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"I'm coming!" called a voice from the other side of the door. Naruto raised a questioning eyebrow at the sound of the rather high pitched and girly voice. 'What kind of guy is Sasuke rooming with?' wondered Naruto.

He was a bit surprised to see a girl with a shock of bright pink hair open the door, and she seemed just as surprised to see him.

"Oh!" she exclaimed and much to Naruto's surprise she said "I know who you are"

"You do?" asked Naruto. She smiled at him.

"Of course! Uzumaki Naruto, the next greatest actor of our time!" Naruto blushed a little, but still beamed at the pink haired girl for saying such a compliment.

"My name's Haruno Sakura. I'm an art critic. So Naruto, what can I do for you?"

Naruto gave a small shrug with his shoulder, uncertain of exactly what to say.

"Actually, I'm looking for Uchiha Sasuke. Is he here?"

"No, but he'll be back soon. Why don't you come in to wait until then?" Sakura asked as she motioned Naruto into the apartment. Naruto stepped inside, but paused for a moment as he took in the new surroundings.

The living room furniture was simple enough. A TV, couch and coffee table sat towards one side of the room. But on the other side, was a wall adorned with multiple framed paintings, sketches, and even a few written papers.

Sakura smiled as she noticed Naruto staring at them, his eyes slowly moving across each and every thing.

"The writing are all mine. A few of my greatest papers" She winked at Naruto as she continued "You might be interested to know one of them are actually on one of your performances" She pointed towards a framed newspaper article sitting in the high left corner of the room. Naruto recognized it as an article cut out from their school paper.

Sakura studied the blond for a moment before once again continuing with her story.

"The rest of these here are Sasuke-kun's. He's famous around school for his paintings, although he does some pretty great pencil drawings as well"

Naruto examined the pictures one by one, before he stopped at a particular watercolor painting hanging in the center of the wall that had caught his attention. It was that of a small young boy sitting at the base of a beautifully lush, green, leafy tree. The boy had golden blond hair, and well tanned skin, and a large cheerful smile stretched across his face. His eyes were sky blue, bright and cheery, and you could see the happiness reflecting in those beautiful blue orbs. In the boy's arms, he held a small orange fox, who sat quite comfortably in the boy's grip.

Naruto blinked. This picture, no, this scene seemed so familiar to him, but he just couldn't quite place it.

"Um…Sakura-san, would you mind telling me about this picture?" Naruto asked, after finally turning away from the painting that hung before him.

"Eh?" asked Sakura, who seemed a bit surprised "That one with the boy and the fox?"

Naruto nodded a small yes for the girl to continue. Sakura stared at the picture fondly, as if there was some special meaning behind the painting.

"This picture is one of Sasuke-kun's favorites, not that he would ever actually admit it, but that's not really the point here. Anyways, for as long as I can remember, he always hung that picture in the center of the wall, never moving it. The rest of the pictures around it are constantly moving, and changing for his newer art pieces, but that one never does. It seems to have a special meaning for him, and I've caught him on several occasions just standing there, staring at it"

Sakura then turned towards Naruto, smiling at the blond.

"Funny how the little boy looks a lot like you. Sasuke had even originally wanted to put these kind of whisker marks on the boys face, although I finally convinced him not to"

Naruto reached up towards his face, feeling the whisker like marks that ran across either side of his cheeks. So was Sasuke really telling the truth when he said he knew him?

Maybe it was the look on his that caused Sakura to sense his distress, because she quickly changed the topic by pulling him into the kitchen, sitting him down at one of the chairs at the rather small table, and asking him whether or not he would like to have a soda.

"We only have diet coke, but I could get you something else if you like. Like water or iced-tea" Sakura called over her shoulder as she headed towards the fridge.

"No, soda is fine" Naruto called back to her in reply as he sat at the table.

Sakura soon came back with two glasses of diet coke and gently put it down in front of Naruto. The ice chimed as they hit against the glass of the cup as it was set down upon the wooden table.

Naruto murmured a soft "Thanks" as he reached for the glass.

Sakura took a sip of her own drink after sitting down in the chair across from Naruto.

"Sasuke should be back any moment now" said Sakura, as if to remind herself rather then simply reminding Naruto.

At that moment the front door opened with a loud bang, and a voice that Naruto instantly recognized as Sasuke's called out "I'm back!"

Sakura murmured something akin to "Well speak of the devil, and he shall appear…" and then called out "I'm here in the kitchen. We have a guest over"

Naruto could hear Sasuke's footsteps as he walked to the kitchen, but the raven haired boy instantly stopped when he recognized who was sitting at the kitchen table in his apartment.

The first words that escaped from Sasuke's mouth after a moment of silence, was "The Hell you doing in my apartment?" And then he threw his backpack.

It made a rather loud thud as it came in contact with Naruto's head, and the blond was sent toppling out of his chair.

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