Hello my readers! Okay I know I'm mean for doing this to ya'll but I've run out of ideas for this story!! . So guess what!! I am starting a new story that is the sequel of "Certain People at Certain Times" and it is called, "Sunrises on the horizon…" and here is a sneak peek at the new story and its first chapter, "Out of the dark."

Sunrises on the horizons…

Chapter One,

Out of the dark.

Kyoko's P.O.V.

It's been three years, three extremely long years for her career, and for her life. Three years since she's been back to Japan, or had much contact with people in Japan. Three years since she's thought of her arch enemy Sho. Three years…three years since she saw the man she loved…three years since she had been in his arms…three years since she felt him against her…three years, since she last kissed him…three years…since the day she last saw Ren Tsuruga…

Well that's all of the new story that I'm going to spoil ya'll for!! I hope you all read the sequel and review my chapters!

Thank you so much!!!