A Note To Team Seven

Team Seven (or is that Team Kakashi?), you should be ashamed. You are young adults and should know better. God forbid, if you knew better you might be dangerous. Read this list VERY carefully.

1. Sakura, please stop squealing whenever you see Sasuke in public. The public do not like to lose their hearing regularly.

2. Naruto, we unfortunately know what your Sexy Jutsu looks like. So stop trying to use the transformation to pass off as a real person to get you into the bathhouses, locker rooms and other buildings PERIOD! You are getting too many men's hopes up.

3. Also, don't use the Sexy Jutsu in the middle of a meeting with other country representatives. You may not have noticed, but Kazekage Gaara almost speared you in the back of the head last week when he passed out.

4. And don't use the Sexy Jutsu as a scape-goat to sign things you aren't allowed to. ESPECIALLY a subscription to the Make-out series by Jiraiya, you dirty boy.

5. Sasuke, you are freaking out the academy kids when you use the Chidori whenever one looks at you sideways. Please stop.

6. The same goes for your Sharingan.

7. Kakashi, the Make-out series are NOT suitable reading material for children even as old as your team.

8. Sakura, we prefer to not have huge holes in our buildings.

9. The same goes for Naruto and Sasuke. We know the three of you are strong already!

10. A mannequin is not the most durable fuck-buddy. EEW!

11. Naruto and Sasuke, enough with the fights in the hospital. We prefer to have our patients alive and not crushed by rumble.

12. Gaara is not the 'freaky sand whore' that slept his way to Kazekage. Stop spreading the rumour.

13. Even if Jiraiya doesn't admit it, yes he is a pervert, possibly worse. Stop telling it to everyone.
ESPECIALLY, the council, the ANBU in their locker rooms (talk about hypocrisy), visitors to the village, representatives from other villages and Tsunade-sama. Yes she agrees, but you don't have to put up with the unthinkable things that that reminder brings.

14. Naruto, stop trying to gouge Shino Abrume's eyes just to prove he has none.

15. Sasuke, stop telling Naruto that the Abrume clan have no eyes.

16. Sasuke, stop telling Naruto the Abrume clan use their bugs for their own and other people's pleasure and pain. He might get ideas.

17. Sakura, yes Lee and Gai should have their outfits and eyebrows burnt by some standards. That DOESN'T mean you follow through.

18. Naruto, kissing random villagers will not make them like you more. We don't care if Lee and Gai say it is best, what are you doing listening to them?

19. Kakashi, we don't want to know what your team gets up to when they're horny on missions. And stop telling Jiraiya, he's been stalking them.

20. Kakashi, using chakra strings to force Naruto and Sasuke to 'kiss and make up' is not a good idea. Sakura deafened the village and I thought you would have learned the first three times. Especially since they burnt down your house.

21. Naruto, I thought Sakura beat you bloody enough times to teach you that public urination is bad.

22. Kakashi, selling locks of Sasuke's hair is not making you popular with the girls in a good way.

23. Sasuke, please don't hospitalise Kakashi for provoking your fan girls.

24. Hospitalising the fan girls is NOT a team bonding exercise and helpful in eradicating the annoyance. Don't do it. That means all of you.

25. Sakura, one day Naruto will wise up to the fact that 'stealing Sasuke's first kiss' will not make him pregnant in the long run. He may hit you for it.

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