as they ran/jumped to Konoha as fast as they could.

Pink Slug decided to talk to the Fire Fox, while the Oil Eagle stood behind them. Naruto didn't look to Sakura, but she did listen to the other girl as she spoke. "Fox, what did Eagle tell you, when he whispered in your ear?"

"He said we better get going, since obaa-chan wanted this mission finish as soon as possible," Naruto responded, being clueless as always. "Why?"

"It looked like something else."

"Like what?"

"It's hard to explain, but it looked rather personal. Gaara looked upset."

Naruto didn't understood. "What do you mean by that?"

"Sai must had planned that move."

"So?" Why would it matter? We had to get going anyway?

"Naruto, how dense are you?" Sakura slapped Naruto on the back of the head. "Sai and Gaara like you."

After rubbing her head, Naruto busted out laughing, almost to the point that she couldn't move. "You're joking, right?" asked the blonde.

"No, Baka! I'm not." Sakura yelled. Sai now took notice to the girls, and Sakura didn't want to talk in front of a listening Sai. "We will talk about it later."


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