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Without You
Chapter 1

She was so handsome, standing there in her perfectly fitted tuxedo. Her hands were clasped in front of her, yet I could tell she was shaking like a leaf. Just as I was. I never let me eyes leave her beautiful green ones. I never wanted to look away from those eyes that drew me in since the first day I met her and Rune.

I stepped up to my spot beside my wife to be and looked at the gentleman before us as he began the ceremony, my mind blocked out most of his words. It was as if my whole world was spinning. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. Ever since I was a little child, I had never imagined that I would be getting married, let alone married to someone so quickly becoming a star in racing. Haruka Tenou, a name that was slowly becoming known around the world, not only for her numerous racing wins, but also for her age and gender. Never before had a woman been as renowned as she has become.

It was as if my mind worked on its own as I repeated each of the vows that were read to me. Again my eyes never left my loves'. I never wanted to leave her side. I may have only known her for two years, but these past two years have been the best of my life. Of course we've had our ups and our downs, but what couple doesn't.

I took a deep breath as I picked up the platinum wedding band to place onto Haruka's finger. My hand was shaking more then I had originally thought as I found myself struggling with the simple task. We both shared a nervous chuckle, especially after Haruka had much of the same troubles with the ring on my finger.

We are so alike, you and I. We will be together forever; there will be nothing to come in our way. Nothing can stop true love.

The race was going perfectly. Once again Haruka was in the lead as I watched from the manager's box.

"You know Michiru; she didn't do this good until after she met you." Shingo looked over at me. He was such a nice man, he happily accepted me into the racing 'family.' I blushed and lifted my binoculars again to watch her race around the final curve. I stood from my seat and started walking down to the gates, I knew by the time I got down there she would be pulling into the winner's circle and I could congratulate her as always.

I smiled at the guards at the gate who happily allowed me to pass through; I walked across the track to great my wife.

"There she is!" I smiled when I heard her call out to me. "You see ladies and gentlemen, this is the woman that's brought me to all of my victories, if she weren't here each and every time I raced, I'd probably kill myself." She chuckled and leaned down to give me a deep and passionate kiss, which I gladly returned. I blushed when she whispered in my ear. "Now turn and wave to all the cameras…Oh come on don't blush I thought you'd be used to this by now."

"I know, I know, I should be huh? But I can't help not getting used to them, maybe you should teach me how." I smiled and shyly turned to the photographers to wave.

"It took me so long to hunt you down! How dare you brainwash my cousin into being a faggot!" My eyes barely had a chance to focus on a tall, black-haired man who quickly aimed and fired his pistol at us…

"No! No! Haruka wake up!"

"Mama! Michiru-mama wake up."

I jumped, my eyes shooting open to see a mound of blonde hair in front of me. It was a dream, right. I rubbed my eyes as I realized it was Rune who had awoken me from my slumber. I shuttered and closed my eyes again, reality began to sink in as I realized I was sitting in a hospital room. On the bed in front of me lay Haruka, a breathing tube down her throat, an IV in her left arm, a heavy bandage on her chest where the bullet had struck. How could that have happened to her?

"Mama, are you alright?" Rune knelt down beside me and I forced myself to smile at him. He had turned into quite a handsome young man. He became just as tall as his mother, his hair was the exact same color, and the only difference was that his eyes were a light shade of grey instead of Haruka's emerald green. He was nearly 14 years old now. Haruka and I had pulled him out of school to home school him, since we traveled for Haruka's races nearly 75 percent of the year.

"I'm alright…" I stood from my chair, ignoring the pain in my lower back from its discomfort. "Has there been any change?" He merely shook his head.

"Mom'll wake up. I know she will." He took a seat in the chair I was resting in and watched me as I picked up Haruka's hand.

"Rune, it's been almost a month, if she doesn't wake up soon, the doctor's will start asking us to pull the breathing tube."

"No!" He snapped at me. "I'm not allowing you of them to do that!"

I sighed and gently climbed onto the bed next to her, the doctor's had shown me the best way to do this to not pull out any of the tubes. I started to whisper into her ear. "They said if his aim was just a little bit higher it would have hit your heart. You wouldn't be alive if it hit your heart baby. Some people tell me you're not alive now, but I know somewhere in there you can hear me. I know you want to come back to me don't you? Rune and I would go crazy without you around to keep us in line. You don't realize how much we both rely on you do you? You said that I'm the reason you never killed yourself. That I'm the reason you're happy now. But I know that's not true, Rune played just as big a role in this as I did. You were aware of what he'd be going through if you weren't here anymore.

"Remember the day of our wedding? I'll never forget it. We both laughed at one another because our hands were shaking so much. Rune laughed with us and told us to hurry up that his legs were starting to hurt. How could we have expected a seven year old to stand still for an hour? We were so proud of him for doing it though. He also wouldn't leave us alone that night either." I wiped a tear from my eye and nuzzled my face against her neck. I always felt relaxed whenever I was around her. That would never change.

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