- The Verus Chronicles -

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- Chapter One – Vacation – Part One

The midday sunlight was warm on her face, and a welcomed comfort accompanied by a strong breeze from the eastern range. It was going to be a good day. No town was in urgent need of a visit, no report to the king needed be sent, and Mizuho was in good hands during her absence, as it usually was.

The ninja smiled against the blue summer sky; today would be officially known as Sheena's day, whether the world knew about it or not, she decided that's just the sort of day it would be from now on.

Then a blotch of darkness obstructed the warmth on her skin and the light in her closed eyes. Sheena opened them with a groaning sort of growl, annoyance was her temperament as she beheld her husband, bent over and staring curiously down at her. "Whatever it is, it waits until tomorrow."

"Hey hunny? You ok?" Zelos wondered, completely, and conveniently, swerving about the warning.

"No," she growled with an eye twitch and waved a hand at him. "So move, you're blocking my sun."

He did so, plopping down beside her. "Say Sheena, what sort of mood would you say you were in today?"

"How about a -don't bother me, I'm happy- mood? Does that work?"

Plucking a few blades of grass, Zelos set his mouth to frown before letting the handful of green float away with the wind. "Not really..."

"Urgh, just spit it out then, I can't tolerate blather right now."

"Well I was wondering, we're near Seles' place, wanna go give her a visit?"

"Seles?" Sheena nearly paled and her eyes popped open with a sudden dread.

"Yeah, I haven't seen her since we got married. And ever since I moved her to her own house I promised I'd spend more time with her, so by now I'm sure she thinks I've abandoned her or someth- Oy, are you ok Sheena?" Zelos wondered and placed a hand over her shoulder after noticing her odd discomfort.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just er, maybe you should go see her alone." Sheena set about biting her lip and avoid looking at him, because most all of his ploys were dangerously effective except their flaw was that they demanded eye contact, though there were a certain few that didn't, and she didn't care to think about those right now.

"What, are you kidding? Seles loves you!"

Sheena gave him a fake laugh. "No, I highly doubt that... You just go."

Zelos stood up and thrust his chest out, hoping to look as dominant as possible, even if it was lost to the cause. "As your husband I order you to come with me and work out any differences you have with my sister."

"As my husba-?" Now it was Sheena's turn to stand, meeting his bravado with her own form of aggression. "Well as the chief of Mizuho, I refuse!"

"What?- You can't do that...C-can you?" Zelos raised an eyebrow in question; he honestly didn't know how to proceed at this point in the argument. "You know, we really need to get this sort of thing worked out, I mean what happens at night when I-"

"Fine! I'll go, just shut up already!" Sheena threw her hands in the air and in a matter of seconds was marching away in a flustered irritation. Her day off was turning out to be anything but that.

Shortly after the planet had been restored, Zelos had bought a piece of land on the outskirts of Sybak. There he had a mansion built for his sibling. It was close enough to Meltokio for Zelos to visit her, yet far enough away that Seles wouldn't feel too uncomfortable near the contention of the city, that consisting mainly of the pompous rich and aristocrats that had naught but disdain for Zelos Wilder, and his sickly younger sister.

For this reason, Zelos knew all too well the location of his only remaining blood relation... Much to Sheena's dismay, she had been hoping for some mindless wandering and disarray. After all, that seemed to happen whenever they were searching for a particular village, but heaven forbid that should happen on Sheena's day.

When Zelos stepped up to the front door and rang the bell for admittance, Sheena sighed and felt her anxiety rise from her legs and rolled into a knot in her stomach; she didn't want to be here. But honestly she didn't have anything against Seles, they just, didn't get along very well. Seles couldn't seem to keep from jabbing an insult here or a gibe there, and Sheena was not at all tolerant towards such, albeit as a ninja, the chief no less, she was trying to be better about biting her tongue and keeping quiet instead of snapping back with a sharp retort.

Zelos purposely set to avoid glancing in Sheena's direction, for he could sense her uneasiness as though a cold fog had fit around him. And although this intuition urged him to comfort her, he really found the whole situation rather amusing. Here his wife was, a ninja, a summoner, nearly trembling like a child before a punishment, all because of an innocent little girl on the other side of the door...Ok, the girl was a spitfire when she chose to be, but besides that, deep down Seles was a sweet, caring person. Sheena had yet to witness that, and this thought caused Zelos to smirk; he wasn't about to get in the way of such a bonding.

A moment later and the door clicked open to a familiar attendant. "Tokunaga, my man!" Zelos greeted casually, stepping in as the butler moved aside with a bow. "Say, is Seles in the house?"

"I believe she's in the study at present, is there anything else I can do for you master Zelos?"

"Nope, just here to visit," the redhead answered, waving a dismissal as he started for the specified room.

"Very good sir," Tokunaga replied with another bow and tipped his head to Sheena without a word. By now all the attendants involved with Zelos knew better than to ask Sheena if she needed anything. She had put a stop to that right from the get go, if she needed something she would ask for it, if she didn't just get it herself; being waited on simply wasn't in her nature, especially by a friend, whereas the two butlers had almost become family in her mind.

"Oy! Where's my favorite little sister?" Zelos called after bursting through the double doors of the library, his indoor voice ironically never present indoors.

"B-big brother? What are you doing here?" Seles spun in her chair and away from the book she had been leaning over.

"Yeah, it's me," he said, hands on hips before he knelt and opened his arms expectantly. "Now come on, give me a hug, you know you want to."

At that moment Seles beamed and ran towards her brother, only to pass him up and embrace a certain tail wagging wolf. "Verus! I've missed you!"

Verus whined happily and licked her face in his mutual show of affection as he in turn got his head and ears scratched by the girl.

Zelos' face fell and his arms dropped to his sides in a defeated manner. "Why didn't I see that coming?"

The girl chuckled before crossing over to him and ducked under his arm to give him the hug he had been waiting for. "I've missed you too big brother."

Zelos smiled brightly at that and ruffled whatever hair that was not obscured by the familiar brown beret on her head. "You little twerp, you did that on purpose."

Seles made some sort of a whining protest and moved his hand away from the offense on her crown. "Well you deserve it, why haven't you come to see me sooner?"

With that sort of inquiry, the sibling's contact was broken and Zelos merely scratched the back of his head sheepishly, absently looked to where Sheena stood by the door. He hadn't meant to create a fissure between the two females, but with the simplicity of a glance, he had done just so.

Up until now, Sheena had hoped to remain a simple lurking creature in the corner, but hope seemed to be failing her lately.

"Oh...it's her," Seles muttered. "The woman that bewitched my brother and yet still denies the crime."

The summoner tried to smile, she really did, but the main thing holding Sheena back from being herself around the girl was the fact that she had proven the young redhead right, and admitting to that had been... an interesting development at the wedding reception in Meltokio. "Seles," Sheena greeted pleasantly, albeit her tone was affected by her edgy nerves as she pushed those unpleasant thoughts to that deep dark corner in her mind. "Have you been feeling any better?"

"Sheena," Seles replied, somewhere between a fake squeak of surprise and a genuine growl of distaste as she tipped her head curiously. "Months later and you're still not pregnant."

"As blunt as ever," Sheena grumbled, choosing not to answer the graceless inquiry and refrained from adding, "brat."

"Witch," Seles likewise thought, as though receiving the insult regardless of Sheena's silence.

A moment of glaring later Zelos chose to interrupt with some nervous laughter and felt a drop of sweat run down his face. "Yo, Tokunaga, I'm taking Seles out for the day," he called to the butler and seconds later received a confirmation and a farewell from another room.

"Hold on," Seles said. "let me go change first, it's awkward for me to travel in a dress." She mounted the stares to her room a second later, a prominent smile on her face.

"I really don't think this was a good idea," Sheena hissed and poked at the man's ribs when she heard the door click shut upstairs. "She's not actually changing up there, she's preparing to eat me alive!" After flying a hand around to emphasize her point, she held her fists at her sides, her arms straight and her shoulders tensed in a tantrum.

Zelos didn't roll his eyes, nor did he give her a look of annoyance. But rather, his eyes radiated a calm, and his smile was one that bid peace as he brought her arms up to lock with his own. "Come on Sheena, she needs this," he spoke softly, and after cupping her chin he lightly kissed her. "Do it for me?"

"I hate it when you do that," Sheena grumbled, their faces still mere inches apart. He always seemed to know what cards to play in order to get his way. "Fine, but I'm telling you, this won't end well... She still hates me."

With the last part muttered in a defeated sadness, Zelos tried to decipher her expression of failure, but regardless he twirled a lock of her coal black hair around his finger, staring at the activity as he spoke. "Don't just listen to her words, love. Instead, try to listen to what she's saying."

"What are talking about? You're not making any sense-" Sheena was silenced by another, longer kiss, the kind that flared a warmth in her body and thundered a path from his lips and through her veins.

This was how it always started, next he would pull her even closer; Sheena would oblige by throwing her arms around his neck. Zelos would begin stroking her back; she would bury her fingers in his hair- but wait, he wasn't doing any of that, in fact, he had already pulled away, only to smirk at her in his amusement before speaking as though he had just done something completely legitimate. "Don't worry, you'll understand what I meant when the time comes, just remember, she's more like me than you think."

"What? But-" Sheena was unable to further state her confusion, or regulate the burning in all the places their bodies had been touching for that matter, as all her attention was soon focused on the odd Zelos clone at the top of the staircase. The man's howls of elation beside her was the only thing that jerked her out of the blank daze she was in.

"Seles, you look so cool!" Zelos exclaimed to his sister, donned in identical clothing as his own and a smug look about her as she descended the stairs. From the missing button latch of his pink vest, to the baggy white pants and sword hilt at his side.

Sheena felt anger and heat rise to her head, it aggravated her to no end how he could appear totally unaffected by what he had just conspired with her only seconds earlier. But she couldn't brood on that now, above all she needed to get her body's repercussions under control; for goodness sakes his sister was in the room!

Seles grinned, obviously pleased with herself by impressing her older sibling. "I had Sebastian send me one of your outfits and then Tokunaga helped me alter it. I knew you'd like it."

"Of course I like it! It looks great on you! In fact..." His gaze drifted to his wife with a sly blue scrutiny. "Say Sheena-"

"No." Her answer was curt and unwavering as she crossed her arms over her chest, her chin thrust out stubbornly.

With that particular tone, Zelos knew better then to push her any further, so instead he hung his head in a pout. "Aw, you're no fun."

"That's funny, I could have sworn you were having fun a minute ago," Sheena thought, though at the same time, partly grumbled.

Now with the fourth and newest member of their party, they were ready to go. "Alright, let's get this show on the road!" he announced with a fist in the air and being the first to exit through the front door. "And Seles, just so you don't get tired, you get to ride Verus." He grinned maniacally at the wolf and, again, ruffled the pinkish blaze of hair on his sister's head as she stepped outside to stand beside him. "The runt rides the runt."

As though the wind had tickled them, Verus flicked his ears back and forth and gazed off into the distance in his boredom. "I could still outrun you with her on my back."

"Don't worry Verus, I'm sure he's only kidding," Seles told the white creature as she scrutinized her brother. "Besides, if anyone is going to carry me, it's gonna be you," she told him, poking the man's shoulder pointedly.

Zelos sighed in defeat and knelt down to be boarded; maybe this whole vacation idea wasn't such a great idea after all...

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