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I smirked to myself as I heard Edge curse out loud as he waited patiently for me to get out of the bathroom. I didn't really need to use the bathroom for anything but I loved to piss Edge off in anyway possible. It never took much either. I have been on Smackdown since the beginning of my WWE career, excluding the OVW work. I was Batista's valet for the longest time possible until Edge "bought" my contract from him after he won the World Heavyweight Championship and had introduced Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder to the wrestling world. He had claimed that Batista didn't deserve a whore like me.

"Come on, Brooklyn!" he said, pounding on the bathroom door.

I scoffed to myself as I looked in the mirror. This was the dress that they told me to wear. It was bright red and hugged all the right places. It was short too; barely even covering my ass but it did. The skirt had a little bit of a flow-y look to it. I looked at my soft blonde hair. It was curled into loose bouncy curls. It was perfect. I honestly don't know why I'm in the bathroom because my hair and make up are all done and have been since the beginning of the show, courtesy to the make up artist.

I opened the door just as Edge was going to knock again. He was back into his egotist attitude and for once, I had thought we were beginning to get along. Yeah, right. I rolled my eyes to myself as I skipped past him, my red high heeled stilettos clicking on the floor.

"It's about damned time, Brooklyn. Zack and Curt have been waiting for us and you know that Vickie's going to be upset that we're wasting precious time to talk about the funeral for the end of Taker's Wrestlemania streak," he grumbled.

"Oh, Edge, cool your jets and your tie's crooked," I said, fixing his tie for him.

This was a love-hate thing between us. We're not dating but we're not exactly friends. Let's just say we're fuck buddies and that's it and that means that I don't have to necessarily like him but I tolerate him more than I should.

"It'll be coming off tonight between me and you, baby," he grinned, grabbing my ass and jerking my hips into his.

I rolled my eyes. Every time I had fixed something for him to be nice, he turned into a sex related term or movement. I pushed him away with a sneer.

"Sorry, baby, but I'm meeting up with the RAW divas tonight to go out to a club and maybe get a piece of the Legend Killer," I smirked at him before walking out of the locker room.

He scowled to himself before grabbing his sunglasses and following me out of the locker room. I skipped happily to the curtain where Zack, Curt, Teddy, and Vickie were waiting. I gave Zack and Curt both a hug before smiling politely at Teddy. I didn't even bother to look at Vickie as I stood between Zack and Curt. I was lucky enough to have them be my friends behind the scenes. We had been in OVW together for a while until I was called to Smackdown to be Batista's valet. We clicked instantly backstage as we made fun of the other girls who tried to wrestle. It was a wonder that I had diva friends now.

"You two are late," Vickie commented as Edge walked up to the group.

"Sorry, Vickie but Brooklyn was taking her sweet ass time in the bathroom," he said, sending a glare my way.

I just gave him a pleasant smile then blew him a kiss. I wasn't going to add any more fuel to the fire. I all ready knew he was pissed about me going out with the RAW divas tonight and that he wasn't going to get any.

"Well, it's fine now; you're here. You guys stick to the plan and Edge, don't forget to be a jerk towards Brooklyn because she's not wearing black to the funeral," Vickie pointed out before Teddy wheeled her out to the ring.

"I hope Teddy lets go of her wheel chair at the top of the ramp and then the fans could watch her zoom down the ramp," I whispered to Zack and Curt.

I didn't plan on them laughing their asses off but they did. I smiled to myself as I looked down at my freshly pedicured toenails. I looked back up to see Edge standing in front of me with a scowl on his face. I guess I must have pressed too many buttons this time.

"Brooklyn, you need to be a bit more respectful to the people that run this show," he snapped at me.

I glared at him. This is where he pisses me off to no end. In my book he didn't run the show and he wouldn't call any of the shots if he wasn't in a storyline with Vickie Guerrero. I pushed him away from me.

"I am respectful to that bitch to her face, Adam," I said, glaring at him.

Zack and Curt backed away. They knew when things were about to get heated between me and Edge but like I said we were together all the time in OVW.

"You need to be taught a lesson, Brooklyn," he snapped at me.

He raised his hand to slap me but Zach and Curt stepped forward, causing Edge to send them a glare and they stepped back into place before Edge let his hand connect with the side of my face. I gasped. He had never hit me before. I raised a hand to my cheek. Tears filled my eyes and a couple slipped down my face. I turned to run away but Zack and Curt caught me in a hug.

"Edge, what the hell," Curt said, looking at Edge as my head was buried against his shoulder.

"She needs to learn to be respectful," Edge said, glaring at my back.

"You don't need to hit her!" Zach said, cutting in as he rubbed my back.

I backed up a little, sniffling. I controlled my tears. I grabbed a mirror from one of the tables that was by the curtains. I fixed my smudged make up.

"You okay, Brookey?" Curt asked, placing his hands on my shoulders.

I nodded my head before turning around, ready to go. I ignored Edge's presence. He looked at me but then noticed that I was ignoring him, he turned to face the camera, doing the same thing. I glared daggers at his back as we waited for his music to hit the P.A. system.

Finally a couple minutes later my wish was granted as his music finally started. Edge walked out first in his suit. Curt and Zack were to follow until they realized that I wasn't there with them where they would pull me from backstage to the stage. I got into my on screen character and glared at them and jerked away from them as we walked down to the ring. I waved and smiled at the fans. I occasionally blew them kisses. I played the part of the diva that was "disobedient" to her contract owner or however you feel like wording it. I stopped to hug a little boy who looked to be the age of three and he was hollering my name as loud as he possibly could. I was going to take a picture with him until I felt somebody jerk me away from him. I saw Edge glaring down at me. I sent him an icy glare as well until he let go of me.

I got in the ring and stood between Curt and Zack, my arms folded across my chest.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero," Teddy Long said, not even halfheartedly.

I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight and looked down at my fingernails as if they were more interesting, which they possibly were.

Vickie motioned to Edge, basically telling Teddy to introduce Edge. I felt sorry Teddy; he had to put up with Vickie. At least I didn't get bossed around that much.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the World Heavyweight champion, Edge," Teddy Long said with the same amount of enthusiasm as before.

I stifled a giggle only to be nudged by Curt. I glanced at him, trying my hardest to keep a smile off of my face. Edge looked over at me only for a second. I caught his glance but I looked away from him. I was still mad that he had slapped me. He read whatever he had written on his cards before looking at Vickie and handing her the mic allowing her to talk. I had tuned her out for the most part, just waiting for my little interaction, which I would get.

"Baby, stop please, the boys and I made this video for what's going to happen just for you," she said and pointed at the titan tron.

Curt, Zack, Edge, Vickie, and Teddy turned to look at the titan tron but I did my part, keeping my back to the screen. Edge glared at me and motioned for me to turn around. I shook my head no and I could hear some laughs from the crowd. Edge called out to Zack and Curt and they turned me around and made me watch the stupid video that they had made for him. I about died watching the stupid video and when it was over Zack, Curt, and I turned back around.

"Aw…you guys, come here," Edge said.

He went to hug all three of us but I stepped back so that he hugged just Zack and Curt. I had secretly hoped that he would forget all about me. No such luck. He noticed I wasn't in the hug and pushed through Zack and Curt and came face to face with me.

"Brooklyn, why the hell are you wearing red? This is a funeral not some party," he said, an icy glare on his face.

I took the mic from him and wrapped my hand around the microphone. I smiled at the fans before placing my free hand on my hip.

"Well, Edge, I don't like black so I chose to wear red; I look good in red," I said, winking at the fans.

Edge jerked the mic out of my hands and took another step towards me and grabbed the back of my neck a little roughly but not too much. He pulled me a little closer to him.

"I specifically told you to wear black, Brooklyn," he said as planned.

"Well, why should I wear black when you're not going to win at Wrestlemania?" I asked with an innocent look on my face.

He glared at me but let go of me, pushing me away while doing so. He stayed in front of me and raised the mic back up to his lips.

"You think you're funny, don't you, Brooklyn? You think that just because you're a diva that I won't hurt you? You're wrong; just because you're a diva, doesn't mean that I can't and won't hurt you. If I feel that you need to be put in your place, you will be," he said, loudly into the mic.

I rolled my eyes at him then glared at him. I watched him walk back to the center of the ring to finish the "funeral." I waited for Undertaker's theme to go off like planned. I knew that the fans weren't stupid and that they knew he was in the casket. I was a little bit mad that the writers couldn't think of anything that wasn't so obvious.

Finally Undertaker's music hit the P.A. system. He didn't show up at the stage like planned. Edge told Zach and Curt to get out of the ring and to wait at the end of the ramp for him. I moved back behind the picture of the Undertaker and a few seconds later, the Undertaker sat up from the casket. I got out of the ring, quickly as he grabbed Edge. I stood by the barricade that was keeping the fans behind it. I watched the Undertaker chokeslam Edge into the casket. I smirked as he did so. Zack and Curt got into the ring only to be pushed off the apron. Taker turned his attention to Vickie, who was screaming like crazy. Please, shut her up, I thought to myself. He advanced towards her but she jumped out of her wheel chair and ran backstage, past me. I laughed at the sight of her running as I crossed my arms over my chest to continue to watch the scene. The Undertaker gave Zack and Curt each a last ride as Edge snuck out of the ring.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him up the ramp. He had a tight grip on my arm as he stared at the Undertaker. I tried my best to jerk away from him but he just gripped my arm tighter. I glared at him then as cameras went off air, I jerked away from him and he let go. I walked back to the ring to check on my friends, going out of character. I helped them both up then walked backstage with them.

We walked past Edge and they could feel the tension that was between Edge and I. He was now Adam to me, now that Smackdown was not taping. Adam followed us back to the locker room and Curt 

held the door open for me and I smiled at him as I walked inside. Adam pushed Curt and Zack aside and walked into the locker room and slammed the door shut.

"What the hell is your problem, Brooklyn?" he asked as he saw me in the bathroom.

I ignored his question and him altogether. I was still mad at him because he had hit me. I wasn't going to talk to him for as long as possible either. I parted my hair on the right side and put it back into a ponytail, keeping the part in tact. I grabbed a red bobby pink and bobby pinned some of my layers back. I touched my make up a little. I may not be a make-up expertise but I can do the main shit.

"Brooklyn, answer me," he said grabbing my arm.

"Don't touch me and you can expect Zack or Curt to fucking room with you tonight," I snapped at him after jerking my arm away from his grip.

"I don't want either one of them to room with me tonight," he whined as he leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom. "I want you to room with me."

I sent him a glare. I pushed past him as I walked out of the bathroom and I put my make up bag and hair stuff in my bag. I heard a knock at the door and I went to open it but Adam grabbed my wrist.

"Why aren't you going to room with me?" he asked, looking into my eyes.

"Because you fucking hit me," I snapped at him then pulled my wrist from his grasp.

He scoffed a little before I opened the door to see Maria, Mickie James, and Ashley here to pick me up so we can go out. I glanced back at Adam. I had a bit of a soft spot for him most of the time but this was not one of those times. I don't just let some guy that I've been fucking behind the scenes, hit me and get away with it.

"Ready to go, B?" Maria asked with a smile while peeking in at Adam.

"More than ready," I said while shooting a glare at Adam.

"K, let's go," Maria said cheerfully and she linked arms with me as I stepped out of the locker room.

"Hey, you guys, I'll meet you in the car; I have to go talk to Zack and Curt," I said smiling at them.

"K, B, be fast though," Mickie said as she walked off with Ashley and Maria.

I nodded as I walked to catering. I had expected them to be there; they were always eating when they weren't around to listen to Adam—well Edge on screen. I found them sitting at a table talking with some of the ECW guys. I walked over to them and I tapped Curt on the shoulder. And as expected, both he and Zack turned around.

"Brooklyn, I thought you were going out with some of the RAW divas?" Curt asked.

"I am but can both of you do me a favor?" I asked them, putting an innocent smile on my face.

"Sure," they both agreed.

"Zack, can you trade rooms with me? I don't feel like sharing with Adam after—well you know and can one of you grab my bag?" I asked, politely.

"Sure, and I'll change rooms with you, Brookey," Zack said, smiling at me.

"Thanks, you guys rock," I said and I gave them both a hug.

"We know we rock," Curt said with an arrogant smirk.

I rolled my eyes slightly before grinning. Yup, those were my best friends and I loved them to death. I probably would have all ready strangled Adam to death if it wasn't for them keeping me sane. Oh yes, Adam drove me crazy even behind the scenes. I gave them a small wave before I turned to leave. I walked through the now empty corridors towards the entrance of the arena.

I saw the car and smiled as I saw that Maria was driving. I loved that girl to death but dear god, who let her behind the wheel? I was about to advance towards the car when somebody grabbed my arm.