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Danny Fenton smiled sadly as he snick out the back door of his house, a pack over his shoulder. It hurt him to leave his friends and family without saying goodbye but it wouldn't be permanent. Or at least he hoped not. At least he had a good reason for going.

He was now eighteen and recently graduated, barely. His look had changed quite a bit over the years. Sure he still had his same messy black hair but that was all that stayed the same. His black boots were old and worn, something somebody had given to Danny Phantom but he decided to add to his look.

His dark brown pants were a nice fit but were frayed as though used on travel, that was from ghost fights where he was forced to fight as Danny Fenton which seemed to be happening a lot lately. You see, nobody knew his secret other than Sam, Tucker, and Jazz.

Then he had on a light tan sleeveless top that showed off the slight upper muscle he had. Sure he wasn't as buff as Dash and he still had a small body frame, but the muscles really showed him as a threat. Not to mention the shirt gave him a more outlandish appearance due to the fact the sleeves had been ripped off in a ghost fight a couple of months ago.

After that he got so many compliments he did the same to all his shirts. And finally was the black fingerless gloves with the black wrappings that ended at his elbow. According to Paulina it made him look, as she put it, 'ultra hot and almost hot enough to beat Phantom!'

Danny shivered in disgust at the thought of Paulina, after all these years she had become the shallowest person in existence! He even thought Sam's statement of stand in a puddle of you and not get my feet wet wasn't shallow enough to describe her!

However Danny pushed these thoughts from his mind as he jumped the fence in his backyard He would miss his friends dearly but it wasn't as though he was leaving Amity! He just decided that the stress was to much, unfortunately Danny Phantom was needed so he was sure no one would mind if Danny Fenton vanished for a bit.

Honestly he didn't want to disappear, but on the plus side he figured out a way to explain his absence. He left a ransom note about him being kidnapped by the Wisconsin ghost, and boy he was looking forward to the affects!

Although he hadn't seen Vlad in a while, something about that made him worry. Danny sighed as he walked towards the school, since it was the start of so many adventures he had decided that it was there he would start his new adventure.

For most of the ways he walked in silence until he heard sirens from somewhere up ahead. Curiosity gripped him, they were coming from the same direction he was going. Something told him to hide but you know what they say, curiosity killed the ghost!

Or at least that's how his dad always taught him, something told him it didn't really go like that but who cares. It was then Danny caught sight of where the sirens where converging. He froze in fear at the sight ahead of him.

His once proud high school was completely up in flames. Even as he ran to it something seemed off, the building was brick…how did it light on fire? Something wasn't right and it scared Danny. However he had to make sure no one was in.

Danny ran up to a fire man "Is any one in there?" he asked. The man looked at him gravely "We got a strange call before hand that there was someone being held hostage, we were about to send police after but it caught on fire" he said grimly.

Danny paled, someone was in the fire "Is there any way to get them out?" he asked. The man shook his head "You would have to be crazy to do that" he said. Danny nodded, that pretty much described him. Without another word he took off past the fireman and into the building.

Behind him he could hear alarmed shouts but he ignored them, it's like Sam said…he had a hero complex! Danny quickly rammed into a window, shattering the glass as he rolled inside. But to his complete and utter shock he froze and looked around.

Inside the walls were completely bare, and no fire. In fact, Danny walked out into the hall and saw that there wasn't any fire any where, not even heat! In fact it was more of cold, a colder than associated with ghosts. A bad feeling gripped Danny but he continued on, if there was a hostage he was determined to help them.

With cautious movements he walked down the hall, carefully peeping into doors "Help!" a distant voice cried out. Danny swiftly broke into a run, heading in that direction. He felt fear grip him, something wasn't right.

Common sense told him to run but his conscience told him not to leave who ever was in here to their death. Danny skidded around the corner and saw a strange sight. Up ahead was three figures. Two were tall and had long cloaks that covered their faces.

Danny froze, fear gripping at his heart as they tossed the third figure to the side. Danny recognized with a jolt that it was Paulina. Danny shivered "Let her go" he said, his voice stronger and more confident than he actually felt.

He heard an evil and insane cackle "And then who will we have, we mussst have a prisssoner" they said greedily. Danny's mind wouldn't work, something seemed wrong but fear wouldn't allow him to grasp it "Danny please…" Paulina whispered.

Danny shivered in fear "Take me in her place, let her go" he said confidently. But once more he honestly had not a drop of confidence. He heard that creepy laughter once more "Go foolisssh girl" one hissed. Paulina took off without another word.

Danny felt his sense of fear grow as the…things walked towards him. Desperately he tried to summon his ghost half but something in his mind wouldn't work "W-what do you w-want?" Danny asked, the confidence in his voice faltering.

The things laughed darkly "Our massssster will be very pleasssed with you. He hasss wanted your capture for a long time" the smaller of the two hissed. Danny shivered once more as one of the things lifted a hand and reached for Danny's neck.

Danny instantly felt darkness cover the edges of his eyes before he succumbed to the black and calming peace of unconsciousness…