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Orphen: why do you keep saying that?

Steph2: Orphen look money *Holds up cash*

Orphen: I no longer have any objections *grabs money to count*

Steph2: Anyways sorry I took so long to write this chapter but here's chapter 3

Chapter 3 The usual and unusual Trouble

Orphen was walking with Cleo and Majic trying to ignore Cleo talk about some hot spring which happened to be near a town that had a dress she wanted to buy.

"Another dress?" Orphen asked, "don't you have fifty dresses in that closet of yours already?"

"Well of course I…" Cleo started and got annoyed, "How do you know that?"

"Let's just say Volcan has a big mouth," Orphen said.

"Volcan…that little…" Cleo said as Leki barked in her arms, "Leki if we find Volcan again you know what to do."

"If we find him?" Orphen asked, "he'll be back he's like a cockroach that can't die."

"That's true," Cleo said, "so are you having those dreams anymore?"

"Nope not for a couple days," Orphen replied.

"You think Hartia told the elders master?" Majic asked.

"Probably," Orphen said.

"So now that your over this dream," Cleo said, "you really hated seeming me as a statue?"

"Yes but if you keep talking I'll turn you to stone myself you'd stop talking," Orphen said.

Cleo got annoyed and kicked Orphen in his leg.

"Hey that hurt you brat," Orphen growled.

"It was supposed to," Cleo answered growled.

Majic sighed and heard a laugh in the distance.

"Um master…" Majic started.

Cleo and Orphen were in the midst of an argument. Orphen stopped and listened as well.

"Hey don't ignore m…" Cleo started.

"Cleo quiet," Orphen said and Cleo took the hint.

"What is it?" Cleo asked.

Orphen felt a presence close to the one in his dream and looked at Majic.

"Majic protect Cleo," Orphen said.

"Master what is it?" Majic asked.

"Majic do it," Orphen said.

"Right," Majic said, "c'mon Cleo."

Cleo ran off with Majic and Orphen saw a stone like golem walking his way.

He noted he saw Volcan on it and wasn't really surprised but that golem was also showing the same aura as the one in his dream.

"Ha now who's scared Orphen?" Volcan asked, "I the great Volcan have a new ally are you surprised?"

"Not really," Orphen said, "You always seem to be bad luck for me."

"Orphen when you blasted Volc…" Dortin said.

"Dortin shut up idiot," Volcan answered, "we can finally get our revenge on Orphen."

"You mean your revenge!" Dortin said, "I don't want anything to do with it."

"You two done?" Orphen asked?

"Who asked you stupid sorcerer?" Volcan asked, "my giant defeat Orphen."

Orphen noticed the two jump down or rather Dortin was dragged down.

The giant walked up and swung at Orphen who jumped back.

'How can this thing have the same aura as the one in my dreams?' Orphen thought, 'Unless Volcan found the remains of that tower what an annoying troll..'

Orphen didn't expect another attack from the giant and hit a tree.

"Ha this is great," Volcan said, "hit him again my giant."

"Sometimes I worry about you," Dortin said.

"Shut up Dortin," Volcan replied.

"Dortin what is that thing?" Majic asked as Cleo followed him.

"When Orphen blasted us earlier we landed in some cave," Dortin said, "it had old writing in it."

"So let me guess he just opened something he wasn't supposed to?" Cleo asked.

"Yep," Dortin said, "and when he did this voice said they'd help him for breaking the seal."

"What an annoying troll," Cleo said.

Orphen got up and rubbed his head.

"You pack a punch I'll give you that," Orphen said, "but not good enough."

He cast a spell and destroyed the Golem though it had a strong barrier.

The golem giant's symbols glowed and Orphen saw Hartia appear.

"Your late," Orphen said. "Sorry Krylancelo," he said, "I mean Orphen…"

Hartia looked at the runes and closed his eyes.

"Well looks like this is from that tower…" Hartia said, "I'll take this to the tower for study."

He headed out and Orphen sighed.

"Okay Volca…." Orphen said and saw Volcan had skipped town, "stupid troll he's good at running away."

"Dortin is gone too," Majic said, "but he did tell me what happened."

"Tell me Majic," Orphen said, "we have to find that annoying troll."

"So no hot springs…" Cleo said sighing, "Oh well I get to vent my anger on Volcan."

Chapter 3 end

Again sorry it took so long to update I have major writers block

Orphen: hey this is chocolate money…

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