"I swear I didn't put those on the table." The boy pouted at his mother despite his absolute excitement at the two huge black rat snakes curled up in the floral center piece on the dinning room table.


"Mom I swear." Steven hadn't. For once he was innocent and that was a rare thing indeed.

"Then tell me how else snakes got on our table."

He shrugged not having an answer but he didn't put it there. He was sure he didn't put it there.

"Do you want grounded?"

"But mom I didn't!" Steven felt like he was going to cry when his father walked in.

"What are you two yelling about in here?" Robert looked at the boy expecting something terrible.

"Dad I didn't do it." Steven figured he'd derail this before anything happened.

"Your son…." Ella started only to be cut off by Robert.

"Oh there you are." Robert reached out and picked the snakes up.

"See mom! See! I didn't. I told you!" Steven was off the hook.

"You brought those in here?" Ella gave her husband a disappointed look.

"I was going to show them to the boy. They must have got loose." Robert shrugged. "It's a good thing you found Them before Cloe did.

Ella rolled her eyes looking between her husband and son. "If the two of you were any more alike you'd be clones."

"I love you baby." Robert commented with a kiss on Ella's cheek to apologize.

"Just get them out of the house." Ella sighed.

"But I was going to show it to Steven."

"He's seen it enough and so have I." Ella scolded. "Now! Outside."

Robert relented to his wife and headed for the back door. Steven smiled at his mom but quickly looked after his father receding down the hall.

"Go on. Go out with him." Ella barely had the words out before her son ran off. She did laugh once they were both gone. They were so much alike and even if it was annoying at times she was glad for it. After all of the worry when he was a boy about Robert coming home it was nice to see them so close now.