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Chapter one

Kyoko was in the changing room after finishing another shoot for the drama "Dark Moon" she was going

out with Kanae, Yashiro and Ren to celebrate the first season's shooting being over and everything had

ran smoothly. She looked in the mirror one last time before leaving the dressing room; she was wearing

a pair or black leather pants, a red strapless belly showing top, black heals and her hair was grown out

somewhat so she managed to put it up in a cute up do. Kyoko left her dressing room and headed over

to where she was going to meet Kanae and the others. Once there she saw Kanae who was wearing a

light blue knee length spaghetti strap dress, Yashiro who was wearing a suit like usual since he was

trying to look professional. And Ren was wearing a pair of black leather pants (how ironic just like

Kyoko!!) and a white long sleeved button up shirt that had the top four buttons unbuttoned, showing

just a little bit of his chest. Damn even when we're all just going out like all normal people do Mr.

Yashiro still looks professional Kyoko thought looking at Mr. Yashiro about to burst out laughing not

knowing that Ren was staring at her. When Ren saw Kyoko walking down the hall in her outfit, he had

to resist dropping his jaw, that and resist falling over in shock of what a woman she's turning out to be.

He was caught off guard when he felt Mr. Yashiro tap him on the shoulder catching his attention

instantly. Mr. Yashiro glanced at Ren when he wasn't saying anything to Kyoko and noticed that Ren

was almost gob smacked!! All Mr. Yashiro could do was tap Ren on his shoulder to get his attention

before they left to get into Ren's car. Kanae who was with helping Mr. Yashiro hook up Ren and Kyoko

insisted that she and Mr. Yashiro take another car so that way when they reached the restaurant the

crazy fans would leave if they saw Mr. Yashiro without Ren. Agreeing reluctantly, Ren and Kyoko got

into Ren's car and drove off to Ren's apartment to wait for Mr. Yashiro to call and tell them it was safe

to come to the restaurant. Kyoko gazed out the window not knowing that Ren was frequently glancing

over at her, he was concerned that she might be mad at him or worried about something. Kyoko was

concerned, but it wasn't about work, or Ren, or even Sho, it was about her mother…the one woman that

Kyoko hating thinking about out of anybody in the whole world.

Earlier that day-

Lory the President of LME asked Kyoko to come to his office eager to discuss with her of something that

would either break her heart or fill it with joy. When Kagome went into his office she was surprised that

he had called her into his office so suddenly, usually the president wouldn't call her to meet him, and he

usually just had someone find her. "Kyoko I have some news for you" Lory said as she sat down in the

chair in front of his desk and smiled at him hoping that she had got another job offer. "Kyoko I got a

phone call this morning from a woman…your mother" When Lory said that he saw the look of despair

and hatred in her face, she left his office without another word and went to the set for "Dark Moon"

looking perfectly fine once she got there.

Ren had no idea what Kyoko was thinking about he just wanted her to know that whatever it was he

would be there for her. They reached the apartment and Ren stopped right outside the door of the

apartment and turned to Kyoko. "Kyoko when we get inside you need to tell me what's wrong" Ren said

kindly hoping that she wouldn't take it the wrong way; she simply nodded and followed him into the

apartment. Kyoko felt so hopeless, there she was about to cry over her mother even though she hated

the woman so much. She didn't make eye contact with him as she told Ren what Lory had said to her

earlier that day; Ren was relieved to find out that she wasn't depressed over Sho, but he was

heartbroken to hear that her mother had called. Ren, who had never met the woman, knew that she

was cruel to Kyoko, so cruel that he wished the woman had not called Lory. Kyoko could feel the tears

well up in her eyes and before she knew it she was in Ren's arms, and she didn't know why!! Ren didn't

know what else to do, just seeing Kyoko cry just made him grab her and hold her tightly no matter what

she would say all he wanted to do was hold her. "Kyoko don't worry…just cry as much as you want too"

Ren said softly stroking her hair and holding her closely to him, he could feel her shaking in his arms and

then he heard her silently crying. She didn't resist Ren when he told her to cry, even though she felt so

weak and stupid for confessing everything to Ren of all people. Kyoko also didn't know why Ren even

cared, but she wasn't stupid enough to ask him, that or brave enough to look him in the eyes. Ren was

stroking her hair softly when he could feel his phone vibrating in his back pocket, damn Yashiro ruin

everything for me why don't you? Ren thought as he released Kyoko from the hug slowly and answered

his phone. He knew Kyoko must be too frustrated to go out now but he was willing to ask her if she

wanted to go. "Kyoko, Mr. Yashiro says that the paparazzi are gone now so we'd be able to get in

without problems. You still want to go to the restaurant?" Ren said after answering his phone, Kyoko

nodded but Ren knew that she was really miserable and he sighed before saying, "Kyoko and I have

decided to just stay here for dinner… (he's waiting for Yashiro's response) yeah, we're just going to eat

and I'm going to bring her home" he hung up after that since Mr. Yashiro tried to start nagging him

about not doing anything with Kyoko. Kyoko looked up at Ren confused and before she knew it she was

getting lost in his eyes and the two began to lean in for a kiss…

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