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Chapter 7: Imaginary

I had found my way to bed and laid down. What was I going to do about tomorrow? Do I face Sasuke and… What, genius? Ask him out or something? I don't want to put myself in any place where I can get hurt from this, but if being with Sasuke makes my dad happy about me, I don't want to loose this. I'm slightly suspicious and wonder if he will come in and cut me for going to school today. I wouldn't like that. If he doesn't come in I will talk to Sasuke though. I will force that beautiful Uchiha to be mine.

Do these thoughts make me a bad person?


I don't think that makes me a bad person. He's the one who forced himself so violently into my life without a warning. He'll need to deal with the consequences now.

I smirk.

I can't wait for tomorrow to come!

I awake to someone opening the door to my room. I wasn't really asleep, but I didn't do anything to pass the time this night. I usually do because I can't sleep.

It's Temari and she's looking at me with a small weary smile.

"Yes?" I'm in a good mood today so I don't mind starting off the conversation with the blond. She looks a little worried before she closes the door behind her.

"Gaara… I was wondering if you could… Well… Talk to me… At some point. About what's going on with you and… Your boyfriend?" Did she seriously just ask me that?

The worst part is that I don't even have a boyfriend! I'm going to disappoint my whole family when they find out that Sasuke and I are nothing to each other. And I can't hide that from my siblings because we go to the same school. I'm digging myself a grave that I might never be able to get out of.

I stare at her for a moment and watch her fidget some more.

"Yes," My simple answer to a question that shouldn't exist. She nods and leaves the room in a rush, closing the door. I let out a small sigh and finish getting ready for school.

Temari, Kankuro, and I all make it to the bus stop as normal. We don't talk and they keep on giving me looks. Temari is smiling though, even though she normally doesn't. That's good, I guess.

The bus rolls up and we all get on in order by age. I begin to move into the back of the bus, like normal, when I noticed that a pair of onyx eyes are on my once again.

Shit… Sasuke's on my bus still. I was hoping that his brother drove him to school or something but I guess that I wasn't that lucky. I see him sitting in the back as he raises his hand to wave me over. And of course…

I come to his beckon like a lost puppy.

I sit down next to him. This is awkward because he stands up to let me sit next to the window. I feel like he's trying to cut off anyway of me getting away from him. God… What if he asks me out? What would I say to that?

'Yes'… Probably.

We sit in silence and he doesn't bother to start a conversation with me the whole way to school. It's bothering me. This isn't like the Sasuke that was all over me yesterday. I want him to say something or to do something to make me uneasy. I want that voice of his to be working.

I wanted to say something to get him to talk but decide against it. It's not like me to become so attached so quickly.

When the bus stops and we all stand up to get off, Sasuke still doesn't say anything to me. Once I step off the bus, it's almost like he books it to get away from me.

What the hell?!

You sucked my dick yesterday and now you're what? Too afraid to talk to me or something? You wanted me to sit with you on the bus though!! Arg.

Uchiha is on the menu today folks.

I smirk as his back quickly fades into the crowd of students.

I have a few classes with my raven. Yes, he is mine now.

Period A, Psychology is the one that I actually knew that he was in and then Period C, Physics is the one where I had no idea he was even 2 feet away from me. That just goes to show you how much I pay attention during the day.

Its period C right now and he sits to the back of me and the left if I'm facing the board. The two classes that we have together are my A level classes. The other classes that I take are either G, unleveled, or B, average. I've never taken a C level class and I've also never taken an AP level class. I'm normal and proud of it.

We're going to be doing a lab and we need a partner. I never have partners in this class because no one likes to get too close to me in fear that I will infect them with my craziness apparently.

I get up with my materials, calculator and the works, and make it to one of the lab tables in the back of the room.

I glance towards Sasuke who is talking to some pink haired girl and a blonde. I find my gaze lingering a little too long as his own eyes meet mine.

He smirks at me and gives me a small glare before moving away and not bothering to look at me for the rest of the period. I was hoping, deep down, way deep down, that he'd come over and talk to me.

I don't know what it is with this change of heart about him but I like having something interesting like him to think about all day.

It's now lunch and I'm still pondering over the raven. I'm sitting by myself until Naruto comes over with Neji tailing behind him. They were once dating, but I'm not going to go into that.

"Hey!" Naruto says happily as he sits down next to me and offers over his broccoli, my favorite food. Its not that I'm a health nut or anything, just something about broccoli makes me a happy person.

I nod to Neji as he also sits and begins to eat his food. I'm barely listening to Naruto as he begins to rant on about how his day is going and who he thinks is hot and other random shit as I loose myself in my own little world.

A hand lands on my shoulder before it slides down my arm to rest on my hip. My eyes widen and I can see both of the other occupants at my table are staring at me. I turn my gaze up to see Sasuke looming over me.

"Can I sit here?" He asks me, still looking at the other two boys who are staring at him in return.

I nod and he takes the seat next to me.

Okay… This is going to be awkward.

Lunch is uneventful as we all eat in silence now. I finish quickly, there wasn't much broccoli to begin with, and lean back in my chair.

Sasuke's glancing at me from the corner of his eye.

Does he think that I can't see him or something?

Naruto finishes his meal with a big sigh and sits back in his chair, arms crossed behind his head.

"So…. You going to Prom guys?" He asks. Well, he's really only asking me and Neji but Sasuke is the one who answers first.

"Only if I can get a date."

Naruto looks taken aback by that comment.

"Why? Can't you just go and hang with your friends? Why do you 'need' a date, Sasuke-teme?" Sasuke looks up to glare at Naruto for calling him names before finishing off his sandwich and leaning back, arms crossed.

"Because… There's someone that I'm waiting to ask. I don't want-"

"Will you go to Prom with me?" I didn't even realize when those words flew from my mouth.

I glance up to Naruto who gasped and realized what I had just asked of another man while in the cafeteria.


My head snaps to Sasuke who's hanged his head. Now I can't see his face and this is worrying me. He doesn't say anything though and just gets up from the table with his tray and leaves. I watch him walk away. He even goes so far to walk out of the lunch room.


Why can't my mouth work with my brain properly?

If it did then none of this would have happened!

Neji and Naruto are staring at me with shocked expressions. More then likely wanting to know where my little outburst came from in the first place. I couldn't even tell them if I wanted to. It wasn't like Sasuke and I were official so I can't just be cruel to him and go around the school bragging about what he did to me at his house.

I don't want to bother and explain anything to my two friends so I grab my bag and high tail it out of the room and to the library where I can sit in peace.

The end of the day rolled around fast. Before I knew it, the last bell had rung and I had walked to the bus. I hoped I was one of the last ones on and Sasuke already had his seat full so that I wasn't forced to maybe answer anything that he might ask me.

Like… 'Why the hell did you ask me to the Prom?'

Or… 'Do you love me?'

Or… Well… You get the idea.

And as I contemplated all of those dreadful things that he could be, in fact, waiting to ask me; I feel someone shove my back. I whirl around, ready for a fight just to see Sasuke looking at my feet.

"Yes." He says simply to me. I'm a little mad that he pushed me but madder at the fact that this 'yes' he so plainly gave me makes no sense at the moment. Yes to what?

I stand there and give him a confused look. I can see from my angle a blush that must be getting darker by the second.

I smirk. Well now. This is interesting.

Be must be saying yes to going to Prom with me but doesn't want to say it to the world. With all of the other students getting on buses and talking to their friends, no one is paying attention to what Sasuke and I are saying.

"Yes to what?" I want him to say it louder. I want the whole school to know that Sasuke has the hots for me and is bowing to my every wish. I asked him to the Prom. He sucked me off. He's the girl. Simple and Plain. Nothing more to it.

"YES! I'll go to the Prom with you!" I think he got that I wanted him to shout it. He's blushing madly, eyes screwed shut and his fists are clenched at his sides. He looks very childish.


"Okay." I turn towards the bus again and climb up the stairs. Sasuke quickly runs after me with all of the other students watching us. After his little screech to the world, they all know that I and he are doing this: Going to the Prom together.

This weird sense of power that comes over me with him sitting next to me is intoxicating. It's wondrous to think that I have so much control over someone's life. I've never felt this before.

I wonder if this is considered dating…?