This story will take a while, but I promise not to abandon it. It is finished in my head but not on paper. Besides, I have to translate it from German into English. please be lenient with occasional mistakes or clumsy expressions, I'm German.

What have I done? Guy tried to suppress the scream rising in his throat and heard himself moan, heard his rattled breath. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his fingers clutched the Sheriff's cloak. He opened his eyes…..darkness!...What was this?...Guy blinked….a dream, everything had been a dream? Beside him, he heard the Sheriff snoring and Alan on the other side sleeping soundlessly. Guy was drenched in sweat and still clasping the old blanked he was covered with. He inhaled deeply and felt his heartbeat race. His hands touched his tearstained face and he coughed lowly. A dream, only a dream….

In his dream, he had killed her. He had always known that he was capable of this and his lips curled in a bitter smile. Even the only woman he had ever loved…His heart was in his mouth and his hands were trembling. Marian had laughed at him, had ridiculed him and had told him that she would marry Robin Hood, that she would rather die than be with him, Guy – but it had only be a dream….Really?

Ever since Marian's kiss at Nottingham Castle he had pushed away his doubts. This had been a turning point and he had believed that they had been given a second chance. And now….Alan had been evasive when Guy had asked him whether Marian was in love with Robin, and Guy had known why…Perhaps this was the reason for this dream; in his nightmare he had realised things he had not been willing to face when he was awake, things his subconscious had been trying to show him for a long time. It had not been loyalty to Vaysey that had caused him to tell the Sheriff that Marian was the Nightwatchman. In this moment he had known that nothing she had told him had been true, that she'd only sounded him out and lied to him. Alan's reaction had only confirmed this….Marian's feelings for him had only been illusions; she'd used him and had only messed about with him. – and not only she.

Guy was lying in the darkness, still shocked by what he had done in his dream, his limbs were leaden, but his mind seemed to have been unveiled. Not only had he nothing to expect from her, the Sheriff would try to get rid of him as soon as he had served his purpose. Title and money he'd been promised – he'd never get them. Vaysey had ridiculed him likewise, had treated him dismissively in front of others and shown everybody that he was no more than a henchman. The loyalty he had felt once for Vaysey, had been nothing to this man; for the Sheriff he was no more than a useful dog he could kick and who would come back anyway. But both Marian and Vaysey had not considered that you could kick a dog one time too much.

Alan and Vaysey were sleeping tightly and didn't move; in the yard, Guy heard a horse snort, but otherwise it was utterly quiet. He removed his blanket and rose soundlessly. The way to the door was blocked, since the others might wake up. He would get out through the window. Guy's eyes didn't leave Alan while he sneaked silently past him. If Alan woke up, he would have to silence him. No sound was to be heard when Guy climbed out of the window. Everything remained silent, when he sidled across the yard towards the stables. Obviously the innkeeper had penned the dog in. Guy opened the door in increments…still no sound. The straw rustled under his feet when he drew near to where Marian was lying. She was sleeping peacefully, the moonlight shining on her face. How beautiful she was and how innocent she looked. Guy knelt down and touched her face; she stirred and opened her eyes. Before she could utter a sound, he put his hand on her mouth.

Her eyes went wide in shock, but he knew that she would not scream and removed his hand. Slowly she sat up and looked at him. "Marian," he said and touched her hair, but although his touch was tender, she heard the coldness in his voice. His lips curled in the hint of a smile, but it was the kind of smile she had always feared, it didn't reach his eyes. She swallowed.

It's true then," he said eventually, his voice calm and businesslike, as if this didn't interest him at all. "You've never felt anything for me…."


"Shush…" He lay a finger on her lips and continued. „Further lies are unnecessary…I don't need to ask why. You needed information and silly Guy of Gisborne gave it to you. How you must have laughed at me." He got up, his gaze scrutinizing her. His facial expression and his voice had changed and although his voice was still calm, the hatred unmistakeable; Marian knew that she would not leave the stables alive. Probably she had brought it onto herself. She had always known how dangerous he was, but had thought she could deal with him.

"You are right, Sir Guy," she said slowly and haltingly. "I used you, but there was a time, when I thought…. that you and I . .when you…."

"I loved you," Guy said tonelessly without reacting on her words at all. She had always known and had only ridiculed him. Before his mind's eye he saw himself kneeling down and proposing amidst all the people at Nottingham Castle. Stonily and with eyes that seemed to gaze into space, he looked down at her and then reached into his boots, pulling out his dagger.