"Uhh... KP? You okay?" Ron said as he waved his hand in front of his best friend's face.

"Huh? Oh, yeah..."

"Sure? You looked a bit off just a second ago."

"I'm fine." Kim insisted with a bit of a growl.

"Um, okay." Ron said, slightly taken aback at how agitated Kim had become.

Kim sighed. "Sorry. I just didn't get enough sleep last night."

"Oh, okay. Well, that explains a lot." Ron knows how cranky Kim gets when she doesn't get enough sleep. He's been on the receiving end for years.

"I'll see you later, okay?" Kim said in a slightly apologetic tone.

"Sure... Bye..." Ron said as he turned around and left.

"Bye..." Kim waved. Kim turned the other direction to look for her ride.

After 15 minutes, Kim started to get restless. She glared at her watch and tapped her foot. A black car came into view and stopped right in front of her. The red head narrowed her eyes and waited. The window slid down and in it was a familiar looking woman with long black hair and pale skin.

"You getting in or what?"

"Um, yeah..." Kim said as she nervously got in the green woman's car, annoyance completely gone. In its place, was anxiety.

"Stop being so freaked out, already. I'm not gonna eat you or anything."

"Right. Sorry." Kim said as she relaxed. Only a little.

"That is, unless you want me to."

"Shego!!" Kim said, her face turning a bright red. Shego laughed.

"You are such a prude!!! So, where to?" Shego said as she drove out of the school's driveway, recovering from her laughter.

"You don't have any ideas already in mind?"

"No, I thought you would."

"Huh. I'll ask Wade." Kim got her Kimmunicator out.

"Hey, Kim. How's it hangin'?" Wade greeted as he appeared on-screen.

"Great, thanks." Kim smiled at the super-genius. "Listen, can you can dig anything up on a demon named 'Sherin'?"

"Hmmm.... I think I've heard that name from somewhere before. I'll look into it and see what comes up."

"Please and thank you." Kim said as she cut the connection.

"So, what do we do in the meantime?" Shego asked, bored since they've got nothing to do.

"Umm... We could hang out at my place. At least my parents won't need to worry on where I am."

"Sure, okay." Shego nodded. That slightly stunned Kim. She'd expected for her to refuse and say she'd rather go someplace else. Not that she's unhappy or anything. No, she's glad that there'd be company today.

'And that bugs me. Why am I happy? Shouldn't I at least feel uncomfortable?' The redhead thought as Shego drove to her house. But, no... She felt perfectly fine with her arch-nemesiscoming into her house, sitting on her couch and turning the TV on. It felt unnaturally natural.

Kim decided she'd ponder this on some other day. Instead of just standing there, Kim decided to play the good host and went to the kitchen to grab some drinks for her guest and herself. She walked to the fridge, and began to go through it.

"I'd take anything." A voice said from the other side of the fridge's door. Kim wasn't surprised at the sudden appearance. Shego had an aura about her that made her obvious. To Kim anyway. As she was rummaging, she heard a low, predatory growl. It almost sounded primitive.

"Uh... Shego?" The teenager said, looking up. She could say no other words after that as she got pulled into a hungry, desperate kiss. Kim's eyes widened and her brain screamed for her to push the green woman away. Her mind and logic told her to stop, to shove the other away, to do anything other than what she was already doing but her body didn't comply. Instead, she felt herself kissing back.

Somehow, Kim's arms wrapped themselves around Shego; bringing them closer together. Shego's lips parted slightly, allowing the younger female access. Kim, not missing a beat, seized the opportunity and thrust her tongue into the older woman's mouth. The flexible pink flesh writhed around; exploring every inch it could reach. Kim felt a jolt run through her when she came in contact with Shego's own velvety tongue.

As the two played tongue hockey, the pale woman led Kim away from the fridge and picked her up bridal style; their mouths never losing contact. Slowly, Shego made her way to the couch; relying entirely on memory. There, she tenderly laid the teenage girl on the couch, careful not to accidentally drop her on the floor.


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