Chapter 34




"But, Sebas'ian, I can' be a unc'a. I'm too widdle." Sasha looked up at the older boy, his blue eyes huge.

"Course you can, Sasha. Harry is your brother so you will be the baby's uncle and Zoe' will be her auntie!"

He hugged the smaller boy and his sister, and guided them to sit with him in one of the window seats in his rooms with Papa. They were waiting here for word about the baby and Harry.

His new Da had gone into labor with his little sister the night before, after the twins had gone to bed. He told Papa, and Uncle Lucius and Auntie Cissa that he would tell the twins in the morning, and keep them company while everyone waited. Except for a few brief glimpses, that was the last time he'd seen any of the adults. Papa had been very nervous, just like he'd been right before the bonding ceremony. He and Mr. Sirius had been snapping at each other earlier. He could hear it. But then he heard Mr. Remus growl and the arguing stopped. Luckily, Cassie was asleep in the corner in her cot, so she didn't hear it.

He knew Harry and his baby sister would be fine. His first Da, Davidh, had told him in his dreams last night. He'd said Harry's Mum and Da were watching over him and the baby. He already knew she would have Papa's hair and Harry's eyes. He grinned to himself, anticipating seeing Papa hold the baby for the first time. Even though he managed to hide from everyone how anxious he was for the baby to come, Sebastian could tell anyway. Papa really did need to loosen up a little bit more, he thought.


"What is taking so bloody long?!" Sirius exclaimed, throwing his arms up, as he paced right past his husband, who was trying to hand him a cuppa.

Remus sighed, and grabbed Sirius on his next pass, forcing him into a nearby chair and handing him the cup of tea, without spilling it. "This from the man who spent thirty-two hours in labor with our daughter---complaining the whole time, and not following healer's orders, I might add!"

"Neville says he is doing fine. It's only been twelve hours since he started actual labor." Narcissa sipped her tea and leaned against her husband, where they sat on a nearby couch in the parlor down the hall from Harry and Severus' rooms. "The one I'm really worried about is Severus. He refuses to leave Harry's side for any reason. The man needs sustenance."

Sirius continued to mumble disgruntledly to himself, between sips of his tea, but he made no other comments. Remus settled on the arm of his chair, his own cuppa in his hand.

Sirius perked up, "I could bring Severus something to drink?"

He looked around when his statement was met with silence. "What? I'll behave. Promise."

"Siri, the house elves have already taken Severus food and drink. He's refused all of it."

"Remus. Harry is like my own son. I missed out on too much. Just let me be there. I won't egg Severus on. I want to support them. Please. And I can get the man to at least drink some tea."

"What could it hurt? Neville will most likely hex both of them if they don't behave." Lucius commented.

"That's if Harry doesn't do it first." Remus grinned.


Severus wiped Harry's brow as his husband rested between contractions. He'd been pushing for a half hour now, and was beginning to show signs of tiring. He dropped the flannel in the dish on the dresser, just in time to support Harry, as he curled forward again with a grunt, and began pushing with the next contraction.

"That's it, Harry!" Neville coached from between Harry's feet. "You're doing just fine! Oh! I can see the head. She's crowning! Don't stop just yet--just a little more--stop!"

"It h-hurts!" Harry whimpered as he collapsed back against Severus again. "Ohhh! Hurts!"

Neville leaned forward and put his hands on Harry around the crowning head, "It's going to get a bit worse before you're done but it's almost over. Deep breaths now, and push when you feel the next one. But remember, steady firm pressure. You don't want to do yourself damage first time out of the hoops now."

Harry nodded, as he felt the next contraction roll through his body. He took a deep breath, curled into it and began to push. Neville glanced up briefly to see excitement and worry warring on Severus' face, as he alternately watched Harry, whispering words of encouragement, and looked to Neville for indications of the situation. Neville cast a wandless spell and a large mirror appeared above his head, angled down toward the birthing chair. Severus' attention immediately snapped up, and his jaw dropped in awe as he watched his daughter's head crown as she began to emerge into the world.

"I see her, Luv. Oh, I see her!" He whispered as he caressed Harry's arms and kissed his forehead.

"Easy Harry. Not so hard now. Let me help ease her out." Neville directed as the contraction ended. "Try to stay relaxed now. I know it hurts."

Harry turned his face into Severus' neck and whimpered in pain as his legs began to shake. Neville patted his leg in comfort as Severus hugged him and kissed the side of his face, trying to distract him.

"Shhh, Luv. It's almost over. She's almost here... I love you, Harry."


"--love you, Harry."

"L-Love you too."

Sirius had slipped into the room unnoticed, awed by what he saw and heard, he moved quietly to a corner out of the way. Severus crouched on a stool behind the odd-looking birthing chair Harry was currently sitting in (he'd seen a similar one once in the attic at Grimmauld Place), and Neville, in short-sleeved Healer's robes crouched on a small stool between Harry's spread legs. Similar memories made him cross his legs.

Harry's head was dropped back against Severus' shoulder, his face buried in his huband's neck as he whimpered and Severus whispered to him. By the sounds Harry was making, he could tell it was close and the babe would be born soon. He'd notice the mirror above and behind Neville, and how Severus kept glancing up at it, his eyes dilated with excitement and emotion. More emotion than he'd ever seen the man express, with the exception of the Courtship Proposal then the Bonding Ceremony. It seemed only his godson could engender such emotional displays in the man. 'Love will do that,' he thought.

"Once more, now Harry! And you can hold your daughter!"


"Push, Harry, push! Here she comes! I s-see h-her..." Severus exclaimed. " I-I s-see h-her!" He repeated, haltingly and quieter, as his emotions overcame him, and his eyes filled with tears.

Harry fell back against Severus and all was quiet in the room for an endless moment. Sirius own eyes filled with tears as a giant lump appeared in his throat. A small wail rent the air and Harry sobbed and began to cry, as Neville laid a still slightly wet babe on Harry's bare chest.

Sirius slid down the wall to the floor and wept openly, as he watched Severus lean over and look in awe at his daughter for the first time, then kiss Harry several times all over his face where he could reach. Harry reached up and pulled Severus into a full kiss, then whispered to him what Sirius was sure were words of love and affection.

He sat there and watched as Neville helped Harry deliver the afterbirth, then healed him, and cleaned him up. Severus sat in a nearby rocking chair, the baby clean and swaddled in a blanket, rocking her and humming, totally oblivious to everything around him. He was already lost to his daughter.


Sirius walked down the hall in a daze, not noticing his husband, cousin and Lucius approaching from the stairs. Seeing his dazed state and signs he's been crying, they became alarmed.

"Siri, Luv! Is Harry alright? We heard him cry out." Remus demanded, worry in his voice.

"Did something happen?" Lucius asked.

"Sirius Regulus!! Answer us!" Narcissa demanded, as she gave his arm a shake.

"Auntie Cissa?" Sebastian called from an open doorway nearby. "My sister is here. Can I see her now?"

"It's a girl... Severus was holding her... rocking her. H-He loves them so much, Remi..." Sirius looked into his husband's eyes. "Did you know that? He really loves them..."

Remus rolled his eyes at Lucius and Narcissa, and chuckled. "Yes, Siri. I know that. I've known that for some time now. Let's go see the newest member of the family."

He steered Sirius back toward Harry and Severus' rooms, as Narcissa motioned for Sebastian and the twins to join them. Lucius knocked on the door and they all waited for the word to enter. Wnen they entered the room, Harry was sitting up in bed, Severus beside him, both looking very weary but extremely happy, as they both stared down at the little bundle in Harry's arms.

Neville greeted them and motioned them closer. "Come closer everyone and meet the new arrival. And you, My--Our Son, meet your little sister."

Severus looked up at all of them, and motioned the children to come up on the bed. "Everyone, we'd like you to meet Celyn Elaina Blaanid Potter Malfoy Snape Prince."

Harry wrapped an arm around Sebastian as he leaned down to kiss his sister's forehead then sat down to snuggle against Harry's side. The twin climbed into Severus' lap, sat down and leaned over to get a closer look at Celyn. Lucius and Narcissa sat on one side of the bed, and Remus and Sirius sat on the other, Remus now holding a sleepy Cassie.

Just then, the door opened again and in walked Hermione, Fred, George, and their twins, Ron, Luna, Kingsley, Albus, Minerva, Poppy, and the rest of the Weasley's. Everyone was quiet and in awe as they crowded around the bed to get a look. For once, Severus was too preoccupied to growl at anyone. He only had eyes for his family, and Harry was over joyed to have a family--a huge one. A family that truly loved him, and things were finally as they should be, as he looked down again and saw tiny brilliant green eyes looking up at him for the first time.

Through all the tears he shed and the storms he weathered, Harry had finally come full circle with his very own family.

Things couldn't get any better. Or maybe they could...


"Yes, Luv?"

"When can we have another?"

~finis... but is it ever?? ... Never... ~


Celyn Elaina Blaanid Potter Malfoy Snape Prince

Celyn is Welsh for 'holly' Blaanid is Irish Gaelic for 'little flower' Elaina for Eileen, Severus' mother