Sometimes Things Do Change

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Chapter seven: Now What's Stopping You? ( Harry and Draco's version)

Harry held his breath as Ginny took her time. He couldn't help but feel trapped, like a caged animal. He was going to start clawing his way out if she didn't hurry up and spit it out already. The suspense was making it ten times worse.

" I mean it was... Passionate." She got a far of look in her eyes, before she shook herself and brought her gaze back to Harry.

"I think it was the best kiss we ever had, but...You weren't thinking of me. Were you?" She didn't wait for an answer.

" Never mind. I don't need to know who it is." She held her hand up to stop him from speaking. Not that he was going to answer her anyway.

He just sagged in relief. It wasn't as bad as he expected. She didn't know anything. She just thought he liked some one else.

"But other then that one kiss, we don't have much between us, do we?" Harry opened his mouth, ready to speak this time. But she was on a roll.

" I've tried. I did all the things I was supposed to, Harry. But, I can't pretend any more. It's just not working. And if your not even thinking about me any more... I think we should see other people." When she finished, she watched him carefully, sure she just broke his heart and he was going to break down.

Truth be told, Harry wasn't sure how he felt. They didn't have the best relationship, true. And Harry had been thinking of some one else lately. But he wasn't sure he wanted to end it with Ginny. He still cared for her.

But in the end he couldn't deny that she was right. There was nothing between them. And if there ever was, it burnt out a long while ago. They shouldn't keep going on like this. Harry had no choice but to agree with her.

" Umm," He fumbled for his words. But how was he supposed to tell her? He didn't want to just say ' okay'. She might take it the wrong way. Girls were tricky.

Luckily, she decided his lack of response meant he wasn't handling it well. The next thing Harry knew Ginny had wrapped her arms around him.

He awkwardly returned the embrace, only because he didn't know what else to do. She patted his back a few times and eventually let go and stood up.

" I think its for the best." She began to leave, but turned when she reached the doorway.

" And Harry, who ever you were thinking about, she's a lucky girl." With that she turned and left.

Harry sat on his bed. Stunned. There were some many thoughts all jumbled up in his brain. Each was pushing its way to the front, demanding attention.

Harry was curious at how she could sound so condensing and understanding at the same time. Ginny dumping him was not what he had been expecting at all. He was relieved she didn't know about Malfoy, but still, he just got dumped.

Harry cared about Ginny and he was sad to think they were over. But she deserved someone who could give her everything she needed.

And so did he. Harry knew they didn't work together as a couple. They'd be better off as friends.

He wanted some one he got excited to see, some one that treated him as special. Some one he had more in common with. Some one who made him feel, period.

Some one like Malfoy? The question was in his head before he could stop it.

Harry frowned, his stomach twisting uncomfortably. Suddenly his date with Malfoy seemed much more of a big deal. What was the blonde expecting? And what would he expect, once he finds out that Harry and Ginny were no longer together.

That had been Harry's main go to when Malfoy asked him anything serious. It had been what he told himself as well. But now that he didn't have Ginny, what was stopping him? Harry wasn't sure, but he knew he had better think of something before tomorrow.


Draco was pacing his room, trying to listen to Pansy's explanation of why he should slow down with Harry. Even though he himself came to the same conclusion earlier, he still didn't like any one telling him what to do. Besides, he already knew all this and listening to it again was dreary.

"... slow. You want him to trust you, to..." Pansy looked to Draco, who was defiantly not paying attention. She stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

" To trust you, before you tell him you want to impregnate him with your alien spawn and take him back to your home planet." Pansy waited for Draco's reaction to her teasing.

" Very funny, Pansy." Draco said sarcastically. " But I wouldn't tell him before I impregnate him." Draco joked back, his good mood shining through.

Pansy smirked at him, then went back to being serious.

" Seriously, Draco. This is important. From what you've already told me, you work together.. physically. But there is more to a relationship then that. And if you're going to make this work, for real, then your going to have to try. You have to go slow. Build up the trust... But at the same time let him know you still want him." Pansy picked up a blue sweatshirt and handed it to him.

" Here, try this one. It's cold outside." She said.

Draco took the sweater and pulled it over his head, careful not to mess up his hair. He knew Pansy was right, and that's what made him nervous. What if they didn't have anything besides passion between them?

Draco tried to reassure himself they did. That the night in the room proved it. He had confided in Harry and felt they made a connection. But he didn't know if it was a two way connection.

He felt it, but the question was, did Harry? Every time he tried to get an answer from the other boy he always had same excuse and nearly always shot him down.

Draco didn't know how he felt. He sighed as he looked in the mirror. Pansy stood and walked over to him.

" What's wrong? You don't like it?" She looked him up and down. He looked great.

" No, the sweater's perfect." He said moving away, but she knew him better then that. She grabbed his arm and turned him so she could see his face.

" What's wrong? You have your worried face on." She sighed and put a hand on his shoulder.

" You have nothing to worry about, Draco. Your a rich, smart, gorgeous man. And people fall over themselves to be with you." She reassured him.

" But Harry doesn't care about those things. He wants some one kind, and brave, some do-gooder, like his perfect Gryffindor girlfriend." Draco tried not to let the bitterness show in his voice.

" You have all those qualities too. And I'm sure even Potter can't ignore your looks. Your trying Draco. He'll see that." She flashed him a smile.

Draco allowed himself to take comfort in her words. She was right. He was all those things, and no body's perfect, anyway. He was trying and Harry had to see that.

He agreed to the date didn't he? Draco smiled back at Pansy, looking forward to his date once again. He was glad she was there.


Harry spotted Malfoy easily enough. His hair was like a beacon. Not that there was a crowd of students in his way or anything. In fact, the pitch was completely void of human life, save Harry and Malfoy.

Harry made his way to the blonde, stopping when he reached him. He stood their awkwardly before Malfoy spoke.

" Thank-you, again, for letting me use your jacket." Harry started at the mention of the jacket.

" Yeah. Sure." Harry said awkwardly, trying not to make a big deal of it. His nerves were eating away at him, but he tried to find something else to say.

" It's not like I had a choice in the matter, really. When Hermione wants something she usually gets it." Harry joked, lighting the mood.

Malfoy was grateful Harry brought up something they had in common. He thought it would be a good idea if he praised Harry's friends.

" Yeah, she's pretty tough." He paused before continuing.

" And smart, too. She really has a knack for charms, she just has to..." Malfoy trailed off when he realized Harry stiffened beside him.

Harry didn't care though. He wanted Malfoy to stop talking. He didn't want to hear how much Draco liked Hermione. He decided to change the subject.

" So, what are we gonna do?" Harry asked nervous again.

Malfoy noticed his change in attitude, but didn't comment on it. Instead he answered the question.

" Well, I thought we could play quidditch. Unless you had something else in mind." Malfoy said, giving Harry a look that made him blush. He shook his head, wondering if it was going to be like this the whole time.

They walked across the pitch and went over to the shack that held the extra brooms.

Malfoy opened the door and walked in. He took a calming breath before walking back out with two brooms. He handed one to Harry.

The feel of the broom in his hand gave Harry a rush of confidence and settled his nerves. He loved flying.

He followed Malfoy, making sure to stay a good few feet behind him, which Malfoy noticed and found interesting. When he turned around Harry looked at him, waiting for him to speak. He pulled out a snitch and smiled at Harry.

" Ready to lose, Potter?" Malfoy's smile became a smirked and some normalcy was restored to the awkward situation. Harry smirked back.

" In your Dreams, Malfoy."

The snitch flew up and out of their sight, signaling the beginning of their game. Harry quickly sped off after Malfoy, who was already ten feet above the ground.

They played three games, Harry won all, before they set their feet on the ground.

To be fair though, Malfoy had some trouble concentrating with Harry flying around him looking so irresistible. His lean form begged to be admired, as his shirt was blown skin tight across his chest by the wind, while he whipped around the sky. It was defiantly worth losing to watch Harry fly.

The sun was just disappearing behind the mountains as they walked back to the shed, signaling that dinner would be starting soon and their date would be over. Harry was still holding the snitch in his hand. He didn't get a chance to return it as Malfoy began talking.

" That was fantastic. Where did you learn to do that fake-out?" Malfoy asked coming back out of the shed. It was really amazing watching Harry in the air, and not just because it made him look seven times sexier. The boy knew how to fly.

Harry was still a little high from flying and he smiled widely at Malfoy.

" Hermione gave me a book last Christmas. It has loads of moves in it." He said, for once at ease around the other boy.

" I'll have to ask her where she got it." Malfoy moved to stand next to Harry and they started walking towards the castle.

" You could just look at mine." he said. For some reason he felt a little shy at making the offer.

" That's alright I'd rather have my own copy. And I'm sure Hermione wouldn't mind letting me know where I could find one . It's hard to find a decent one these days."

Malfoy nearly bit his tongue off when he realized what he just said.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, He berated himself. Harry just offered him something and he denied it with out even thinking. He felt like he just let a golden opportunity slip through his fingers.

He wanted to go back and rectify the situation, but didn't want to it to look like he made a mistake. So he kept on talking as if nothing happened, hoping he'd get another chance.

" Most of them just repeat the same garbage over and over. Their for amateurs, anyway. Nothing useful, you know?"

Harry didn't know and it was making him more self-conscience by the second. Malfoy's knowledge on the subject and his own lack of it, was just another thing that showed how much they didn't have in common.

Harry had always found those quidditch books helpful. Sure, they repeated a lot of the information, but it was more then Harry had known before he read it.

Plus, Malfoy's comments about Hermione where really getting under his skin. Why did he keep bringing her up?

Malfoy continued talking, taking Harry's lack of response as a sign he was listening. He was happy they could share something. He began talking about his new broom and how it compared to his old one.

But Harry found him self getting increasingly annoyed. He couldn't get his mind off the Hermione thing.

He wasn't entirely sure how it happened or why. He only knew Malfoy said something, he wasn't even sure what it was, but it pissed him off.

"Well, why don't you just go and tell Hermione about it, then. Since you and she have so much in common. I think it's only fair that I warn you though. She does have a boyfriend."

Malfoy stopped talking mid sentence and turned to stare at the boy, who might be losing his mind.

Where did that come from? Malfoy wondered.

He regarded the Gryffindor's appearance. Harry looked angry. His fists where clenched and he was frowning. If he didn't know any better he would say Harry was jealous.

It would explain his behavior earlier. Malfoy beamed at the thought.

Harry's voice had a sharp edge to it and he didn't know why. All he knew was he wanted to yell. Loudly. At Draco. And it made him feel a little less pissed when he did. Why couldn't he get that friendly with Malfoy?

He looked at Draco to find him smiling and the Gryffindor's rage increased. He had to sudden urge to throw something at Draco's head. Anything to wipe that smile off his face.

" What are smiling about." Harry said through gritted teeth. Draco sobered up and moved closer to Harry. He was enjoying every moment of this.

" You're jealous." He said simply, the glee evident in his voice.

Harry's first instinct was to deny. He wasn't jealous. He couldn't be jealous of some one he didn't care about.

But he couldn't deny that he always got irritated when Hermione and Draco shared looks or got a little to close to each other when they talked.

But he wasn't jealous. That would mean that he had feelings for Malfoy. And he didn't.

Of course, Harry had been considering it when he thought he was just the phantom, but once he discovered Malfoy's identity he knew nothing could work between them.

Because Malfoy was a bastard. He was a spoiled little brat, who loved to torment Harry and his friends.

Except... that he wasn't. He said he changed and he more then proved it this past month. But did that mean he could like Malfoy?

Malfoy saw the emotions that flickered across the Gryffindor's face and even though he was enjoying the thought of Harry getting jealous of him and Hermione, just the idea of it was enough to make him laugh. It was ludicrous. Harry had to know how he felt about him by now.

But maybe he still needed convincing. Pansy's words echoed in his head, Let him know you still want him. Malfoy was going to do just that.

"Maybe I haven't made things clear." Malfoy said, startling the other boy out of his thoughts.

He looked straight into Harry's eyes and Harry found himself getting flustered.

" I like you. Only You. I don't want any one else."

Even though it wasn't the first time Harry heard Draco confess something like this, he couldn't help but be embarrassed. It was different when Draco was standing in front of him, looking him in the eyes.

" And I'm going to fight for you, if you let me. I'm going to keep trying as long as I think I have a chance . I'm not going to change my mind."

Harry wouldn't admit it out loud, but he felt relief at Draco's words.

He opened his mouth, started to say something, then closed it. He tried again. But Draco continued.

" I want you to understand. I'm not asking you for anything. And I'm not ashamed. I'd say it in front of the whole school if I thought it would help."

Harry began to freak. He wasn't ready for that. He hated when every one knew his business. And this was really private. Would Malfoy actually do that?

Malfoy saw the panic in his eyes.

" But I won't." He said bending down to look in Harry's eyes. " I won't even tell Weasley and Granger if you don't want me to. I understand your hesitation and you can set them terms. You already know how I feel and, I hope you'll let me know how you feel and when you're ready. In the mean time I'll be waiting. For now it'll just be our secret."

Draco knew Harry had some sort of feels for him, and was certain he only had to wait a bit before the stubborn boy would admit it. Which is the only reason he felt confident saying this.

" Good. Because Ron's barley used to the idea of you hanging around. Anything else right now, and his head might explode." Harry said, giving Malfoy a shy smile.

" Does that mean you...that there's something to tell him?" Draco couldn't help but perk up. Maybe it was going to happen sooner then he thought.

Harry saw the hopeful look in his eyes, and didn't know what to tell him. He looked so venerable. The first thought that came to his mind was Ginny, but then his brain reminded him they were over now.

But Malfoy doesn't know that.

Harry felt like he needed that buffer between them, because he was scared of what might happen if it was gone. If their was nothing holding Malfoy back. Nothing holding himself back. Malfoy's bold actions made him a little nervous.

Malfoy had made his feelings clear and they were very strong. He was so sure about it all, but Harry wasn't. He needed time to think about what everything meant. Harry looked to Malfoy and let the words fall from his lips.

" I..still have Ginny." Harry felt the guilt pressing down on him, but he continued on. " And it's complicated. I have to sort things out. I'm not sure yet."

He tried to be honest. It was the best he could do. Harry held his breath waiting for Malfoy's reaction. He remembered the last time he mentioned his "girlfriend".

And even though he felt bad, he blushed a little at the memory of Malfoy pushing him against the wall. If Malfoy did do something like that now, Harry didn't know if he would stop him or not.

But Malfoy didn't. Although Harry noticed he seemed a little more tense. Instead, he smiled and looked at Harry with such admiration, Harry had to go back in his head to make sure he didn't just propose with out realizing it.

Nope, no proposal. So, why is looking at me like that. Harry didn't find an answer, but he did find himself staring back, getting swept away in the moment.

" Well, alright then." Draco said with a small nod. He backed away, breaking the spell. Harry let out a breath, handed him his snitch back and their date was over.

- --

" Is there a reason you feel the need to stay ten feet away from me at all times." Malfoy said, to what seemed liked Harry out of the blue.

It had been more then a month since their first 'date' and they were currently walking back to the castle after wandering around the grounds.

They had gone out by themselves countless times and Harry was used to hanging out with Malfoy, both alone and with their friends. They were getting along great. Each outing was less awkward then the one before and by now they were completely comfortable with each other. Harry had no problem calling Malfoy his friend.

In fact, Harry had realized some while ago that he wanted to be more then just friends with Malfoy. He just didn't know how to tell him. They actually had a rather good friendship going, maybe things should just stay the way they were.

When he met with Malfoy today, he could tell instantly, something was wrong. However, other boy didn't say or do anything to let Harry know something was bothering him.

Until now.

" I.." Harry fumbled, not liking the look in Malfoy's eyes.

" I'm not going to bite you, Harry." He moved closer to the Gryffindor. They were only a few inches apart and Harry fought to keep his eyes from fluttering closed as the warm body moved next to his.

Malfoy, breaking his vow to stay away from Harry, leaned in further still and whispered.

" Unless you want me to." And as if he needed to demonstrate what that would be like, he took one of Harry's earlobes into his mouth and bit gently.

Harry was surprised by the action. In the time they've spent together Malfoy never tried to touch him. He made a few innuendos and the occasional blunt statement. And Harry had found Malfoy staring at him on more then one occasion. But Malfoy never made a move. He stuck to his promise. He let Harry set the terms.

Again, until now.

Harry's mouth opened in surprise. He gasped softly and then bit his lip.

" Or maybe it's not my actions your worried about." Malfoy sounded calm, seductive even, but Harry could detect something else in his voice. He began to get nervous, and not because Malfoy was currently moving his mouth across his neck.

Harry could tell something big was coming.

"What's the matter Harry? Afraid you can't control yourself around me." That statement had some bitterness in it and Harry was even more certain things were about to get interesting.

" Because it's certainly not because of your goody-two shoe girlfriend." He spit out the word like it tasted bad in his mouth.

And there it was. He found out Ginny and him had broken up. Harry was actually surprised it took him this long. He tensed up, bracing himself for a fight. Harry had been dreading the day Malfoy found out.

True to Harry's worries, Malfoy was upset. He felt like every thing he was working for had meant nothing. That all this time Harry was just being nice to him.

Sure, they had gotten closer, but Harry never did anything that showed he was interested in more. He always treated him the same as he treated Ron or Hermione, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but it wasn't what he wanted.

The idea that they could just be friends came to him, but he knew he wouldn't be able to be around Harry and know he couldn't have him. It was hard enough keeping away when he saw him nearly everyday.

Also, there was the fact that Harry lied to him. And that was really what had been the final straw. When he found that out he was ready to kill something. He wanted to hunt Harry down and demand to know why he lied.

Thankfully, Pansy had talked him out of it. She gave him some speech about.. something. He wasn't sure what exactly, as he was still fuming while she lectured. But sitting there listening to her, had given him time to cool off.

And, as she was talking about the importance of forgiveness, something hit Draco. Something that made his blood run cold and his stomach plumate to his feet.

Harry didn't care.

Draco had just been to wrapped up in his own world to see it. Harry was a good person and he was only treating Draco with respect. It was Draco who wanted more, Draco who read too much into Harry's politeness. Harry wasn't ever going to want him.

Draco's anger had deflated immediately and in it's place came an empty ache that wrenched though his gut and in it's wake, left a constant feeling of despair and failure.

What had been hardest about all of this was that Draco had fallen even more for the boy wonder. Spending time with him was amazing. He was everything Draco imagined and better. But it all had to end.

" You lied to me."

Those four little words did more damage then any fist could. The guilt that welled up inside Harry, tore apart his stomach, constricted his chest and stole his breath. The betrayal in Malfoy's voice left him regretting his decision to lie more then ever.

Malfoy was shaking his head back and forth, as if doing so made his words less true. He didn't want to do this, but saw no other option.

Malfoy suddenly let out a laugh, that was really more of bark, and Harry jumped at the sound.

" Of course you did. You don't care. This is all some game to you... some experiment."

Draco couldn't stop himself, as he spoke his thoughts out loud.

Harry didn't know what to say so he opted for silence.

" I'm never going to be what you want, I'm I?" Malfoy's face had somehow ended up pressed against his and Harry wanted him to move, but Malfoy gave no signs he was going to.

" I can't blame you, really. Your so perfect. So good." Harry didn't stop his eyes from closing this time, as Malfoy's hand came to his hair.

"I thought if I tried hard enough maybe..."

Then he pulled away completely. Harry's skin felt cold in the space where Malfoy's hand and face had been.

Malfoy had to stop. Harry didn't want him and it was time to move on.

" But let's be realistic, you were never even considering me, were you?" Malfoy heaved a heavy sigh. He dropped his head and snorted.

" You were just using me. All this time and you haven't even..." He stopped, clenching his jaw. There was no point in going over everything again.

" I'll leave you alone form now on. You don't have to keep patronizing me." Some of his anger was coming back, but it was laced thick with bitterness and self pity.

Meanwhile, Harry felt awful. Malfoy was right, from his side it seemed like Harry didn't like him.

Malfoy didn't know that in their recent time together Harry began to fall for the Slytherin. Or that Harry was more then willing to start a relationship with him now.

Harry had been waiting for the right time to tell him and now it didn't seem like he had a choice. Malfoy sounded serious. Harry had to come clean, or he would be gone.

" You're right." Malfoy's eyes immediately shot to his face.

" I have been keeping my distance." Harry moved towards Malfoy, enjoying being in control for once.

" I can't control myself around you." Harry leaned in close to Malfoy and brushed his lips across the boy's skin.

" What... Don't... don't joke with me." Malfoy said frowning. He was part confused, part angry and part aroused.

Harry was enjoying the fact that he caught Malfoy off guard, but he didn't want to be mean. It was time to stop teasing him. He looked straight into Malfoy's eyes as he spoke the next part.

" I'm not. I'm serious, Draco. I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner. But... I'm ready. I want you."

Malfoy stayed as still as a statue, and Harry couldn't tell how he was taking it. Maybe he didn't believe him? He sounded pretty upset before. It probably was a bad idea to tease him.

But before Harry could think another thing, his thoughts were cut off by Malfoy's lips. Guess he did believe him.

He grabbed Harry, pressed their mouths together and wrapped his arms around the boy, bringing him close. Harry responded by moving his hands to Malfoy's hair as he kissed back.

It was a long time since Harry had kissed Malfoy, but it was just as passionate as he remembered. Harry let his other hand come up to Malfoy's hip.

They pulled apart to breath.

" Merlin, I've been wanting to do that for a long time now." Harry said, catching his breath. He leaned his head on Malfoy's shoulder and rubbed his face in the crook of his neck.

" Just how long have you known?" Malfoy asked him, before he moved his lips to Harry's throat.

" Uummm, about two weeks." Harry managed to get out. He gasped as Malfoy bit his sensitive skin.

" Two weeks! Oh, we have a lot of time to make up for, Harry."

Harry shivered as Malfoy whispered his name. His hot breath ghosting across his skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Harry used the hand that was behind Draco's head to pull him to him once more.

Draco kissed Harry for a few minutes, before he pulled his head back and looked around.

Harry was shocked when Malfoy grabbed his waist firmly and lifted him up. However, he recovered quickly as he wrapped his legs around the blonde, which earned a grunt from him.

" What are you doing?" He asked confused, as Draco began walking, actaully it was more of a wobble, as he carried the Gryffindor down the corridor.

Instead of answering, Draco, with much difficulty, for Harry was heavier then he looked, reached out and opened a door behind them. He went inside, shut the door with his foot and set Harry on an empty desk.

" This is a classroom" Harry said stating the obvious. "Why are we in an empty class room?"

" Can't wait." Was the only reply before Draco's lips were once more on his.

Harry quickly forgot about their location, as he responded by kissing back desperately. And by tightening his legs around Draco's waste, who broke their kiss to moan against Harry's ear.

Harry shivered and rocked his hips once more, eliciting another moan from the boy.

Harry groaned and roughly grabbed a fist full of Malfoy's hair. But instead of bringing their lips together, Harry pushed his mouth against Draco's neck. He sucked and kissed the beautiful white skin, any where he could. He flicked his tongue out every so often, delighting in the shivers it caused.

Draco's hands came to Harry's waist as he pulled their erections together. A hot jolt of pleasure coursed through them.

Harry bit down hard, as Draco thrust into him again. Draco cried out in surprise, but didn't stop moving. His fingers sunk deep into the skin, as he held Harry tight. He took one hand and moved it to Harry's chest.

They were both panting heavily. And the sound of Harry's breath so close to Draco's ear sent a wave of delight through the blonde. He closed his eyes.

" Are you sure you want this?" Draco asked. At the same time he stopped moving his hips.

He pulled them bach slightly. Not enough to leave his place from between Harry's legs, but enough so their erections were no longer touching.

Harry held back a whimper, at the lose of contact.

He leaned into the blonde, trying to get closer, wanting to feel him again. Draco allowed himself to be maneuvered, but didn't rub against the Gryffindor like he wanted. He was waiting for an answer.

Harry let out a shaky breath and kissed his neck again. He trailed his tongue up the throat, until he found an ear and used his hands to force Malfoy back to him and sharply grind their hips together.

" Yes." Harry hissed out his answer.

That was all Malfoy needed. He moved and smashed his lips against Harry's. His tongue swept the depths of his moist cavern. Harry's hand flew to Draco's hair urging him closer.

Draco moved his hips out of the way, so he could use his hand to cup Harry's erection through his trousers. And after doing so, he dove his hand into them.

Harry barley had time to respond, before Malfoy squeezed him. He jerked forward in surprise, as a choked noise came from his lips and he pulled away from Draco's mouth to throw his head back. Malfoy continued to pump as he watched the memorizing sight before him.

Draco let his thumb grazed the sensitive head of Harry's cock, which caused the boy's other head to drop on his shoulder. Harry was glade he was sitting on a desk, because he wasn't sure his legs would work right now. Draco's touches were turning all his other muscles into jelly.

" Faster" he breathed out. Harry was surprised at the husky tone of his voice. But pleasure quickly pushed all other thoughts from his mind, as Draco obliged to his needy command.

Malfoy moved his hand with a new found urgency. His mind set on one thing only. Hearing Harry make more of those noises. Harry was gasping and groaning, as he thrust earnestly into Draco's hand.

The feeling was becoming to much for Harry. He barley registered Malfoy's lips on his neck, or the way his hand was trembling as it pumped him. He did notice when Draco came suddenly with a deep, mind blowing moan, directly in his ear.

Overwhelmed by it all, and still coaxed by the movement of Draco's hand, Harry gave Draco a hurried kiss before he promptly came.

Draco was the first to move, as soon as their breathing returned to normal. He leaned in and throughly ravaged Harry's mouth. Harry moaned into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around Draco's back. They broke apart, gasping for air, but smiling non the less.

" That was defiantly worth the wait." Draco said, bringing his hand up to brush the hair out of Harry's face.

He sighed and pulled back, straightening his robes. Harry jumped off the desk and took out his wand, which he used to spell himself clean.

" And just think. It was only the beginning." He said giving Draco a sultry look.

Draco, who upon seeing the look and determining that he was the luckiest man alive, closed the distance between them and pulled Harry into another kiss. Draco took advantage of the time they had. He moved his mouth slowly, deliberately, making Harry melt in his arms.

They broke a part and Draco winked at Harry before he opened the door. Harry followed him into the hall and tugged his arm before he got any further. Draco turned to him with a curious look on his face. Harry went to stand in front of him and looked him in the eyes.

" I really am sorry for lying to you." He felt he needed to make it clear. Harry brought a hand up to Draco's face, which was a short distance because they were practically standing on top of each other, since Draco had moved closer too.

" Forget it." he said, enjoying the feel of Harry's hands on him. " Just make sure it doesn't happen again or I may have to..." He leaned in close and whispered something in Harry's ear that made the Gryffindor blush.

Draco swooped down and captured his lips, finding the image of a blushing Harry too much to resist.

" I knew it!" A voice said from behind them.

Harry and Malfoy broke away from their embrace, reluctantly, only to find a smug looking Hermione standing in the hall.

For a moment Harry froze, ready to make an excuse for his actions. Malfoy eyed him wearily, waiting to see what he would do.

But Harry only relaxed and smiled at his friend, as if he wasn't just caught frenching his former enemy in the middle of the corridor. He had to tell people eventually.

" You did? How?" Harry asked confused, but still with a wide smile on his face. He moved closer to Malfoy, who was more then happy to wrap a possessive arm around him.

" Oh please, I do have eyes. It's so obvious." She said smirking.

" What about Ron? Does he know?" Harry was nervous about telling his friend. While his and Malfoy's relationship had improved over the last month he wasn't sure how Ron would take things.

" Don't worry about Ron. I'll handle him." She was staring at the boys admiringly.

" Harry, I'm really happy for you."

" But, unless your ready for the whole school to know, you two better move some where else... a little less public. " Hermione said, still beaming at the pair.

Malfoy nodded and grabbed Harry's hand and started to pull him away, but Harry stopped him.

" No. I don't want to hid." He said with his head held high. " I'm sick of worrying about what other people think. I don't care anymore."

Draco smiled at his defiant Gryffindor.

" That's fine with me, luv. I'm more then happy to let the whole school know your mine. But there are some things I'd like to keep private... " He broke off looking at Hermione, before shifting closer to Harry and dropping his voice.

" ... We still have a lot to make up for and I don't plan on wasting it or sharing it."

Harry suddenly found himself grow warmer, as he thought of what exactly Draco wanted to keep private. He smirked at the blonde and took his hand.

Hermione watched them walk away, glade her two friends were finally happy.

Took them long enough. Hermione thought, before she turned and walked the other direction. She began planning how she was going to break the news of the new couple, to her boyfriend. It defiantly was going to be interesting.

The end.

An: So, that's all. I hope the smut was to your liking, and I hope u enjoyed the story. It's been fun.