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Chapter XIX - I Love You 100% Assured!

"Those who are boarding for Boston, please board right now. I repeat. Those who are boarding for Boston, please board now." the PA announced as everyone stood up, carried their bags and formed a straight line.

Mikan was still miserable. Along with her was Hotaru, her best friend. Mikan didn't hear the PA announcement, so Hotaru pulled out her bullhorn and said, "Are you still going or not?"

Mikan was surprised, she rubbed her ears. "What was that all about!?" she exclaimed

"Is this your final decision? Boarding for Boston?" Hotaru asked

"Of course. Are you doubting that I won't tag along with you? And besides, writing is now a side-job. I can write anytime I want. I'm into business right now."

"Is that so?" Hotaru asked with a cunning smile

"What's with the evil smile? You're creeping me out..." Mikan replied with a curious look in her eyes.

"Anyway, shall we go right now?" Hotaru asked, reaching out her hand to Mikan. Mikan looked back to see if someone must've arrived. Then, Hotaru gave a sigh. "Mikan, he's not going to show up. Even though he's here, he won't make it on time."

Then, Mikan sighed. "Maybe you're right. I'm just so naive. I know the fact that he doesn't love me, yet why does my heart tell me that he's somewhere out there?"

"Mikan, if you're going to board, board right now. The plane isn't going to wait for you." Hotaru told her as she frowned. Then, stood up and said, "You're right Hotaru! Who needs a guy anyway?"

And when she thought that she has ended both of their ties, he appeared.

"...who needs a guy anyway!?" she exclaimed as he walked towards her while listening to every word she utters. "I mean, I'm so happy that that Natsume Hyuuga is out of my life! I mean, he's a pain in the neck. Making you clean stuff, ensuring it's 100% neat, wash his clothes everyday, complains the food I serve to him--pretending to be a housewife is really hard! Next time I'm being offered to a job, I have to make sure that no person like Natsume Hyuuga will torture me like this! And his abnormalities? Sheesh! He makes me sleep in the bathroom, he almost drowned me to death and make me cry for centuries! I mean... why the hell was Natsume Hyuuga born into this world!? Royal jerk, ruthless moron, the rock of my life--how come they're all related to Natsume Hyuuga!?"

When Hotaru noticed Natsume, she tried making expressions to make Mikan stop. Mikan didn't understand it, so she said, "What are you doing this time Hotaru?" then, Hotaru pulls out her eye glasses and wears a cold face. "Natsume Hyuuga?" she asked.

Hotaru nodded. Then, she pointed at Mikan's back. Mikan was surprised. "Hotaru, what the hell are you talking about? Natsume Hyuuga is behind me, listening to every word I say?" Hotaru nodded as her answer. "Oh please! If he was here then he should've answered all of my questions." and when she turned back, she saw Natsume.

"Natsume..." she froze, "hi! What the hell are you doing here?"

"Actually I came back here to tell you something important until I listened to your beautiful speech about me." he replied while she let out a guilt laugh.

"What were you trying to say to me? Why the hell are you here!? I thought that we shouldn't talk to each other right now!?" Mikan panicked as Natsume tried to calm her down by holding her shoulders.

She slapped his hand. "Seriously, what are you doing here?"

"Uhm... nothing. I just happen to go to Boston too."

"And Youichi?"

"He's under the care of my grandparents."

"You mean..." Mikan imagined her grandparents-in-law with Youichi. "Impossible!"


"Nothing... It's just that... What's your main reason for coming here?" Mikan asked.

Then, Natsume let out a smile. "I just want to let you know that I'm sorry about the things that I've done wrong to you. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings and your determination to try your very best to not fall for me. The reason why I said those things about you was... because... I don't want to hurt you.

"Whenever I think of you I remember Maya and how she died at the cruise ship that night. And I'm afraid that if I let you inside my heart, I might not be able to protect you. The truth is, I'm scared to love you. I just can't take it whenever I see you getting hurt because I try my best to not make you fall in love for me. I wanted to protect you through this way.

"But then, I realized something. I was afraid my whole life. I don't care what other people say about me and you. I don't care if they say that we're not the ideal couple or anything. The only thing I care about is you... being with me, staying in my arms. I loved watching you and Youichi play together, when you work so hard that you're irritated and then scold me... You always find the bright side behind me that no other woman has ever figured out inside of me. You find hope in darkness and I love how your eyes sparkle and your cheeks get red.

"The truth is, Mikan Sakura, I love you." he finally said it. "And I want to marry you and I love you Mikan Sakura. I definitely love you!"

She gave a smile, and started to blurt out her tears. "Idiot," she said as she punched Natsume on the chest, "You shouldn't have made me suffer that way! Love is all about sacrifices, and I'm ready to sacrifice anything for you. And Natsume, I love you too."

He smiled as he pulled out a small box, knelt down and open the box. "Will you--."

'YES!!!" she cried as she wrapped her arms around Natsume. She was so happy that time.

Hotaru took the time to appreciate the two. Even all the passengers look at the couple with a happy face. They didn't care about the time passing and the airplane leaving.

It was so nice seeing the couple together again.

Children's noises were heard in Natsume's garden. Balloons were standing on grasses and a long table filled with food was also there. Mikan, at that time, was wearing a blue dress, encouraging children to go and sing "Happy Birthday Youichi".

"Mikan-chan!" Natsume called as he ran towards Mikan. Mikan kissed his cheek and asked, "What's wrong?"

"You forgot... we also need you." Natsume replied. Then, Natsume's parents approached them.

"Mikan, is that you?" Natsume's mother asked. Mikan nodded her head and smiled.

"She's grown to a beautiful lady." Natsume's father complemented.

"I gave your little Youichi a lot of presents! It's good to hear that Youichi can talk now and is in good condition." Her mother said

"Because this mother of two is the best!" Natsume replied.

"Mother of 2? Mikan, are you..."

"Yes, I am." Mikan replied with a smile. Her parents-in-law were happy to hear about it.

"And I'm going to be an aunt!" Hikari with Anna, Nonoko and Hotaru were there!

"Everyone! I have good news! Natsume, your movie was a hit! YOU FINALLY MADE YOUR COMEBACK!" Ryu tagged along with Luna.

"Congratulations everyone!" Luna said

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's help Youichi blow his cake!" Mikan said as everyone followed and sang Youichi his birthday song.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Youichi
Happy Birthday to You

"Blow the cake Youichi!" Mikan said as Youichi blowed the cake. Mikan and Natsume watched him blow it, and a picture was taken of it. It was a memory that shall live on... forever.


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"There's this masquerade party that I attended and I was so drunk that I wasn't able to realize that I had a one night stand with a guy I danced with!"

"I thought she was my girlfriend but she happened to be someone whom I don't know!"

"Actually, the reason why I hate him so badly..."

What will you do if something happened afterwards?

"Natsume, I think I'm pregnant."


...and were forced to tie the knot

"I know you don't love me, but here's hoping that the baby will be born in this world nicely!"

"I can't believe that you're actually pregnant!"

And the least expected situation is about to happen...

"Natsume, I'm back..."


"I think I love Natsume. The problem is that I can't love him since he loves someone else."

What will happen to these 2 different people when a small cell evolved and they're responsible for it? What will they do when she's around right now? And what has fate planned that made this into a love... SQUARE???

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