Title: Future Moon; "Beyond the Moon, My Future Lies"
Chapter 15: Our Final Requiem

Author: Harper Hisoka
Warning: Shonen Ai/Yaoi, dark themes, I don't own the series (Manga, Novel or Anime).

Series: Kyou Kara Maoh
Pairing: Yuuri x Wolfram

Summary: Seven years ago, Wolfram had been kidnapped from the castle. Now being held in isolation, with no signs of rescue party, his mind keeps wandering back to the peaceful days of his time in Shin Makoku with Yuri. After all this time, what has Yuri been up to? Has he remarried, or is he still looking for him? Yuri x Wolfram

Notes: Again, really short! And, this is the end! You'll hate me later, just read and find out. I'm probably going to do a sequel so look forward to it (p.s. I'm evil).

Beta: not yet.

The land was like the scene of a battle field. Moments ago, Yuuri was having a face off with Elizabeth and Wolfram, but the next scene held a fear that he could never imagine. The house was full of flames, eating away at everything it touched. Metal, wood, it didn't matter. The flames slowly began to melt the house down to its base. The field of the lilies was burning, en golfed in small, flickering flames that criss-crossed the area in lines. A wall of fire lined between him and Wolfram. Wolf and Elizabeth were both unconscious, and his deepest hopes had been that death wouldn't come for anybody today.

Slowly, Wolfram began to wake. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Yuuri. Their eyes met, and could immediately feel the emptiness behind them. As Wolfram stood up, he looked between Yuuri and Elizabeth. Yuuri's throat wouldn't let him make a sound, but right now everything inside him told him not to speak. If Wolfram wouldn't remember Yuuri now, then the entire journey would become an empty, horrible charade.

If Yuuri didn't remind himself to breath, the wait for Wolfram's answer would have stopped his heart completely. He couldn't stand this waiting, even more so now that this was their only chance to be together once more. Wolfram clearly looked unsure, his glances and lack of focus telling Yuuri that he was desperately trying to remember something, anything from his past.

Without even realising it, Yuuri's body started to slowly walk towards Wolfram. He held that same gentle smile, the same loving eyes that only Wolfram would be able to see. This side of him, no one but Wolfram would ever see. Yuuri threw off his black coat and white long sleeve shirt haphazardly to the ground. The lines of fire became walls, even though there wasn't anything left to burn but dirt.

What would happen if he walked through this fire? Would he die, would he burn to death in agonizing pain? Yet, the fear of sitting here doing nothing was over. His resolve was set, and his eyes only reflected his objective. If he didn't leave here with Wolfram, he wouldn't leave here at all. It was selfish of him. Irresponsible and the wrong thing to do. Even Wolfram would yell at him for his choice but he didn't care. He was human, and this love he held was worth more then the entire country he served. Angry words flew through his mind if he were to die here. People would be disappointed, upset and dismayed that the king would take his own life just for one person.

Yet it was this one person that became his whole life. These past couple of years, Yuuri could think of nothing else but the sweet, noisy and loving blonde beside him. Bright green eyes sparkled with determination but in bed, Wolfram's eyes made him melt. The face he saw, the expressions he heard and felt were his alone and it kept him going. Yuuri would never live as long as Wolfram or the other demons of this kingdom but regret would become his entire world if he didn't do this.

His life would become empty, hollow and meaningless. More then once, Yuuri had dreams about it. It mixed in with the sweet dreams of Wolfram.

Yuuri's power over the elements was weak and after the field became alight with fire, he felt as considerably weaker then before. The flames ate any magic attacks he set forth, and whether the wall of fire was just a wall, or something impassable he didn't know.

Between the flames, Wolfram could see Yuuri walking towards him. The emotions in those pure black eyes touched him. They looked familiar. Nothing else came to mind, but the small, hidden feeling inside his heart told him, "This is familiar. This is something you know."

Wolfram made his choice. All his memories were filled with Elizabeth, but his heart, deep inside guided him in the right direction. A smile lit up his face, he would choose Yuuri, no matter the cost.

A pale, fair hand silently gripped the edge of the knife on the ground. Long, blonde ratty hair, a pale skinned, naked body rose up from the ground. She couldn't walk that well, she felt as unstable and deathly as the zombies that served her as her servants not that long ago. Maybe she did become one of them, maybe this was the price for losing the deal with the great she-wolf.

Everything was Wolfram's fault. Her body that felt like death, that wouldn't move according to her wishes and what felt like burns over her entire body told her she didn't have long. Her knuckles turned white as it continued to grip the knife's handle. Silent, slowly so they wouldn't see her. Murata couldn't stop her now. No one could. This would be her revenge, this would be how she could keep Wolfram with her forever. If they both were dead, or undead, then forever wouldn't be impossible. Her love felt like it could hold out for an eternity or more, no matter the cost of how it got there.

Yuuri noticed her too late. He ran towards Wolfram, the distance closing fast but not fast enough. His hands reached through the wall of fire, but the fire didn't burn him. Maybe it was an illusion, or maybe he was immune, it didn't matter. Yuuri only watched in slow motion as she drove the knife through Wolfram's back. The tip pointed through, a clean, hard motion. Her last motion, for as soon as she let go of the knife her own body gave out to become the dust of the grave.

A light, beautiful body fell into his hands. Yuuri held Wolfram close to him, gently talking and petting his head. Wolfram's eyes opened to focus on Yuuri's face. "Wolfram, Wolfram, I love you, Wolfram. I'll always love you, it'll be all right, you see! You'll see..."

Yuuri couldn't stop the tears from affecting his voice. Wolfram reached his hand up to gently wipe away his lovers tears. "I remember you, my love." The tears that couldn't be held back stained Wolfram's face as well. "I remember you..."

His body felt battered and bruised as he held Wolfram in his arms. Loving eyes closed, and the body, which was light before, became a dead weight. Yuuri laid down beside Wolfram's body, "If you die, I die. I love you..." Words whispered into Wolfram's ear were a sign of both hope and a sense of determined loss.

As Yuuri's eyes closed, the last thing he saw was the only thing in the world that mattered right now. They were connected, heart and soul and would be forever. If Wolfram died here, so would he. There was no other option. It was his own last resort, this spell which held their lives in the balance.

Rain that fell from the night sky drowned out the burning flames. Moonlight caressed the two bodies laying in the middle of an empty, dirt field. Whether they lived, or died, they would be together. The stars could only hold their breath in anticipation for what would happen next.

Shooting stars from the night sky seemed to cry for them, showing the world the emotions of loss so deep that even the planet would cry for them.

The End