Summary: Different summary. same story. Draco wants Harry. But can't have him. One day, something happens to change this and Draco decides to make Harry his.

Pairing: Draco/ Harry, Temporary Harry/ Ginny,Hermione/Ron.

Rating: for now pg, maybe pg-13.

Disclaimer: I do not have any legal rights to Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, or any other characters in this story. But wouldn't it be cool if I did?

An: I will post Harry's perspective, then Draco's. So far I have about two chapters done. I will be posting Harry's version about every week, then Draco's few day's later, as long as I keep up. As always I'm dreadfully sorry for the mistakes.

Sometimes Things Do Change

Chapter one: Stupid Snape (Harry's version)

Harry was running down the corridor trying to do up his tie and keep his bag from slipping off his shoulder, while simultaneously trying not to think about long he was going to have detention for going to Snape's class almost thirty minutes late. Harry skidded as he raced around another corner, finally arriving in the Dungeons.

'Great, only a few more minutes of running till I'm there', he thought sarcastically. Harry was in a fowl mood and was beginning to curse anything he could think of.

' Stupid castle, with it's long halls and trick stairs. What's the point of moving stairs, anyway. And Stupid Snape. With his stupid nose, and potions, and long pointless essays..' Harry halted at the last thought, suddenly remembering he had forgotten to finish his essay on the healing potion. He rolled his eyes and dropped his head in frustration. Why did type of stuff always happen?

As he was standing in the corridor trying to catch his breath, Harry fleetingly wished he knew how to time travel. If he did, he defiantly would go back and slap his past self in the head when he made the decision to abandon his essay and play chess with Ron.

" Perfect" he said with a heavy sigh. He was shifting his weight from side to side as he debated his choices.

On one hand, he could go on to class without his essay only partly finished and get detention for that on top of being late. On the other, he could finish the essay now, as quickly as he could and be a little more late to class. On the third hand, he could forget about Snape and his dumb essay and go back to his dormitory to sleep some more.

While the last option sounded the most appealing, Harry chose the second. He figured he was already in trouble for being late and he really didn't want to add not having his essay completed to the list. No reason to piss Snape off more.

Harry reached into his bag, pulled out a parchment, along with a quill, then walked over to the wall. He placed his parchment onto the stone wall and held it there with his left hand, as he gripped the quill with his right.

As Harry read the last line of his essay trying to pick-up where he left off, he felt someone move behind him. Harry stayed still as he frowned, un-sure of what was happening.

All of the sudden there were a pair of hands on his hips. Harry tensed up, caught off guard. He didn't even have time to reach for his wand, before his assailant inched their upper body closer and gently blew on Harry's neck, causing him to shiver involuntarily.

Harry tried to think who it could be. Who would touch him so intimately like this? He racked his brain searching for an answer and then almost laughed when he found it.

Instead of laughing though, Harry let out a sigh of relief. He knew who it was. Ginny. Harry smiled and relaxed a little more at this thought.

He stayed still, as he was waited, wondering what his girlfriend had planned. All they've done so far was make-out a few times and never in such public places.

How did she even find him? And why wasn't she in class? Harry wanted to voice his questions, but when he thought about it more, he quickly shut his mouth.

He didn't want to ruin this. It was already a lot more interesting then when they kissed. Maybe he should just calm down and let her take control.

Harry couldn't help the thrill that ran through him. The excitement caused by the fact that someone could walk by and catch them at any moment was only enhanced at the thought of letting someone else be in control.

Harry waited anxiously for the next move.

He didn't have to wait long, as the hands on his waist migrated slowly up his side, feeling the bumps of his ribs, then went to his shoulders and back down again, sending another shiver through Harry.

When the hands came back to his hips Harry felt the fingers dig into him as a pair of wet, warm lips lean closer to his neck. They hovered for a moment and Harry felt a shock go through him as the soft breath hit his neck.

He closed his eyes and let out a soft sigh. The lips made full contact and started kissing. They lifted only to blow on his hot skin once more. It was light and soft, tickling Harry as it moved hair across his neck.

Harry thought he was going to go mad from the sensations. The lips continued driving him crazy, by placing soft butterfly kisses on his neck.

When Harry felt the hands on his hips begin to shake, he had enough thought left to wonder what was the matter. He was about to ask what was wrong. But before he found his voice the delicate kisses disappear.

Without warning Harry felt teeth bite down on his shoulder. Harry, not ready for it, dropped his parchment and quill. As the quill clattered to the floor, Harry thought how surprising it was he had been holding them the entire time.

Then the lips began sucking on his neck, before a tongue swept across his skin and Harry had a hard time thinking about anything. All he was aware of was the strangle tingle in his stomach that shot down to his groin every time he felt the tongue on his neck.

Harry's knees went weak and he had a sudden urge to touch the person behind him. He tried to turn around but the hands on his hips gripped harder and Harry suddenly found his face pressed against the cold wall. A disturbing thought came to Harry and he felt panic rise up in him.

Ginny wasn't that strong. In fact, now that Harry thought about it this person seemed taller then Ginny, too. And much more brave then her. The only time's they had made- out Harry was always the one to initiate it.

She had acted almost as if she didn't want to be there, or as if it was some chore to kiss him. And she never went to him first. Not like this. Which was part of the reason Harry was so easily lured. Maybe if she was more attentive...

' Now's not exactly the time to be analyzing your relationships' a voice in his head reprimanded him.

But Harry didn't need reminding, because at that moment the person behind him went back to his neck. Who ever it was sure knew what they were doing, because Harry nearly forgot about his previous concerns and melted completely. Almost

However, now that Harry knew it wasn't Ginny, or at least had his suspicions, he wasn't sure what to make of the situation. Something inside him was telling him to just shut-up and let it happen.

But another something wasn't letting him relax. Or maybe it was Ginny and he was panicking for no reason. Who else could it be? He decided there was only one way he would know for sure.

" Ginny?" he called out, surprise at how hard it was to get out just one word.

The lips on his neck froze, then pulled away completely, followed by the hands on his hips. Harry pushed down the cold feeling that took their place as he waited.

He could feel the person still standing behind him, but he couldn't bring himself to turn around and face them. Based on their actions when he called Ginny's name it probably wasn't her. Which left Harry with the cold knowledge that he had no idea who it was.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe some one mistook him for their boyfriend and just now realized it. Maybe they were embarrassed about it.

'Then why are they standing there still? And not saying anything?.' Harry's voice questioned.

As Harry thought of an answer, the person behind him moved and Harry tensed up with out thinking. But the person only moved away. Harry made sure he could no longer hear the foot steps before he finally turned around.

He shakily let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and stepped away from the wall, kicking his bag in the process. Harry looked down and with a sigh picked up his potions essay and quill. There was no way he could going to finish his essay now.

He had a million different questions on his mind. Among the top where: Of course who was the person?, Also was, why did Harry get the feeling it wasn't a girl? But most important was why didn't it bother Harry as much as he thought it should?

An: Sorry for the shortness. I was going to wait to post the next part, but I want to see if you like the idea of different versions. So, next up we see what Draco was thinking. Yes, it was Draco. sorry if I spoiled it but you do know you're reading a Harry/Draco story, Right? Who else was it going to be.