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"The Valentine"

Chapter one

Raven closed her eyes as she repeated the words she said so often. "Azarath.. metrion... ..zenthos." Saturday morning had been a quiet one. It was rather weird all alone... complete silence... The teenager smiled to herself. The other titans had gone to the beach, but she had refused their offers, or Beast Boy's futile threats. She grinned and resumed her pose. "Ohhhh, RAAAVVEENN!" Beast Boy called. "We're home!!" Raven rolled her eyes. "Hi, Raven." Robin said, jumping on the couch. Starfire ran to her side. "Greetings, friend Raven! How was your morning?" Raven gave her a look. "Fine, until Beast Boy came back." She replied, standing up and picking her book up from the kitchen. Beast Boy glared at her. "Do you know what tomorrow is, friend Raven?" Starfire asked. "No." Raven said . "Valentines day!" Starfire picked up Silkie, her pet... thing and cuddled it. "I have researched on the web of Internet, and it says-" "I know what Valentines day is. It's a stupid, meaningless tradition of giving presents and wasting money." Cyborg looked at her with a frown. "Does this mean I'm not getting chocolate from you?" He asked. Raven narrowed her eyes at him, picked up his towel using her powers and slapped him with it. "Ow!" He cried. Robin laughed. Starfire's face dropped. "You do not celebrate this day?" She asked. "It reminds me of my home planet's celebration, Zyrog." Raven rolled her eyes and shook her head. "No." She walked to her room. Safely in her room, she opened her book and started reading.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy had been watching the entire scene. Raven doesn't celebrate Valentines day? He wondered. And why would that surprise me? She doesn't celebrate anything else. He felt a strange feeling in his stomach, but ignored it and went to the kitchen. He pulled out a soda and took a huge swig. "Friend Beast Boy... Why do you think Raven doesn't celebrate Valentines Day? It is a wonderful custom!" Starfire asked, still holding Silkie. "I don't know." Beast Boy replied. Starfire looked at the kitchen floor. "Can you help me find a present for Robin?" She asked, turning red. "Normally, I would ask Raven, but after that... performance.. I don't think she would like to." She said. "Sure, Star." Beast Boy said. "Thank you, friend!" Starfire said enthusiastically. Then, the alarm went off. "Raven! Come on! Dr. Light is robbing a bank downtown! You like him, remember?" Cyborg laughed. "Come on, dude, leave her alone!" Beast Boy said. He ran to Raven's room. "Raven! It's Dr. Light!" He called through her door.

Raven heard Cyborg's remark and Beast Boy's defensive tone. She raised an eyebrow and ran to her door. Beast Boy was there. "Lets go." Raven said, brushing past him. He walked behind her. She pulled her hood over her eyes and levitated to the others. They were all staring at Beast Boy and Raven. "What are we waiting for?" Raven spat, running through the door. The others shrugged and followed her. Dr. Light was holding two bags of money, and was pushing two others with his feet. A small bag of who knew what was in his mouth. "Mhewo, Titans!" He said triumphantly through the bag. "I wass wonderink what wass taking all of you so long." "Yeah, well, we all know how slow you are, so we just took our time." Cyborg said, raising his cannon arm. "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Came a new voice. "Remember last time? You looked so nice in a tutu." They all gasped as Mumbo Jumbo came out behind Dr. Light, holding two bags of money himself. "Oh, Mumbo! It was almost like on cue." Dr. Light smiled. "Well, brother, I couldn't let you have all the fun." "Brother?" Beast Boy asked incredulously. "Wait, this is confusing." "Does it matter?" Raven asked, raising her arms and muttering, "Azarath.. metrion... ZENTHOS!" She aimed directly at Dr. Light. Mumbo stepped forward and yelled; "Abracadabra!" Her black bolts turned to butterflies. "I learned some new tricks in jail!" He cackled at the titan's surprised faces. "It's all a trick.. just tricks.." Raven whispered. "Are you trying to convince me or you?" Mumbo asked. Dr. Light was in his and Mumbo's new jet and loading the money. "Titans! Go!" Robin called. Beast boy turned into a gorilla and ran towards Dr. Light, bellowing. Cyborg shot at Mumbo. He missed by a few inches, and the magician turned and smiled at Cyborg. "Oh, you shouldn't have done that." He said. "Mumbo-Jumbo!" Suddenly Cyborg was wearing a tutu. "Aw, man! Not again!" He complained. Dr. Light shot a bolt of light toward Beast Boy, who turned into a bat and flew towards him, flapping his wings in his face. When Dr. Light put his hands up to shield his face, Beast Boy turned into a wolf and swung Dr. Light around using his fangs. Starfire shot bolts of energy from her hands as Robin ran toward Mumbo, kicking and hitting as hard as he could. Mumbo dodged everything. Raven sent her black bolts(?) at him, while Cyborg tried to get rid of his new costume. "Nice tutu, Sparky." Came a voice from above that sounded remarkably like Bumblebee's. The titans east were behind them, getting ready to help. "Titans East? What are you doing here?" He asked, turning beet red. "Starfire called us and asked for a little help." Aqualad answered. "So we decided, sure. There was nothing else to do." Speedy grinned, running to Robin's side. "Where are the twins?" Robin asked. "Vacation." Bumblebee replied, laughing at Cyborg, and went up in the air to help Starfire out. Aqualad went to Beast Boy, who grinned and nodded, then ran back to Dr. Light. Raven focused on taking the money from the thieves and taking them back to the bank. Fortunately, neither of the crooks had noticed.

After the battle, the police thanked the Titans and shoved the brothers into the police vehicle."We'll be back! You'll see!" Dr. Light called from inside the cop car. Raven shook her head and turned back to the rest of the Team. "I'm going home." She announced. "But, Rae! We didn't-" Beast Boy began, but was quieted by her glare. She levitated and went back to the tower. "So, I suppose our friends must leave now." Starfire said sadly, hugging Bumblebee. "Of course not, girl!" Tomorrow's Valentines Day! And can NOT go home without celebrating." She answered. Starfire squealed. "That is wonderful news, friends! Is most sad that Raven left without hearing these news." She said. Beast Boy shrugged. "She probably wouldn't want to go, anyway." He said. But all the same, when the others left, he opened his Titans communicator and called her. "What?" She snapped. "Hi, Raven. The Titans east and us are going to celebrate. Wanna join us?" He asked hopefully. "No." Raven said. "But, Raven-" "I said no." "Why not? Why can't you celebrate anything? I was trying to be nice, and this is what I receive? Thanks, Raven." Raven didn't reply, but he thought he saw a tear glistening on her cheek. "Good-bye, Beast Boy." She whispered, closing her communicator. Beast Boy picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could, yelling in frustration. Then when he calmed down a little, he turned into a crow and flew to the restaurant where the other titans were. "Hey, BB! What took you so long?" Cyborg asked. "Nothing." Beast Boy said, sitting down by Aqualad.

Raven levitated in the air and tried to concentrate, but Beast Boy's injured face came back every time she closed her violet-blue eyes. She finally gave up and went to get a book. Opening it, she immediately thought of Malchior, and how he had betrayed her. Beast Boy would never do that. He used to be so short, too. Until summer, when he got a huge growth spurt and was now almost an inch taller than her. Robin had grown a lot taller, too, and was about a quarter of an inch shorter than Starfire. She shook her head. Why was she thinking of Beast Boy, anyway? Why couldn't she just concentrate? Because Beast Boy had tried to be nice, but she had discarded his sweet offer. Why was she like that, anyway? Because she was afraid. She was afraid of letting anyone close to her. And why was that? Because of who her father was. Because she didn't want something to happen like Malchior. She was afraid. The thought came, taunting her. She screamed in anguish. She would never admit it. Never.

Beast Boy picked at his tofu lasagna. The other Titans looked like they were having fun, even Robin. Of course, Robin was with Starfire. They were laughing. Why wouldn't Raven laugh with him? Terra always had. Cyborg and Bumblebee were dancing, and Speedy was with another girl Beast Boy didn't know. Only Aqualad wasn't with a girl. He was still eating. Beast Boy looked down at his lasagna. It didn't look very appetizing anymore. "Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked. "Are you not happy?" She asked. Beast Boy looked up. "Huh? Oh, uh.. I don't know." "Oh." Starfire answered, sitting by him. "Would you like to go to the Mall of Shopping with Bumblebee and me? We can buy some of those delicious earth substances called 'cotton candy' and 'chocolate'!" She grinned in anticipation. Beast Boy smiled. "Sure, Star." He said. "Let us go, then!" She giggled and pulled him with her as she went to get Bumblebee.

At the mall, while the girls were shopping, Beast Boy browsed around in the Valentines Selection. Suddenly, as he was looking at a specific card, he got an idea. He dropped the card and ran to a different store.

On the ground, there could be seen in plain sight, a Valentine card with a white raven on it, saying; You make me feel like I could fly.