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He's not evil.

Why can't they see that? It's natural selection. He's merely helping evolution along. The same evolution that Chandra and Mohinder spoke of so passionately. They were the ones than ultimately fed his drive, his desire, his need. Does that make them the ones to blame? For making him what he is, what they fear? They showed him how to harness a power he never even knew he had, and then they tried to tame it. But it was too little too late. He succumbed to his temptation and he rationalized it. They spoke of evolution happening at a rapid rate. Well that was because of him.

He helped speed it up.

He's not evil. No one calls a lion a murderer when it kills a zebra. Picks off the weaker of the herd. Makes the species stronger. That's what he was doing. Killing the weak, the ones who didn't deserve the power they'd been given. Leaving only the strong.

Leaving only him.

He's not evil. Why else would he have called Mohinder when he thought he was going to destroy half of New York? It didn't make sense. There was no motive there, no natural selection. That was murder. It scared him, to think of himself killing that many people. So he asked for help. For himself, for the people he saw as innocent. But Mohinder wasn't to be trusted. He was weak.

He didn't understand.

He's not evil. He tried. Tried to find help to stop him. He even went back to her. His mother, who had so early on instilled in him the need to be different. He, himself, would have been perfectly happy being a watchmaker's son, being a watchmaker. But he could never be truly happy while still feeling the constant pressure of his mother's discontent. She pushed him, pulled him, molded him into what she saw as better. But in the end, she didn't make him any different. He was the same as he would have been, except now had the constant, burning desire to be special. She had given him expectations that, in reality, were impossible. Expectations that did nothing but taunt him, and torture him. And so it was that his life became her life.

Her need became his.

He's not evil. Everything he does, every breath he takes, every life he takes, is justified in his own mind. He can see the reasoning behind it even if others don't. He understands how things work, even evolution. And he especially understands his own mind. The company can do all the testing they want to figure out what makes him tick. He already knows. Watches and human minds, it's all clockwork. There's always a pattern and there's always a reason.

Even with Sylar.

He's not evil. He saw the opportunity to at last quench his thirst. To finally be satisfied. But the possibility was dangled in front of him and then swiftly taken away. How could he live after that? To have had the chance to be everything he had been taught to want to be, only to find that it was all just a mistake. He couldn't. He couldn't just walk away and return to the hunger. Oh, no. He saw the opportunity, the ticking of the clocks he use to love so much practically edging him on. It clicked in his mind and he understood. He saw the opportunity.

And He took it.