Ya, I know, I started another story even though I haven't updated any other ones. But I promise, I will (eventually) update everything. But anyways, here's the start of a new Naruto story. May eventually become a NarutoxSasuke story. Who knows….

Summary: Naruto has visions of peoples death before it happens, but he is sick of it, and it want's it to stop. So when he get's a vision of a dark haired teen's death, he is going to do what ever he can to save him.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. Never have, never will, otherwise I probably wouldn't be writing these fanfics.

She was drowning.

Her hair floated around her head, as her arms flapped helplessly around her, reaching for the surface that was getting further and further away. Her body shook as she gasped for non existing air. Large bursts of bubble exploded from her mouth, as her lungs finally began to give out. With a few more small bubbles escaping from between her lips, her body finally relaxed. Her face looked calm as her life slowly began to slip away. It looked as if she was falling asleep. A deep slumber, only which she was never to wake again.

Her body drifted down deeper into the dark abyss of the waters. Down, down, down….

Naruto suddenly snapped back to the present so fast that he could still see a ghost of the image floating before him. The drowning girl, the quickly disappearing surface and the dark waters that held her prisoner.

Naruto gave a small shiver. It had been so real, and it absolutely horrified him. No matter how many times things like this happened, he could never get used to it.

"Hey, Naruto...are you alright?" Naruto looked over towards the girl sitting on his right. Her hair was pulled into two low pigtails, and there was a single strand of purple hair that hung down the side of her face.

Naruto gave a weak smile to the concerned girl, and replied with a simple "I'm fine"

The girl narrowed her eyes in disbelief and scowled at the blond.

"Liar. You don't look good at all. You should go home and rest"

Naruto shrugged his shoulder in disagreement, but began to collect his things anyways. He heaved his school bag onto his shoulder after shoving everything in it. He walked towards the front of the classroom and apologized, telling the teacher he wasn't feeling too well and was going to go home.

The girl sighed. Naruto shouldn't work himself so hard. He should take a rest every once in a while, no matter what other said. She took out her cell phone and made a quick note to make sure she visited the blond after class.

Naruto had a slight headache, but ignored it the best he could. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough, and before long, he had a horrible pounding headache. He decided that he would make a quick stop at the store before heading home.

The moment he stepped into the store, he felt the cool air hit his face. It felt nice. Naruto whistled the opening song of a new show he watched last night as he casually strolled through the store. He didn't like the show at all, but the song was so catchy, he couldn't get it out of his head.

Naruto picked up a bottle of Ibuprofen and headed towards the cash register. But when he turned at the end of the isle, he ran straight into a girl with chocolate brown hair.

"Aw! I'm sorry" she said as she picked up the pile of stuff that had fallen all over the floor.

"No, it was my fault" Naruto replied as he bent down to help her pick up her things. "I should have been watching where I was going" He handed her a bottle of iced tea.

"Thanks" she said and gave a soft smile before going on her way. Naruto smiled to himself at the girl's kind reaction. Strange how familiar that girl looked.

Naruto dropped the bottle he had been holding when he suddenly realized where he had seen her. She was the one in his vision. The drowning girl who's hair had been floating in front of her face.

Naruto instantly spun around and ran in the direction the girl was heading. His breathing became hard and uneven has he continually ran through the store. On his third time pass the entrance of the store, he saw the girl loading her groceries into her car and then getting in. Naruto instantly rushed towards her.

"Wait! Stop! Please, I'm begging you! Stop!" cried Naruto as he ran after the car pulling out from the parking space, but of course, the girl didn't hear him.

"Please! Don't! You…you can't! You can't die!" Naruto slumped to the ground, watching the car disappearing before his very eyes. Tears began to well up at the corners of Naruto's eyes, and they slowly began to spill over.

"Please…don't die…don't go…."

The sun was already starting to set, and Naruto slowly walked down the sidewalk, following the path to his apartment. He wiped away a tear that still lingered in the corner of his eye.

"Hey, watch it!" snarled a dark haired boy that Naruto accidentally bumped into. Naruto's eyes opened and closed for a second, before he finally spoke.

"I…I'm sorry" stammered the shocked blond. The dark haired boy eyed Naruto for a second, his dark onyx traveling slowly across the other rather uncomfortable young man. He finally turned away after another moment, much to Naruto's relief.

"Hn" was all he said before walking away again. Naruto stuck his bottom lip out in a childish pout. 'Man was that guy rude' he thought.

Then suddenly, it happened. Another flash. Another vision.

The dark haired boy was standing on a chair. He was on his Tipp toes, reaching above him to tie a knot in the rope hanging from the ceiling. When he was done, his hands dropped to his side as he admired the noose hanging before him. He reached up towards it, and fit it around his neck as if it was the most normal things in the world. He gave one last sad smile before knocking the chair away from under his feet….

Naruto gasped in surprise at the sudden vision. His skin felt clammy, and he was shaking uncontrollably. The dark haired boy he just met and knew absolutely nothing about was going to die. He saw it in the vision, and when ever that happens, they die. End of story.

'No' thought Naruto as he began to run after the other boy 'I won't let it happen again. For once, I'm going to stop this'

So what did everyone think? Was it confusing? It'll get better, I promise, but tell me what you think. Don't know how often I will update, but I'll try my best….sigh so much to do….

Just wanted to ask, should it be a NarutoxSasuke story, or should it just be a friend relationship?