Title: Future Moon; "Beyond the Moon, My Future Lies"
Chapter 1: The Happiest Day, The Happiest Hour

Author: Harper Hisoka
Warning: Shonen Ai/Yaoi, dark themes, I don't own the series (Manga, Novel or Anime).

Series: Kyou Kara Maoh
Pairing: Yuuri x Wolfram

Summary: Seven years ago, Wolfram had been kidnapped from the castle. Now being held in isolation, with no signs of rescue party, his mind keeps wandering back to the peaceful days of his time in Shin Makoku with Yuri. After all this time, what has Yuri been up to? Has he remarried, or is he still looking for him?

Seven years ago, I disappeared from Blood Pledge Castle, located in Shin Makoku (New Demon Kingdom). A couple days prior to my disappearance, Yuuri and I had a fight over our marriage. In using a machine that showed us our future, he saw a future without me, yet I saw one in which he was surrounded by women and wanted to court every one of them. I just stood there, watching him, while Yuuri ignored every cent of my existence.

The demon king, Yuuri, my fiancé; he purposed to me (on accident, he says) the very first day we met. I was angry at first and yet now, I… I'm looking forward to it. I know I have always said that I would try to make Yuri the best possible demon king I could, whether I liked him or not; yet, somehow, through the course of our time together, I've actually become attached to him. My feelings can never be first priority, though. No matter how much I may want our future marriage to work out, if Yuuri can become a better demon king without me – maybe that is the best way.

My kidnapper, I never knew who he was. I never saw his face, or rather, I never see his face. My living conditions have vastly disintegrated since my time at the castle. He keeps me locked up here, in the lowest, most secluded part of the dungeon. I think it's a castle, judging from the stone architecture, but I can't tell for sure. It's dark, and he blocked off the windows long ago with stone and cement. I live by the light of candles and food that is passed through a small opening near the bottom of the door. My right eye can no longer see the after effects from a disease caused it to show early signs of rotting. At least I had the opportunity to have a decent surgeon; I received antibiotics for the next couple of weeks. He obviously wants me alive, though I couldn't tell you why.

Along with my eye, I've also lost partial use of my left leg due to disease and malnutrition. The doctor told me I would live with this limp for the rest of my life, upon diagnosing my condition once more after a month had gone by. I've had multiple surgeries on my leg, each time I would become worse off. I just wish he would let me go. I'm of no use to him, not after my brothers have long since given up the search. If they haven't found me by now, I fear, no one will. My brothers wouldn't betray me – if he had a price on my head, they would have either rescued me or paid it by now. What use could I be to him alive after all these years? The only way I can keep track of time anymore is by marking the wall.

Without me in the way, Yuuri has probably gone on to marry someone else. The time has already come and passed for the marriage ceremony to take place. If he hasn't taken a wife yet, then the only other chance he has is coming up in the next three years. It's required that he be married by his twenty-fifth year. Since he already has an adopted daughter, it might not be reinforced.

In all my time with him, I never found out how he felt for me. Now I wish that, if I had the chance, I could have asked him. So I don't have to wonder what he's been going through, if I even mattered to him in the first place.


The cell was dimly lit; the three candles having been bolted to the wall either upon construction or after it had become occupied. A thin, pale boy spread out on the old, moldy mattress filled with hay. Slow leaks from the ceiling had soon become but a background noise, to the point where Wolfram no longer heard it dripping twenty-four hours a day. He figured it was either a leaky pipeline or rain, combined with poor construction from the start. The fleece blanket he wrapped around him now barely kept out the cold draft coming from the room. Occasional fits of coughing came from a problem that either stemmed from his heart or lungs, maybe both. The guard supplied him with medicine when asked, which was extremely nice of him; since that in itself was the only thing that the guard ever responded to.

Wolfram looked up at the ceiling, his ability to cry having long since escaped him. Yet, in all this time, his captor refused to let him die. Three years ago, he had actually attempted death by refusing to eat; which had resulted in him being tied down and attached a machine which supplied him a type of liquid food. Three months of that, and he found himself begging for actual food and his freedom to walk around the cell as he pleased (which was never very much of a 'freedom' in the first place).

"Yuu… ri…" his voice sounded scratchy, broken, and nearly lost from years the many years he tried screaming for a way out, another physical body… something to tell him he wasn't alone. From the beginning, he had always been a pretty social person. The center of attention, whether he was loved or hated, his opinion and voice could always be heard amongst the crowd. Somehow, it didn't seem fair. None of this was fair. Marks of blood littered the walls in record of the many times he cried out of desperation of the situation.

"I… love you, no- matter… what." He closed his eyes, once more dreaming of a time long ago, a time where he was happy, living with his fiancé and family; having only to deal with the matters of public events, internal and sometimes outer-kingdom affairs. His mind, he knew, was doing the best it could to cope with the situation, allowing him dreams each night of more peace-filled times.

Wolfram outstretched his hand towards one of the walls he suspected had once held a window. A small wither of flame appeared, before sizzling out and fading into the darkness. Something in the walls of the cell held an agent for suppressing Makoku magic, proceeding in making him weaker in the process. No Makoku he could remember had been exposed to his or her weakness for so long a time, so the long-term effects he could only guess. He felt regret, about not telling Yuuri his true feelings sooner, and also for not being strong enough to escape on his own. "Yuu- ri…"

Wolfram felt his vision fade into complete darkness, the candles flickering slowly out of view. He now wore only a wrapped blanket around his naked body, his clothes having been stripped from him more then a long time ago. Any magic he carried now, of what wasn't being suppressed by either a more powerful magic, or just from a location in which he would naturally be unable to use it, was turned towards self-healing. This, he had thought, was probably the main reason why he was still alive during these many years.

He couldn't even keep track of how many times he dreamt that Yuuri had actually come to rescue him; to save him from this dungeon and carry him off into the sunset, holding him close and saying, "I love you," in that soft and gentle voice Wolfram remembered from so long ago. When he saw it happening again, he only smiled and let himself embrace the moment. Hallucinations and dreams became the same idea, when the only company you had was yourself. For one last time before the darkness would overtake him once more, he smiled at the person he once called 'fiancé'. "I knew… you would come for me." He remembered saying that same thing every time Yuuri would come to rescue him. The hope he held that a rescue would come seemed to be renewed once every so many months. Then the darkness came, and a dream so sweet would come around which would question his will to wake up the very next day.


Wolfram just stared at the ceiling, his one eye carrying a blank look that seemingly matched his blind one. He wondered, at this point, if the sun was either up or down, the normal musings he would go through to try to keep some sort of humanity within him. A small fit of coughing rushed over him, but he calmed it almost immediately, a reaction out of habit. Withdrawing his hand from his mouth, a thought crossed his mind as he vaguely looked around the room. Maybe he won't recognize me. Have I changed at all? I… I don't remember. I... think I'm starting to forget things, Yuuri. His thoughts dwelt upon his memories of Yuuri while trying to subdue his sporadic coughing fits.

"Wolfram! Wolfram, are you here?!"

Wolfram opened his eyes, looking around. He smiled. He liked this dream. If he slept long enough, his mind would take him back to the castle, back to a warm, safe haven that he remembered from what seemed long ago. "I'm… here." He tried to yell, to get their attention yet all that came out was a harsh whisper. Too many years of screaming and yelling, he knew, might have permanently damaged his voice. Yet he knew his will would over come that, if only he could see Yuuri and his brothers again. Hell, he would be happy to at least see someone he knew, as long as they would take him away from this place.

He moved towards the door, starting to bang as hard as he could, to yell in the loudest possible voice he could manage; even if it were scratchy or harsh or unsavory to listen to, as long as they heard. He heard the voices outside, which gave him hope. A dream, reality? His captor playing mind tricks, deceiving him?

Then he felt it, stirring deep within his chest, his body started to revolt against the sudden surge of movement; of physical exertion. He dug his fingers into the wood, a raggedy trail of blood leaving their small trail as his knees gave out from under him. Despite his pain, he kept one hand upon the door, always banging, leading them to this cell.

As Wolfram's vision began to blackout from the pain and the harsh, unwavering coughing fit, he looked towards the door one last time. With the last of his strength, he managed to focus upon the person standing at the door as it opened, running towards him. Arms that wrapped gently around him, holding him close as he finally faded away, his hand dropping to the floor. Yet he kept a smile upon his face, always. Always Yuuri would come.

"Because, I love him." He remembered admitting to a friend. "It's not fake; it's not a duty because I'm not his fiancé by choice. It took me a while to realize that; I'm happiest when I'm near him. I… just want to stay by his side forever and… I want him to feel the same way. In the end…"


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