A/N: Here's my first try at a TNA/WWE fic enjoy

I own nothing but Jessie.

" I'm so jacked. Wrestlemania weekend. And we are stuck in a god damn meeting." I said to the equaly bored Michelle.

" And I'm guessing it's because we are in TNA territory." Michelle said in a hushed whisper.

The All-American girl was right. Vinny Mac called a hasty meeting after he overheard some of the divas makeing arangement to go out with some of the knock-outs. He was worried about us being seen with the "enemy."

" I have a few rules for you all this week. You will not speak to any TNA superstar with out permission by me. If any of you break this rule you will be suspended and sent home." Vince said ignoring the complaints from the wrestlers.

" That was a waste of time." I said to myself weaving my way through the crowd.

" That's fucking stupid. I'm meeting Christian tonight. What are you doing?" Adam "Edge" Copeland asked walking beside me.

" Um watching T.V in my room. Painting my nails. Working out maybe." I seemed like a loser.

" Do you even know what fun is?" Adam asked flashing me his trademark smirk.

" Yes but I like relaxing and the girls are probably going to make me go out any ways. I have to go Adam." I said parting from the blonde.

I should probably tell you about myself. My name is Jessie Turner. I have been working for WWE for five monthes now and this weekend I have my first Wrestlemania match. I'm just a lumberjack in the bunnymania match, it's not much but it's something.

" Your going out with us tonight." Layla stated not caring if I had other plans.

" I don't want to. I don't like going out." I sounded like a prude.

" I don't care. Come to my room at eight." Layla said leaving me.

Little did I know I would meet someone on that little date with the girls that would change my life forever.


" Can I buy you a drink?" I turned to see a blonde man standing behind me.

" I guess so." I don't know why I followed him. I basically in Layla's ring gear following a stranger away from my group. I was perfect kidnap and rape me material.

" Are you here for Wrestlemania?" The blonde stranger asked shouting over the music.

"I'm in Wrestlemania dude. I'm a diva." I said grabbing the drink he passed me.

" Oh I see. I but you are one of the only ones who can wrestle."

" Yeah I can kick butt." I said melting when he smiled at me.

" You probably can. Do you now who I am?"

" A guy who thinks he is going to get lucky. Here's my number. I have to go back to my friends." I said scribbling my number down on a napkin. " Thanks for the drink..."

" My names Christian. I'll give you a call. What's your name?" Christian asked.

" I'm Jessie." I said still oblivious.

" Well, bye Jessie."

" Bye." I said walking back to my friends table.

" What the hell were you doing." Ashley hissed grabbing my arm.

" What are you talking about...he just bought me a drink." I said sharply pulling away from the punk diva.

" Do you know who that was?"

" Yeah god Ashley his name is Christian...fuck." I finally figured out who he was. I gave my number to Christian Cage, the instant classic, captain charisma and the enemy.

" You bastard." I thought sipping the rest of the drink he bought me.