Cementing Bonds

Cementing Bonds

Somehow she'd known Garfield would never truly be hers. She'd sensed the bond between them even in her former life.

But, with emotions as unknown to her as most women were to men, Raven supposed she couldn't have been surprised that she overlooked the true depth of the love between Victor and Garfield.

She just hadn't connected those two facts together; hadn't known that the 'friendship' she sensed between her two teammates would finally blossom into something more and…and pull Garfield away from her. She should have recognized it, however, in the way that Gar would only be able to wind down and remain calm around Vic.

Still, friends they had been, friends they were, and friends they would remain.

Especially since she now realized that, far from needing a boyfriend to pull her out of her shell – she had her friends and teammates for that – she needed someone quiet. Quiet like her.

And now that Joseph was back in their lives…back in the Tower…back in her thoughts… Maybe the tranquil musician who had once been theirs to call teammate…would now be hers to call lover.

No 'maybe' about it, if those heated looks and playful words he'd been sending her way meant anything. And they did, she knew.

Raven smiled, content that her team of Titans was finally on their way to finding their places…and so was she.