chapter 2 of 'Kagome the hanyou'

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MikaTheCatHanyou -

Make another chappy soon. And Make Kags give Koga a bloody nose and broken ribs so i can fall off my chair from laughing. Love your story.

K.L.K- yay!!! I don't feel guilt anymore!!! and I am going to make Kouga stupid, rash, and a total bastard. then he'll get the shit beat outta him...on her ningen night! how embarassing!! anyway, also on her ningen night, because her beast would take control and kill him..MUAHAHAHAHAHAhaha...ha...ha....(looks at frightened cast)....ha....KIDDING!!! sheesh! I can't kill off Kouga. however...I might bring the clay pot Bitch of japan in...heh. that'll be fun!

Kouga- phew!!! had me worried there!

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Miroku- stil haven't?!


Kouga- shit!!!(gets swung into river by the inu-hanyou.)


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Inuyasha- why do you make alot of your charecters HANYOUS?

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(Dori- i shall name you Squishy, and you shall be mine, and you shall be my Squishy.)

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'what the....' Kagome thought drowsily as she woke up. she blinked as her vision fuzzed into her perspective, and she blinked once or twice. 'w...why am I in a...TREE?' her eyes widened. and she tried to stand quickly, and fell off the branch and hit the ground with a heavy THUD!.

Inuyasha peered down at her from his tree. "Kagome, you alright?"

she nodded. "Hai. just a fall." she shrugged, and brushed herself off as she got up.

later, as they travelled, a lighted sphere slammed into Kagome from nowhere. she fell down, and clutched where it had gone into her flesh, but soon stilled and got up, and before the others could ask about her eyes that were glowing a bright blue, she was gone in a flash of the same colour.

Later, when they had made camp, she came limping back in.

"Kagome?! where the hell-!" he started, but she glared.

"just...shut up..." she growled out, and then her head snapped to where a whirlwind appeared a second later. Kouga.

"Hey, Kagome. how's it going?" he asked as he held her hands, but stopped grinning when she wrenched her hands free. "don't touch me you filthy wolf." she snarled, and then hopped into a branch where they couldn't see her. Inuyasha looked up, and saw the full moon glowing above the horizon, the sun had dissapeared. his nose twitched, and he hopped up to the tree branch. the others heard this:

"Kagome, come out of the tree."



"I said NO, Inuyasha."



"why are you ashamed?"

"I'm not ashamed, I just want to be alone!"

"well too bad."

"Put me DOWN!"

then the two appeared, a disgruntled ningen Kagome in Inuyasha's arms. Kouga's eyes glinted, and soon he was behind her, trying to glomp her in a hug.

she then accidentally whacked him so hard he flew back into a tree and he just lay there, whimpering. Kagome looked back. "...Oops?" she toned, surprised.

Sango walked to him, and prodded him. "He has some broken ribs." she touched his face and then pulled a face as she yanked her hand away. "and a bloody nose." she wiped the blood on his furs.

Kagome sweatdropped. "uh... oopsie."

K.L.K- (sweatdrop) haha. well, I have to go write more fanfics, mostly updating. it's around three-thirty in the morning, and I've only had one day of school this week because of the horrible winter-weather.