STARWARS: Fallen Future

Part I: Path of Shadows

Epilogue: Reflections

-"This turn of events is unfortunate, but it may yet be turned to our advantage, you may just get your way after all."Darth Sidious in a coded message to Darth Tyrannous


In a high rise office in Coruscant, A man known as Sidious seethes, not only did Krayn fail to kill Kenobi, but he was instrumental in returning his memories! There are precious few positives about the whole affair. True he now knows exactly how much the Jedi collectively knew about the Sith, but he's taken a great risk in obtaining it. And since Kenobi had reportedly regained his memories, he was down a useful tool; now the man is a liability.

He has to see the fact that the Jedi had not already come marching down upon him means that they know nothing of his identity, his caution with Ibonek has been well justified.

There is a slim but definite possibility that the young man can be turned proper, somewhere down the track. Maybe this situation can still be used to his advantage. But until that point, he'll carry on like nothing had changed.

Instead he will call Count Dooku. The man was a good find. He is an excellent replacement for Maul who had been killed on Naboo, and will fulfil his purpose brilliantly, until he can turn either Kenobi, or young Skywalker to his will. Maybe, if he plays his cards right, he can pit them against each other and take the victor as his pupil.

But that is many years in the future. First he has a war to start. And a Separatist movement to create.

The Sith Lord Darth Sidious will not rest.

In a factory on Nar Shaddaa, a young Twi'lek named Mazie, look's up at the clock, it is finish time and she is ready to go home. 'Fate was a funny thing' she decides. A week ago she'd been a slave, one of the thousands working under Krayn.

But thanks to the work of the Jedi, Krayn was now dead, and the spice processing plants had been taken over by the Republic; meaning that all jobs where now regular paid places. Many of the freed slaves had decided to stay on until they could afford to buy passage off-world, Mazie and her daughter Berri among them.

They have much to be thankful for, they had narrowly missed out on being drafted into the two hundred slaves that had been forced to try to stop an intruder; none of whom had survived.

And now, for the first time in more than five years, they know hope. Thanks to the Jedi. Thanks to the Jedi they would no longer have the shadow of Krayn's men standing over them – they are free.

In a small ship somewhere south of the Rishi maze, a bounty hunter sits contemplating. Jango had stayed out of sight in the storm. He had watched the fight between the three Jedi and Ken by thermal imaging.

He had seen Ken get stabbed, and then an explosion had deadened the sensors. But it didn't matter; he knew all that he needed to.

He didn't know when he had stopped seeing Ken as an annoying charge to look after, and started seeing him as a friend, as a brother. But it had happened, and he had not found his death an easy one. Now here he sits drifting through space above a stormy planet far below.

Down below on that planet is his son. Down below on that planet is the future of his work. He is now to train his own army in combat, teach them how to think battle, how to forget pain.

And of course he will be spend more time with his 'son'. He will spend time with his son because when your number is up, your number is up. Jango hadn't let many people get close to him in his lifetime, his mentor Jaster, who had been like a second father to him, Sheeka Tull who he had been romantically involved with for a short time. And of course, some of the Mandalorians where friends.

But somehow, and Jango was blown if he knows how, Ken Ibonek had found his way into that select group as well. And his death had been a reminder of the same thing that Jaster's death had taught him. Anyone can die anywhere, any time. And he wants his son to know him more than just a figure that pops in occasionally, he will make time for his son.

Siri sits alone in her new apartment. Adi had told her when she had returned that the mission under Krayn had been her trials. That she was now a Jedi Knight. A more gruelling test Siri can not imagine. But she is not thinking of that now, her thoughts are firmly on a man down in the healers ward.

She and Obi-Wan had come to an unspoken agreement that they would not mention their love – at least until they where both healed in body and soul. But after that… who knew? Their love had resurfaced again despite their best efforts to bury it.

Perhaps in the end, they will have to once again choose between them and the order. But not now, for now she will just be happy knowing that she loves Obi-Wan, and that he loves her. For the moment that will be enough – it has to be.

A Jedi Initiate sits in her small room in the temple; this initiate is Darra Thel-Tanis. Every initiate dreads that they will not be chosen as a Padawan, but Darra had decided several days ago that having your promised Master killed is even worse.

All her friends tell her that she will get another master, maybe they are right. At the moment she doesn't care. She had wanted Soara Antana to be her master. But she had been killed – scratch that – brutally murdered. And now the council had brought her murder back into the order. And knighted him no less!

What where they thinking!

How could they do it?

But Darra knew one thing; she will never forgive Obi-Wan Kenobi. She will never look up to him, never call him Master as an initiate should to a Jedi Knight. Never, never, never. And she will do her best to make sure that the Temple never forgets the atrocities that he has committed, as long as she is around, she will make sure that the memory of Soara Antana lives on. "I will avenge you… Master." She whispers as a tear rolls down her cheek.


For Now…

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