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Edward POV

A protective circle with Bella at the center.

I set Bella on her feet, taking her hand to reassure her. She was trying to look calm, I could see her determination. But once the wolves got close enough for her to hear, her brave face disappeared. She whimpered quietly and buried her head in my chest. I held her tight, silently wishing that everything would be all right, that Bella would be safe.

At last, the werewolves burst into view. Quil and Embry, though I could hear Sam reprimanding them for it, were in the lead, snarling furiously at me. I could feel Bella's tears soaking through my shirt. She was terrified, despite her calm reassurances earlier.

As Sam sped into the little clearing, he glared first at Jacob's friends before he faced us. Carlisle took a deep breath and spoke.

"Sam, we understand your anger. Edward killed one of your brothers, but you must understand. Jacob did something far worse than murder. We left Bella here unprotected, hoping she would be safe. But she began spending excessive amounts of time with Jacob. She was happier, which we had no problem with. But she was also in greater danger than us vampires had put her in."

Sam hesitated for a moment, and then trotted back into the trees. He returned a moment later wearing a pair of scruffy, worn out jeans. He stopped a few yards in front of Carlisle, scowling at each of us.

He fixed his stance before he spoke. "How can you say she was in danger? We were keeping her safe. We kept her from harming herself more than usual. And Jacob ran around her house every night, just to make sure she was okay. If you had never come back, she would have stayed protected!"

Sam was trembling violently by the time he was done. I would have started arguing his points, told him she hadn't been safe at all. But I had heard Bella moaning, and she was clinging to me even tighter than before. I stroked her hair, confused, trying to soother her.

"Bella, sweetheart, what is it?" She just shook her head.

"Bella," Carlisle asked her now, "is it something Sam said?"

She hesitated for a moment before nodding.

"Bella, love, if it will help us we need to know." She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. She glanced at Carlisle and faced Sam.

"He did run around my house. Every night." Her voice wavered and she ran a hand over her eyes. "He came to my room every single night and had his way with. For two whole weeks. He never, EVER protected me! And that's YOUR job, Sam! Yours and the packs'! To protect the humans. All of them. And all were ever worried about was vampires. The ones that did your job for you."

She gave him a burning look of disgust and turned away from him. Sam was speechless. His eyes flashed to Carlisle, to me, to Bella, and back to Carlisle. His expression was a mix of confusion and horror. He couldn't believe Jacob was capable of such a terrible thing.

"Is what she says true?" he asked Carlisle.

"I'm sad to say it is. If you still do not believe her, the marks of Jacob's abuse are evidence. " Carlisle spoke calmly, but in his thoughts I could hear how upset he was. He didn't want Bella to show the bruise. But he also knew it was necessary.

"What marks?" Sam continued.

This time I answered. "The most recent is from yesterday. He came to her house, and when she answered the door and spoke to him he punched her in the stomache. A place that had already been bruised."

Sam just stared at Bella's stomach. She had lifted her shirt while I was talking, understanding what she had to do. Sam's eyes were wide and scared.

"And that's not her only injury," I continued. "It's just that that's the only one I think is appropriate to show you."

Sam finally looked away from Bella's bruise, and I could hear in his mind that he understood what I meant.

"Bella, I'm so sorry. We had no idea."

Not a single member of the pack could look at her.


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