Hopefully, this chapter clears things up a bit.

I fell through the sand the rest of the way, onto my feet in a dimly lit room. A bit of sand fell through the ceiling onto my head. I looked up in distaste. Then, I became aware of my surroundings. I was in the secondary building, and Koume and Kotake were certainly near.

Here comes the brainwashing.

I braced myself to forget all I had ever known, and to have that bold, thick line between good and evil permanently blurred until it was unperceivable. I sighed a quick, short sigh. Oh well. I won't miss much.

Right on cue, the pair wandered through the curtain across the room and advanced toward me.

"Treason!" Koume shouted at me distractedly, looking around the room for something I couldn't identify. "You will be punished, girly. Trust me."

"I know." I didn't mean to sound so vulnerable, but it was unavoidable at this point. I lowered my head and looked at the scattered sand below my feet. I kicked at it a bit, but I missed. That seemed to be happening a lot lately.

Poor Link. He must be scared out of his mind.

I began to wonder about him. Why was he so much like I was at that age? The same tired, almost hopeless eyes...They were haunting, if nothing else. And his disposition may have even been worse than mine was. To see it from another perspective made me shudder.

I couldn't embrace my sudden change of persona, but the day's happenings had somehow given me sympathy for somebody other than myself. This was unwelcome.

"Do me a favor," Kotake said, shaking me from my thoughts. "Move your wrists."

I looked at her, my brows knit, and did as she said. I wriggled my wrist a bit, and widened my eyes at the sudden restraint on my hands. I was bound to a big, rusted, jagged axe that appeared standing straight up beside me.

"What is this?" I tugged my hands toward my body. The axe didn't budge at all.

"The beginning of your punishment."

"Why an axe?" I asked calmly, still pulling at my hands.

"That's beside the point!" Koume snapped. "This is your last chance, girly."

"So...How is this a punishment? Other than being stuck in here with the two of you, I don't mind terribly, being bound this way."

"Would you mind terribly, if we brought up..." Kotake's mouth twisted upward evilly, and she glanced at Koume.

"Your sister?"

My blood ran cold and my face went pale. I felt something beneath my skin start to boil. My anger was consuming me at the memory, and with it, I started to shake.

"You remember, don't you?" Kotake taunted. "You remember what you did. You filthy, conniving little brat."

I felt my anger getting more raw, more powerful. I glared at the two of them, silently building up more fury with every breath, every heartbeat, every second.

"Your sister, if my memory serves me, treated you like the dirt she walked on." Koume said. "You handled it only to a point."

"What memory?" Kotake tossed off under her breath.

"So what?" My voice was caustic.

"Think back, kid. Think about what you've done."

"Stop!" I screamed. I was startled myself; I didn't expect to loose my temper so fast.

"You know what you did. You're no better than Ganondorf."

My sister, nine years my senior, was thankfully almost never around before my mother died. I was too busy tending to my mother to even notice she was gone. Whenever I did see her, I saw an insane, horrid person. She wondered why I hated her so much. She was ballistic! She came home every week from Din knows where accusing me of ruining my mother's health. She told me that I was ugly, stupid, selfish, and useless for as long as I could remember. She said that I was too much for her mother to handle, and that I would eventually kill her if I kept on acting out. I never did anything wrong. She used that as the excuse to never being around to help us. It was "My fault, so I should be held fully responsible." I found this so hypocritical, but, If you hear something enough, you begin to believe it. My mother poured the entire family's rupees into educating my sister at a top level, and I was left to be punished for it. But all my sister ever did was stay with her friends, drinking until she slept, and once she awoke, repeating her process of tearing me apart until I took it out on the jagged stone walls with my knuckles. She never helped me with anything. She didn't care about anybody but herself. And she wasn't particularly beautiful. Maybe she was, but I would never know. All I saw when I looked at her was the spoiled bitch she was. She always thought that she was right but she never knew what she was saying. She was so pampered; she really believed that nothing bad ever happens to people like her. She was my polar opposite, and I often wondered how she could be related to me. Maybe the thought of being like her at all was what got to me. And she didn't even notice. It was who she was. And I really could not have cared less what made her that way.

My mother was asleep by the time she returned, and I was so outraged at the world at the moment that I wanted to leave and never come back. But I knew my sister was too insane to be trusted. She and my mother had a very unstable relationship. My sister would have killed my mother if Aviel and I weren't around to stop it, and I couldn't allow this to happen. I decided not to fight back. It wasn't worth it. I believed my sister: I was stupid, ugly, selfish, and useless. What was I still alive for? Aveil could handle it once I'm not around to ruin it.

I left our living quarters below the fortress, and went to the bridge. It was unguarded when I was seven, so there was nobody around to see what happened. I picked up a sharp, pointy, very serrated rock on the way. I sat on the edge of the bridge, facing Lake Hylia, hanging my legs off the side, and held it to my neck. I was useless. All I was was trouble that my mother couldn't handle, and eventually, I would kill her.

Nobody would miss me.

It was then that I saw my sister saunter up on the bridge, returning from yet another wasted day. "What are you doing out here, you stupid little wench?!" She said. "I need you around to take care of my mother. The only thing you'll ever be good for is making up for your mistake. If you weren't born, she would never have gotten so sick. It's all your fault. See what you've done to this family?!"

I couldn't take it anymore. I finally defended myself. "Well, maybe if you didn't try to kill her on a daily basis, she would have a better chance of recovering!" I screamed at her. She only slapped me. It was such a weak hit, that I had to laugh. "Is that all you've got? You're a horrible, stupid, selfish, ugly person, and now to top it off, you're weak. Try and hit me again," I quipped. "I dare you."

So she did. She knocked the wind out of me, and I fell onto my back. I lifted my head to see her standing over me, smug as ever. I felt anger ripping beneath my skin, trying to escape. But I never let my anger out.

"Look at that. You talk like you're tough, but all you'll ever be is useless." Her favorite word, that was. She turned, grinning at her accomplishment, and began to make her way back home. I looked at my hand, and smiled maliciously. I still held the rock in my tightly clenched fist. I stood up. My blood was boiling, and I started to breathe heavily. My heart beat unevenly, and my thoughts raced through my head so I was dizzy. I felt like I would explode, I was so furious.

I never let my anger out, that is, until then.

I sprinted, rock in hand, at her. Before she could even turn around to the noise of my quick footsteps, I had her hair in my free fist. I yanked her head back until her neck was exposed. I lifted the rock, and slashed it across her neck as deep as it could go. I watched, a rather insane look in my eyes, as the blood began to spill. She fell over onto her back after stumbling for a while. I knelt down beside her, and screamed as I brought the rock down onto her torso. Over, over, and over, until there were exactly seven bloody gashes across her heart. One for each year of my life she destroyed. I watched as the light left her eyes, a dark smile on my blood-stained face. I laughed, quietly at first. It was more like a bark than a laugh. Then it grew louder and louder, until I was doubled over, clenching my fists around the rock. I stood up and kicked her side viciously until she rolled off the bridge, and into the running river beneath. I threw the rock down to her, yelling victoriously. I felt like I should rid the skin that came in contact with her of her disgusting touch. I wanted to scrape it raw until it bled if I had to. At that moment, I wondered what it would be like to have a sister whose touch I didn't want to rid myself of, whose presence I didn't dread, whose every waking moment of life I didn't wish would be erased. Then I realized that a person like that would never exist.

I looked up at the dark, still sky, and at the full, bright moon shining down on me. Prosperity and happiness really does come along with that kind of weather.

"You murdered your own sister," Kotake chimed in suddenly. "You're no better than you claim. That is why you find the real Ganondorf so revolting, because he reminds you of yourself at that time. A psychotic murderer."

I shook my head. "Try killing your sister. You will find it rather rewarding, to do away with the downfall of your life." My voice was flat. To be honest, I didn't much care about that anymore. What's done is done, and I was pleased with the outcome. It didn't hurt my mother. I told her that she ran away and would never come home. A bonus for me; everybody hated my sister even more. I wasn't alone, even though alone is so much better.

"You're still insane deep down, and you know it. You are no better than Ganondorf, or your sister."

I began tugging at my hands. "I will ring your hideous throat, hag, just wait. I know all of this is your fault. You said you've been watching me. You caused everything to happen that led me here. You dammed my family, and now you've gotten to me. Tell me, why am I so valuable to you? What is it that you want? "

"We only do this for Ganondorf. They are his wishes, not ours. But it is rather amusing to see you go completely insane now and again." Koume shrugged her fat shoulders, dismissing the matter.

I smirked. "So why does he want me so badly? What purpose do I have?"

"You're a pretty little thing. Haven't you ever noticed everybody staring?" Kotake said. I sort of had; I thought it was because I looked scary, like I was about to kill somebody. That's what my sister told me.

How accurate.

"As much as we hate to admit it, you are probably the most beautiful Gerudo since the great Din herself."

"Oh, and us," Koume cackled with her sister.

"Thank you, I guess." I rolled my eyes for the first time in years. I never cared how I looked. Besides, I thought my sister was right, about me being so hideous. Although it conflicted entirely with my strong opinion on her being ridiculously stupid and naive, I somehow believed what she said about me. Nothing else.

"Kotake, I think we should let her go now. Let's leave her with all of the evil she so wishes to banish from herself."

"Excellent idea, Koume!" Kotake walked toward me.

"Enjoy your pathetic life. And remember, you can't kill everybody you don't like." She grinned at me.

"Oh yeah?" I started trying to pick up the axe rather than escape from it.

And I was suddenly right back where I started. I looked up at the Spirit Temple.

I didn't sleep that night. I stayed at the Spirit Temple, even though as soon as I walked through the entrance, I felt sick to my stomach. I just climbed back up to the roof, staring at everything around me for a good few minutes before moving onto the next sight. It was all different. There were crows flying through the warm night air, cawing at each other, and exploring the gorgeous area. Tears stopped streaming down my flushed face a bit before dawn. I saw guards walk in and out of the dune-encompassed Colossus, most likely searching for me. I think the crows may have sensed my despair. They never cawed at me to alert the guards. They came as close as they wanted, looked at me with compassion in their beady eyes, and flew away. I watched them in awe, listening to the wind. They seemed to be so blissfully unaware of the rest of the world. They were free to fly away from their troubles, as quickly as their minds could change. But, enough about the lucky birds. I needed to leave this place before I ran into Koume and Kotake again. I was in no mood for the rest of my punishment.

I swooped down onto a ledge once the last guard left, and waited in the shadows until I heard the first wolf howl at the half moon. I thought back to when I was very young. About how unaffected my thoughts were. I believed what I knew was right, not what I thought was cool. My thoughts were completely uninfluenced. I was very happy when I was about four, before I felt responsible to take care of my mother. I didn't have such tired eyes when I was an infant.

I started off to home once again, getting lost a few times. Once I finally made it back to the Fortress, I ignored the glares from suspicious women and left for Gerudo Valley. I scaled the side of the canyon until I reached the top of the falls, and waited watching Ganondorf with his new escort tramp on their horses across the thin plank leading over the pond and back from Hyrule.

Ganondorf was not always evil, this I knew. He really seemed to have really cared about the Gerudo having a stable base. The witches have brainwashed him to play off his ambition as evil and power-hungry. His aura was dark now, and to be honest, this whole situation terrified me. He told me that his mother died while in the witches' care. I thought this no coincidence: the male of the century fallen into the wrong hands could be as disastrous as those terrible hags could make it. And Ganondorf was now an ambitious, albeit completely evil, King of the Gerudo.

I stood up, and walked along the side of the canyon until I reached the Fortress again. I watched the gray clouds move across the black night sky, until I noticed that Ganondorf was sending out a search party for me. I quickly jumped down into the drop prisoner's cell. If they found me, they could not accuse me of trying to escape, since I was 'here the entire time'. I silently made it back into the Fortress, and since there were guards on patrol, I walked through as innocently as possible. They seemed to be reassured that I wasn't on the verge of leaving. What was the point, anyway? Ganondorf was right, they would accuse me of treason for the smallest thing, and I wasn't about to get another beating for going against the King. I felt that I would rather stay and not fight for myself than leave. There was nothing left to fight for. I was living for Ganondorf to have me around. Once I was brainwashed, I probably wouldn't remember anything anyway. At least I'd be happy again.

I walked to the library, searching for a book on Hylian dialect. Knowing about Ganondorf's plan to plunder and pillage Hyrule Castle completely gave me this stupid idea. If I would be taken along like he said, I wanted to study the language. I had nothing better to do anyhow, and very little time to do it.

I had my eyes glued to the smudged text, trying to soak in as many verb conjugations and nouns as possible. I had never learned to read properly, so it was especially difficult. Besides, all of the words sounded ridiculous and barbaric. Hylian was a strange language. Its sentences were all backwards! None of it flowed, and it sounded very harsh and informal. After learning how to say hello, which sounded like "thirty-six" in Gerudo, and some form of insult that sounded like "alcove", I felt like I was nodding off. The sun was up, so I couldn't allow myself to doze off until later.

Good luck, my mind told me. Now it decides to speak up?!

I studied more until I knew how to say more. I focused on learning verbs first. I figured that would be most beneficial out of adjectives or nouns. After the sun changed from straight outside one window to straight outside another one parallel, I decided to stop. I knew how to say the words help, stay, run, go, leave, speak, be, know, and some nouns, like ocarina. I figured that I could find something better to do...Like sticking a dull knife through my heart.

Psychotic. The real me is back.

After days of studying that ugly language, I finally got word of when Ganondorf's little plan would be executed.

"Tomorrow," Mita said. This was the first time I had spoken to her since I was finally let in on the huge secret.

"Are you going?" I asked. I had to try to act normal, so she wouldn't go crazy on me again. I had to look like I wasn't intimidated. Which I wasn't... It was Mita.

"No, but you are. So I suggest you brush up on your skills before you leave."

"I'll be fine," I said, my eyes drifting downward. I didn't want to hurt any innocent people, certainly not when it helped Ganondorf out. I had to think of something.

The next day, I was saddled up beside Ganondorf on the way to the western wall of Hyrule Castle, just like our first trip together. I thought of that night, when he admitted that he wasn't a horrible person, and how happy I was with him...

"Are you sure that you know the plan?" He asked me for the hundredth time.

"Yes. I sneak to the Princess's bed chambers, kill her nursemaid, steal the ocarina, and bring it to you." I kept looking straight. It was almost dawn, and the sky was purple and cold. That just made me even more on edge.

"Good." Ganondorf kept his gaze straight too. On each side of us were three guards. In total, we were fourteen, the smallest number we could manage while still properly equipped. We were to sneak over the western wall of the Market Place, while Ganondorf rode in on the bridge with two guards.

I wasn't sure what I would do. To obey his royal highness, or not to obey his royal highness?

After slowly creeping along the path, we dismounted our horses and left them tied to trees. I assembled with the ten other guards, while Ganondorf continued onward with the two others.

"Is everybody ready?" I asked quietly. Everybody nodded. None of them looked nervous at all. They had done things like this millions of times.

"Good. Five of you go first, then I'll go, and then the rest follow close behind. Nadirah, you first, then Takyian, Amineh, Rawiyah, and Inmatreni."

Nadirah began climbing up the side, and the others followed. Once Inmatreni was far up, I grabbed a brick, and hauled myself up. I could feel my scimitars slipping from my belt, but I kept climbing. My hands got very sore very quickly, and the wall was so tall that by the time I reached the top I nearly fell back over into the moat. I looked down at the guards sneaking behind a building, and in the distance I could almost see Ganondorf and his guards. I felt so inept compared to them: They didn't break a sweat during this whole process, whereas I was on the verge of exhaustion.

I hoped down from the ridge of the wall, and steadied myself before taking off. We snuck through the alleyways, past where I slept for three months, until we reached the western wall of Hyrule Castle. I signaled for the guards behind me to stop. I peered out from behind a wall and saw Ganondorf's guards waiting by the entrance. The one on the left saw me, and nodded for me to advance. I nodded back, and sidestepped to the guards. My brain was almost shut off; I was in attack mode.

"I'll go first." Nobody objected, so I began to climb once more. Hylian guards really are stupid. I was quite an obvious sight, dressed in all red against a pure white brick wall. I grinned and hopped down into a shadowy area of the courtyard entrance. I was expecting a guard to be waiting for me here, of all places, but I suppose the Hylians prefer show to logic and efficiency.

I waited for the first five guards, and began sneaking beside the walls to the main part of the castle entrance. I barely had to sneak, because the guards were so airy. They weren't even looking for anybody. I listened to the dewy grass beneath my feet, and then kept walking towards the castle, darting between full trees and tall bushes.

I stopped at a wooden door disguised by a shady willow tree.

"Does anybody know where the Princess's bedchambers are?" I asked shyly.

"Somewhere in the west wing," Maste said.

"Thanks." I opened the door, and walked into a dark corner of the castle. There were hardly any guards, so I just walked into the open, while the others stayed close behind. I was starting to get very nervous. I looked down at the blue rug beneath me, and then a pair of regal doors at the end of the corridor caught my attention. The glossy wood reflected in the light of the stain glass windows that served as a ceiling in the easy morning sun, and the gold door handles shone equally as soft.

"I think that's it," Aeshiyana said, nodding to the brilliant doors.

"Stay here. If anybody comes...kill them." Then I opened the door and spun into the room, shutting it behind me in one swift motion.

I looked forward into the large room, and saw a little blonde girl with huge blue eyes sitting up beneath heavy purple blankets on her bed, getting awakened by her Sheikah nursemaid. I assumed her to be Princess Zelda. The nursemaid was crouched beside her, but when she saw me, she stood up and drew a long, thin blade from nowhere. The little girl gasped and jumped up, running behind the Sheikah with complete trust and faith.

I put my hands up a bit, stepping to the side while the Sheikah paced closer with that freakish weapon.

"You need leave!" I said, aware of my broken sentence. I couldn't think with all of my nerves, even after hours of studying.

The Sheikah kept on coming closer with a confused look on her pointed face, so I said, "Ganondorf is evil! You need to leave, soon!"

The Sheikah stopped, and suddenly put her weapon away while keeping eye contact. "Why should a trust a Gerudo, clearly of high rank, most likely to be associated with Ganondorf, who arrives unannounced, with several weapons at her side?" She growled.

I saw the little girl step from behind her nursemaid, and suddenly become half excited, and remaining half worried.

"Listen to her, Impa! I told you that man was evil!"

"Yes, listen! I tell the truth!" I said, putting my hands down. "He is by your King, Ganondorf needs one ocarina. You should go, at once!" I hoped my Hylian was understandable. I hardly even understood what Impa said earlier. "He should come and take her later, because that ocarina!" I pointed to Princess Zelda, who cowered behind Impa, blue eyes darting from my face to Impa's and back again.

"Impa! She is right! Please believe her! She seems a good person...She seems to be of high eminence with the Goddesses!" said Zelda, tugging at Impa's arm. Impa looked like something completely obvious had dawned on her. I didn't quite understand what that meant.

"Thank you, Sixth of The Six," was all Impa said before darting away with Zelda's hand in hers. Zelda managed to grab a little blue instrument I assumed to be the ocarina off of her bed stand in the rush. They ran to the doors parallel to the ones behind me, just as I heard voices far off. One of them was Ganondorf's. I heard crashing, screaming, and Din knows what else. Then I heard fighting right outside the door. I ran after the princess and Impa, hoping to escape.

I am so dead... What the hell is a "Sixth of the Six?"

Just as I opened the door, I ran straight into Ganondorf. He looked very angry, and had blood on his face and hands. I looked up at him, horrified.

"Where are they?" He asked me, looking around. "Did you get the ocarina?"


"You let them escape?!" He asked, getting angrier every second.

"They left-" I tried again. I was cut short by a cheap blow to the face. I opened my eyes again and was looking at the tall stain-glass ceiling. I saw stars for a moment, blurring the patterns of the Golden Goddesses in their jagged patterns, and then lifted my head to see Ganondorf ordering two guards fighting Hylians to find his horse and bring it to him. They quickly killed the guards, and ran off down the corridor.

I'm alive!

"Do you have any idea what you've done?!"

"Yes, I do. I let them escape with the ocarina." I looked at him, and could not believe that I had the same lump in my throat as yesterday.

Ganondorf became even more furious and said, "You did this on purpose?!"

"Yes." I repeated. "I committed treason against you. So kill me."

"I can't kill you, Nabooru! Don't you understand that?!"

"Why can't you?!" I asked, slowly standing up. The lump was gone, and had been replaced with raw heat and harsh words poured out. Never did I think that I would be the one yelling at him. "What is it that I don't understand? If you prefer, punish me, torture me." I stepped closer to him. I wasn't afraid of him. "Do what you must. If that means taking my life, so be it."

Don't encourage him...

"You will be punished," He said firmly, finally regaining some composure. He looked about for any guards, I suppose, and said, "You don't seem to comprehend that I don't merely want you around, I need you around. I thought that killing you would be a better option, but that failed. I'm sorry, but you may not know why just yet."

I was pondering what that could possibly mean when he grabbed my arm, and pulled me closer to him. All I could do at this point was look up at him, bold as ever. I didn't care what he did at this point. This was all over, as far as I was concerned.

"We'll just see what happens with the ocarina." He looked down at me, and I looked up at him, moving my eyes from past his shoulder to meet his livid stare.

"Do your worst, then. No way will I let you have it. You can do what you like to me, but you'll never have your way with Hyrule. We will not let this happen." We, meaning Link and me. Even if he would never help...

Ganondorf chuckled in a belittling way. "Who is "We?"; The princess, the Sheikah, and that pathetic little kid? What could you possible do? Remember, you're only my second in command. You answer to me. You do as I say or face the consequences."

Why does he need me so badly? I thought it was because I was "pretty"...What else am I really around here for?

It seemed as though a more important conversation was being tossed between our eyes. If only I could understand it. Something told me that both of us were through with the way we were acting towards each other. We both wanted it back to normal, and we both knew it would never happen with Koume and Kotake still around. The real Ganondorf was showing through again, trying desperately to return, and I was trying to force the rest away. But, despite my strongest efforts, both of us gave up. The evil Ganondorf engulfed the real Ganondorf once more, and all efforts were, and always will be, in vain, leaving both of us furious at each other, if nothing else.

"You're finished here." He shoved me back, but I didn't loose my composure. I frowned and watched him go. I watched all the chaos ensue, and couldn't think about anything more. I just stood staring at the cluster of enemy guards in front of me, until one got too close for comfort. I pulled out my twin blades, and began weaving them in and out of hypnotizing patterns until the guard stopped staring and tried to fight back with his lame spear. He tried to hit me with the flat end first, and all I could do was restrain a laugh and back flip out of it. Once I landed, I crouched down, and jumped up spinning with my blades extended. I landed with either end at the fool's neck. He cowered before me, and didn't move. I smirked before leaving him on the ground with a gash across his side. He was rolling about in tears, and I almost laughed. Stupid Hylians. Don't they know better that to go up against a Gerudo?

I ran off to find the Princess. Just as I opened a door to my side, I saw a white horse whiz by me, Zelda and Impa on it's back. Zelda looked back at me and almost smiled, but remembered what was actually happening. Her life was being destroyed, and technically, I was one of the people to blame. Then, I saw Ganondorf ride past me on his crazy black horse, gaining speed quickly and almost right on their tail. I had to think fast: The bow and arrows strapped to my back would take much to long to ready. So, I stepped out from the doorway into the grassy front of the Castle, and threw one scimitar after him, slashing his horse's left leg. The horse almost flipped Ganondorf off it's back in shock.

Damn! I wasn't aiming for the horse.

When Ganondorf turned around to see a culprit, I ducked back into the door way just in time. I looked around to see if anybody saw what I did. They were all still inside the Castle with the rest of the guards. If anything, that would buy Zelda and Impa some time. I peered back out and saw my scimitar lying in the dust of the path, blood at the tip.

I was amazed that I managed to get out of this situation unscathed, except for getting hit. Then I dropped the thought, remembering that this situation was far from over.

I began making my way back to my horse, which was fastened to a tree beside the western wall. I needed to stop Ganondorf any way I could. As much as I wanted to let it go and believe that Zelda and Impa would be fine, I knew that it was still up to me to do something more. Reality stood in the way of relief, as usual. I found my horse, saddled up, and took off at full speed after Ganondorf, getting my bow and arrow set in advance. He was already out the drawbridge by the time I came barreling through the market place, where everybody was running and screaming in that stupid language. I pulled back on the reins and came to a screeching halt on my frantic horse. She was stamping and trying to run forward against my tight pull. I saw Ganondorf stopped on his horse, talking to Link, of all people. Immediately, I was twice as worried. Link didn't stand a chance against him! I got off my horse and ran toward them. My legs quickly rebelled, telling me that it was no use. There was nothing I could do. No matter what I tried, it was all out of my control. I saw Ganondorf blast Link with some weird ball of magic, and fall to the ground. I felt my blood and muscles heat up in protest. Soon after that, Ganondorf sped away, heading south. He was gone. He, Impa, and Zelda would soon meet, I could feel it.

But that certainly doesn't mean that I wanted to feel it.

How half-assed was THAT?!

The part about Nabooru having a sister was part of the reason why she is so unwilling to accept Ganondorf's real identity, how he really behaves, how his mind works, or why she feels that bieng useless is the worst thing ever, and why she is so angry and...Twisted...Ah, I'm not sure how to explain it. I hope you get it better than I do! And the bit about Nabooru being involved in the Castle Raid had always been part of the story in my head. I always figured it was no coincidence that Impa and Zelda made it out of the Castle just in time, I guess. And I pictured Hylian as English, and Gerudo as Turkish. I know-I'm weird. Plus, I want to explain the part where Ganondorf says that he needs Nabooru, but I don't think I should yet. I thinks I made it a bit obvious...