What if you had to die to save the world?

A Ranma ½ Sailor Moon Crossover

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters or situations of Sailor Moon or Ranma ½. I am also not Japanese, and so I may not be totally correct in some of my geography or in my Japanese phrase usage. I beg indulgence for any mistakes, this is unbeta'ed for the moment, thought I am taking applications . This is the first in a series of stories in this universe, and this one is subject to revisions and re-writes. I am just looking for feedback at the moment.

One would think that the telephone that Ono Tofu stared at was a live rattlesnake rather than just a piece of technology, given the trepidation he regarded it with. It wasn't so much that he didn't want to speak to the person he was calling, rather, that he was worried that… SHE would answer. And despite the leaps and bounds he had made in his therapy and emotional control, he wasn't sure he was ready to put this to his newfound control to the test yet. Had circumstances not required, Tofu would have gladly put this off for a few years yet. But the fact was, he needed to make this call, the life of one of his patients may depend on it. So he slowly picked the handset up off the cradle, and dialed a number he had long since committed to memory. As he waited for the call to be connected, and half-praying that the correct person would answer, he allowed his mind to wander a moment to what lead up to this phone call.

He had left Nerima district some 18 months before, the chaos building in the area and his own emotional issues making him seek out some much needed rest and recuperation. Not to say that he allowed himself to drift, though. He had been invited by an old friend to set up shop at a hospital in the Juuban district, taking patients for his shiatsu and moxibustion practice at an office in the hospital and working as an attending physician in the emergency room several nights a week. The hospital stayed rather busy due to the attacks of various monsters, but given the things Tofu had seen in Nerima, this was almost routine for him. His friend and fellow physician Mizuno Reiko was one of the senior doctors at the hospital, and with her help he had a very successful practice. His tendencies towards the more esoteric arts of medicine kept him in demand, but never overworked, as such practice was common in the Juuban area. He had never personally encountered any of the Sailor Senshi himself, but found himself constantly grateful for their work, which kept him from seeing too many fatalities in the attacks. Recently, however, the attacks had tapered off, so while he still had many regulars, he did not have any new patients come in for his services, unless they were referred.

Such was the case file on his desk right now. The young girl, 12 years old, was listed as being very easily fatigued, suffering from fainting spells and occasional hallucinations. The condition seemed to worsen just following monster attacks, so she was referred to him by Reiko, who was the mother of one of the girl's friends, Ami. Tofu had met Mizuno Ami a few times, and often wondered about some of the company the girl kept, as the girls she came in with didn't seem to be the type of people the shy girl would seem to be drawn to. But Tomoe Hotaru, his patient, was a friend, and Reiko and Ami both seemed quite concerned about her, so Tofu agreed to take the case. The symptoms described did not seem to even scratch the surface of what Tofu found, however. As near as he could tell, and he was not an expert, there was something fundamentally wrong with the girl's ki, but for the life of him he could not determine what it was. He needed help, from someone with an understanding of ki well beyond his. And the list of people who possessed such abilities was extremely short. It was only because of his contacts back home that it was even as long as it was. He had considered and dismissed both the Amazon elder Ku Lon, and Happosai. Both were very able, certainly, but he did not dare to unleash the old pervert on an area protected by young girls in short skirts, and he wanted to avoid the entanglements asking a favor of an Amazon would come with.

Saotome Ranma, though, was a definite possibility. Point of fact, Ranma was the most amazing ki adept he had ever encountered. He (or she, depending on the weather, Tofu thought with a smirk) was a good kid, rough around the edges to be sure, but had a heart of gold and a caring streak a mile wide. No, Ranma wasn't the problem. The problem was the troubles that would accompany Ranma, were he to come to the hospital. And those problems, a group of fiancées, rivals, and other crazies, would cause damage that would rival a youma attack, and, while he doubted they would last 30 seconds against the Sailor Senshi, he knew the girls would be very hesitant to do battle with a group of normal, albeit powerful, humans. He wracked his brain, but could not come up with anyone who would bring as much to the table as the teenager would. So he steeled himself, and resolved to call the young ki-adept.

Which brought him back to the present, and his call to the Tendo Dojo. He hoped it would be Ranma that answered, or, barring him, Nabiki, as they would be the only two he could trust to be as discreet as he required, though he knew discretion from the middle Tendo sister did not always come cheap.

"Yo, Tendo Dojo, Ranma speaking"

'Oh thank you Kami-sama' Tofu thought to himself. "Hello Ranma-kun"

"Doc! S'been awhile! How's it goin'?"

"I'm doing well, Ranma, thank you. Are you alone?"

"Yeah. Pops and old man Tendo are out drinkin' an' Akane and her sisters are out at some play or sumthin."

"Good. Ranma, I need a favor. One that requires as much discretion as you can provide."

Ranma's voice got abit more serious. "You know I'll do what I can doc. What's up?"

"Not over the phone. I need you to meet me at… the Tomobiki Train station as soon as you can, and plan to be gone much of the day, and I need you to come alone and not be followed. Can you do that?"

Silence on the other end of the line for a bit, then, "Yeah… Yeah I can do it. Tomorrow ok?"

"Tomorrow would be fine. What time can you get there?"

"I'll need some time to lose any tails. Say… 9:30?"

"Fine Ranma. I'll see you at Tomobiki tomorrow."

"'Kay. See ya doc!"

Tofu hung up the phone, and thought a moment. He had told Ranma to meet him practically completely across Tokyo from his office, but couldn't risk being tailed back to his office, nor did he wish to let anyone know where he was, even Ranma, should he refuse to help. He supposed he was treating this abit too much like some spy movie, but knew Ranma's luck well enough to know that being accidentally spotted was likely, and Tofu did NOT need to deal with the chaos of Nerima on top of the problems of Juuban district. He made a note on his charts, then picked up the phone again to make another call.

"Moshi Moshi, Meiou Setsuna speaking."

"Meiou-san, this is Dr. Tofu. Is this a bad time?"

"Not at all Tofu-sensei. What can I do for you."

"I have found someone that may be able to help me with Hotaru's treatment, and I need your permission to speak with…" Tofu paused just a moment, wondering which gender Ranma would be meeting his patient as "Them about the case, and bring them to meet with you both at your next appointment."

"Of course, Doctor. I trust your judgment in this matter."

"Thank you Meiou-san. I want to warn you that they are very young, but are one of the most advanced in the field that I have ever encountered. "

"I'm sure they are, Doctor. We are scheduled to meet you next Wednesday, correct?"

"Yes, we are. I will most likely be bring them along then"

"I will see you then. Have a good Day, Doctor."

"You as well, Meiou-san."

Tofu hung up the phone again, and for just a moment stared at it, wondering about the tone of the woman's voice. She was usually unflappable, but when he mentioned bringing in someone else, she almost seemed, anxious. He supposed it was just the situation itself that was troubling her. He filed his paperwork for the day, and went home, mentally preparing himself for everything that could go wrong the following morning.

He needn't have worried too much.

Normally speaking, Ranma would be less trusting about someone wanting to meet him privately, and not be followed, but this was Dr. Tofu, a man that Ranma often regarded as being the most honorable person he had ever met. So he went up to his room to start planning on just how to get across Tokyo without being followed, discovered, or kidnapped by the prince of a small island nation and taken to his castle as his wife/concubine/loveslave/French maid. (Which can, does, and… has… happened.)

Ranma left the following morning at 5, leaving a note about a training trip he was going on, and started the clock. He went to the train station and bought a ticked to Chiba prefecture. 45 minutes into the trip he jumped to the roof of the train and hopped to another at a junction crossing, and from there, began to really begin the process of loosing his tails.

4 and a half hours, 8 gender changes, and 12 disguises later, Ranma walked into the Tomobiki train station, under his personal variation of the Umisenken, and looked around for the familiar face of the doctor. Spotting him sitting at a bench nearby, he dropped the thieves cloak and strolled over to the doctor and took a seat next to him.

"Heya Doc."

"Hello Ranma. I'm sorry to ask this, but I have to. Were you followed?"

Ranma snorted. "Yup. Lost Shampoo and Ucch… Ukyo in Chiba, Nabiki in Hokkaido, and Ryoga… well, Ryoga's probably half-way to Spain by now."

Tofu couldn't help but laugh at that answer, but there was something in Ranma's tone, especially when he spoke of his fiancées, that seemed to be abit strained.

"Everything ok, Ranma?"

Ranma stared at him a long moment, then shook his head. "Don't worry 'bout it, doc. Nuthin you could do anyways. What didja need my help with?"

Tofu sighed, realizing that answers would not be forthcoming any time soon. "Alright, straight to business then. Ranma, I have a patient that I've hit a block with, and I could use your help with her."

The boy looked at him a moment, then looked embarrassed and pulled at his pigtail as he answered, "I'd liketa help, doc, but I don't know nuthin about medicine or anything like that."

"No, Ranma. What I need is… Ranma, there is something very wrong with this girl's ki, and you've forgotten more about ki than I could ever hope to know."

"Doc, c'mon… I mean, yeah I know some, but…"

"Ranma… you can read aura's right? Not just battle aura?"

"Well, yea, but…"

"And you can project your ki without attacking?"

"Yea, like if I need ta move fast or Soul of ice, or.."

"Ranma… those are not common gifts. And to be honest, I can't do that without some serious preparation. I suspect that your help would be invaluable."


"I can use your help."

"Oh. 'Kay."

Tofu snickered. "So want something to eat?"


The two talked for awhile about the girl's situation, and made plans for Ranma to meet at Tofu's office at Juuban General the following week for Hotaru's appointment. Tofu carefully suggested that the girl may be more comfortable if Ranma showed came in his girl from, and Ranma agreed, surprising Tofu somewhat at how comfortable he seemed with the idea. Plans made and directions given, Ranma thanked the doctor for the food, and headed back to the trains. Tofu watched him leave, again wondering at the changes Ranma had gone through, and worried at the tension the boy had hanging over his head. Tofu had a feeling the next few days would prove fairly interesting.

Author's Notes: Okay, this is the first of approximately five chapters, epilogue included. I am looking for a beta to work this one over with me, as I have plans to expand this story, and have at least one sequel and several side stories planned. Please let me know what you think. And yes, this is a Ranma-in-a-fuku fic. I plan to release one chapter a week, with the next chapter out in the next couple of days. All chapters have been written, but are unedited.