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Tony wraps Kate's necklace around his left hand, gripping the cross itself so tightly he can feel it has cut into his palm.

Tony slowly raises his Sig Sauer to his right temple.

The metal is cool against his skin.

Tony squeezes the trigger.

The bullet tears through Tony's brain, and he is dead before he hits the ground.

Tony's eyes stare blankly up at the sky, reflecting the heavens.

And his blood pools around him on the cold, unforgiving concrete,

Red, like the rose at the foot of Kate's grave.


Gibbs runs up the stairs, 34, 35, 36...

Ziva is at his heels and he can hear her breathing. 43, 44, 45...

Pictures form in his head, nightmares he's had before. 58, 59, 60. Door.

The door to the roof is unlocked, but Gibbs doubts that Tony came this way.

They step out into the wind, Gibbs in front, and Ziva at his side.

Too late, Gibbs thinks. Too late.


Ziva has seen many dead bodies in her time.

Many dead friends.

But that doesn't make it hurt any less.

Ziva approaches the body of her partner.

With her hand on his chest, she feels that he is still warm,

That if she were to press her ear to him, she may still hear the beating of his heart.

But Tony's heart is still, silent. His eyes empty windows.

Tony is gone.


Ducky stands by an autopsy table.

On the table is Anthony M. DiNozzo, age 34.

Cause of death; 9mm gunshot wound to the right temple. Self inflicted.

His body is intact, no Y-incision. No autopsy is necessary.

Ducky is somewhat glad of this.

He didn't think he'd be able to do it all again.

Beside Ducky stands Palmer, his eyes dark.

'107, Doctor?'

Ducky nods, and Palmer helps him;

Together they seal Tony into the cold darkness,

The place where there is no light.


McGee sits at his desk, his phone held in the crook of his chin.

He listens, as a woman with a silvery voice tells him that Anthony DiNozzo Senior is in a meeting.

They have played this game before, when Tony had the plague.

Tony's father didn't care what happened to his son.

McGee hears his own voice, hollow.

'His son is dead.'

The woman with the silvery voice stops talking. McGee can hear her swallow.

'I'll have him make the arrangements.'

McGee hangs up on her,

filled with an emotion he cannot name.


Abby sits at her desk, not having moved since Gibbs came in to tell her.

On her desk is an evidence crate, filled with Tony's personal belongings.

Clothes, badge, watch, wallet.

And something else.

Tucked down in between the bloodied folds of his shirt, is a necklace.

Abby, hesitant at first, then sure of herself, reaches in and rescues it.

It is Kate's.

Abby can picture Tony rescuing it, as she did.

Holding on to a piece of Kate.


Somewhere else,

in a place of everything and nothing,

stands Tony.

By his side is Kate. He has found her here,

Along with many other familiar faces;

His mother, free of the cancer that claimed her,

A childhood friend, whom Tony did not know had been lost.

And even his dog.

Here he can watch over those he left behind.

If he wishes, he can appear to them.

He is sorry, sorry to have hurt them so,

But he knows, as they knew, that this is right.


And in time, they will heal,

They will stop seeing his face wherever they go,

In time, they will join him.

Maybe in the next lifetime, maybe in the one after that.

There is still hope.


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