fai & sakura

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disclaimer: tsubasa reservoir chronicle belongs to clamp.

He can't remember when he first started thinking her as his princess.

Was it when he first saw her pretty smile? When her innocent laughter started echoing in his ears, a gentle reminder to him that it was okay to be happy? When he caught her when she fainted in the café in the country of Oto so long ago? When he whistled and used his powers to protect her then? When he had noticed, long ago, that she was someone just like him? Or was it when he first discovered that without meaning to that she had filled a hole in his heart, and had realized far too late that he had become attached to her?

Had he cast the spell himself, inevitably drawn to her smile of sunlight and cherry blossom, which slowly thawed his landscape of frozen snow and blizzards? Was it her ethereal beauty; apple green eyes and auburn hair?

Or was it because no matter how tragic and sorrowful was to become of the mysterious magician, he still wished for his princess – the princess – to have her happily-ever-after?

No matter if she was a fabrication of someone else's creation, no matter if she was a replica of someone; she was still his…

She was still his Sakura-chan.

Maybe it was because he had subconsciously, perhaps even unconsciously became aware of his desire to protect her, to help her no matter what the consequences were, to love her no matter whether her heart belonged to him, or the boy just like her, he would still; eternally, endlessly, everlastingly aid her… protect her… love her.

One small kiss from his cold lips; pressed against her warm hands; and he knew.

She was…

"My only princess."