Somehow that morning felt different, and it wasn't just because it Brian's 14th Birthday, the air felt cold and warm at the same time, it was really unexplainable.

Not to mention that Brian's 2 year old golden retriever Stevie hadn't stopped growling ever since he had woken up.

Brian decided to just ignore the strange behavior and move on with his day. As he walked half asleep into the kitchen he saw a small note glued to the fridge.

"Huh?" he whispered to himself. Moving closer he picked it up and read it out loud "Sorry honey your father and I had to leave early this morning, for a job interview with Casablanca Inc. We'll be back in two days though, be good and take care off your sister. P.S Happy Birthday, signed mom."

"Great, thanks mom and dad, and happy stinking fourteenth birthday to me!"

He sat down grumpily on the couch and started to flip through the channels. "Why are you talking to yourself, again?" Courtney said coming out of her room with hair in one hand and scissors in another.

Brian just stared at her for a second and said "Im not gonna even ask." Looking back at the screen he was starting to relax when all of a sudden loud barks erupted in the backyard.

Startled he jumped to his feet and ran outside. Stevie was standing on top of the plastic table whining and barking, while snapping at the air.

It wasn't just him either a lot of other barks and meows where being heard everywhere. "Stevie, calm down boy!" Brian yelled while struggling to hold onto him.

All of a sudden the ground looked darker as if a huge shadow had blocked out the sun. Looking up he saw what must have been a thousand, no a million birds of different species all flying together at once, and all trying to get away, but from what?

"Something's not right here" he whispered. Running back into the house his eyes caught a glimpse of red warning letters as they passed underneath the screen.

A bit confused he walked toward the television slowly and began reading the message as it passed by a second time.

WARNING: all inhabitants of South Florida must be evacuated at once.

"Huh" he said getting a bit more nervous. Brian flipped through the channels quickly until he reached the news station, when he saw the picture of a huge Tsunami heading his way.