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The next morning dawned bright and early. but none more so for Danny and Valerie. They knew that if they were to put forth Danny's plan he had developed last night, even if Valerie absolutely hated the idea with a passion. They were going to go rescue Vlad. Why he wanted to rescue Vlad she would never understand. She knew who he was. She knew how evil he was and she hated having to do this but at the same time...Danny was right. She was a hero. could be a hero to those who looked up to the Red Huntress but that meant getting over her own grudges. Just like she had recently done with her grudge with Danny.

She sighed, glancing over at Sundavr who watched her calmly. "Am I doing the right thing? Going with Danny to rescue him?" she asked.

Sundavr lowered his head to the floor, his eyes thoughtful 'You can never know what is good and what is wrong. But Phantom is a good person and an even better ghost. Follow him and you can do no wrong.' he promised.

Valerie chuckled bitterly as she sat down heavily on the bed "Where were you a year ago?" she asked sarcastically.

Sundavr blew out a small puff of smoke 'Learning the same lesson.' he answered easily.

Valerie couldn't help but chuckle at that. It was true. He had already told her about how he ruled his kingdom with an almost cruel hand until Danny came in and showed him the light, reviving the time in his kingdom Danny had previously kept suppressed. She then straightened up as someone knocked. Knowing it was Danny she opened the door, letting him enter.

He had his bag slung around his shoulder and was frowning slightly "I explained to Oromis a little what we're doing. Not all but enough so that they don't question our disappearance." he told her.

Valerie nodded, grabbing her own pack "In that case lets get this over with." she muttered.

Danny nodded, taking a deep breath "Yeah. Lets get this over with." he agreed.

He then placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, smiling softly "And thank you Valerie. I know how hard this must be for you but Vlad needs help and we are the only ones who can help him. So I appreciate you giving him the chance to live. Though if it's any consolation, I haven't forgiven him either." he told her.

Valerie sighed at that, feeling as though a burden had been lifted on her. She found herself unable to believe that she had once hunted him. He was such a good kid to even his enemies. She wasn't sure if she could live up to his standards. "Alright then. Let's go." she said.

Danny nodded, smiling at her with that far to cute smile of his "Yeah. We got a long journey ahead of us." he said.


The trip did prove to be fairly long. But at the very least it was quiet and peaceful. Evarinya and Sundavr flew steadily with no problems. It was quite and peaceful. Almost to quiet in fact. They had absolutely no trouble avoiding towns and ran into no obstacles the entire way. It was actually the easiest trip either had done in a long time. Hence why, when they got within a days reach of Urubean Danny called for a stop.

They landed and Danny frowned, looking towards where Urubean lay "I think we should continue the rest of the way on foot. Evarinya and Sundavr should stay here and hide. But at any sign of trouble take off. I don't care if we get killed of captured. Because we are not of this world our bond is not as strong as that of a normal rider and dragons because lets face it, as soon as we get back to Amity they are going to fade anyways. So do not wait for us." Danny said seriously.

Valerie nodded, looking gravely at Sundavr "Be careful. Who knows what Galbatorix would do if he were to find you." she said.

Sundavr snorted 'It wouldn't matter. We would never serve him. Bacause of our situation we are here to assist you. If the time comes that you are captured or killed, or if we are caught in a sticky situation we have the ability to recall our ghostly abilities. Granted we can only do it in limited amounts due to our unique positions at being granted this temporary life but we can do it.' he told them.

Danny nodded, both him and Valerie feeling relieved "So when do we do this?" Valerie asked.

Danny looked once more in the direction of Urubean "We'll camp out for tonight. And tomorrow I'll fly us there. That's when we'll make our move."