Prologue: Awakening of the Cursed

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Prologue: Awakening of the Cursed

"SASUKE!" Screamed a blonde as he saw the body of one Uchiha Sasuke, turn into a human pincushion as the raven haired Uchiha was pierced with countless needles that came from the androgynous male, Haku. It all targeted Sasuke's vital organs and all managed to hit

"N… Naruto…" Said the Uchiha falling on the cold hard cement of the would be bridge of the impoverished Nami no Kuni. Sasuke felt weak his legs felt like jelly, no, worse than jelly, it felt like liquid soap, he was slowly slipping away from consciousness. He felt like shit, he couldn't even kill his brother, he was going to end up here, killed by a fake Oinin. Sasuke wanted to curse, but could not seeing as his own voice was slipping

"Why did you save me, bastard!?" Asked the blonde he had caught Sasuke by his arms and was in distraught

"I don't know, my body moved on my own… Dobe." Said the Uchiha and Naruto hollered at the top of his lungs

"I didn't asked to be saved!" Said the blonde both in anger and silence as the raven haired Uchiha slipped into darkness

"Is it your first time seeing your comrade die?" Asked the fake Oinin at his back

"Shut up…" Naruto muttered

"It is sad, isn't it? Seeing someone precious to you die with you powerless to do anything"

"SHUT UP!" Said the blonde turning to face his effeminate opponent.

"I'll KILL YOU!" Said the blonde as his right eye suddenly glowed in blue light and ancient rune line started to appear in his iris, his pupil shrinking to nothing as his hair turned to a silvery color that matched the color of a perfectly crafted blade his hitai-ite fell from his head as he faced his opponent, his own emotions beginning to be devoid of anything, no anger, no happiness, no sadness, just pure, look of apathy.

Naruto's mindscape:

'NO! This foolish human activated it, the eye that said to have defied the celestials! Stop mortal! Do you not understand the implications it will do!?' The fox roared in rage, flaring his youki all around the room trying to counter act the sudden gush of blue light to the area but only failing to do so

The blonde then looked at the giant cage and then to white light gently caressing its luminescent glow that flickered the area, Naruto then felt it, as his heart suddenly pumped loud he could clearly tell, signs of palpitations soon emerged as he clasped his right eye in pain slowly turning his eye to the one that had appeared outside

'It has begun… The eye of beginnings shall once again grace this world in chaos.' Uttered the kitsune as the blonde then looked at him with no emotions shown on his face

'Kyuubi no Kitsune' The blonde uttered, no tone of voice was heard

'Indeed I am, and thanks to you, you have now brought upon the second Armageddon!' 'Said the kitsune, Naruto on the other hand remained silent

'Because of you, the other shall emerge and will wage war against you, bringing death to everyone! Even the Bijuu shall be no match!' Screamed the Kyuubi

Naruto still remained silent with the Kyuubi pacing back and forth in its own cage

'If at all possible I'll kill you! If it were not for this damnable seal! Bear in mind boy, once I get out of this cage, the first thing that I will do is kill everyone you hold dear and then make you watch as I tear out their hearts!'

'I won't let you.' 'Said the silver haired boy touching the cage

'What are you doing!?'

'Putting a stop to you and the rest of the bijuu.' Said the former blonde as the blue light then surged on the right hand of the said boy

'Ha! I'd like to see you try! We are the bijuu, you on the other hand, are a human with a huge amount of luck, but unfortunately runs out, you just started using that eye, and how will you defeat me? By all means do so, I am as generous to inform you that we bijuu are far more cunning than you think and the more cunning we become when we are sealed within our containers, because of this we gain the forbidden fruit that no demon is able to touch! Sentience! When we are released from prison upon your death, we shall once again roam this world and this time, nothing will stop us!'

'That is what you say, but I'm putting an end to it now.'

'Hahahaha! Foolish human! You shall never gain power, go crawl up and die miserably!' The kitsune then released a huge surge of youki trying to fight off more of the surge of blue light emanating from the back of the blonde

'It will never happen' Said the blonde as then the blue white light started consuming the youki of the demon with the kitsune slowly fearing for its life

'You! Don't you dare do this to me! The Kyuubi no Kitsune! The highest level of the bijuu! I will not be defeated by the likes of you!'

'By my will, I will gain your strength!'


The blue light slowly receded as then the silver haired genin appeared his look did not betray his face his silver hair flowed with the wind with his apathetic look, he pierced his eyes with the real Haku

'W-what is this? This isn't even chakra, but the sheer force of this energy is overwhelming!' Thought Haku as then the former blonde had dashed towards him with speed he had not realized. Naruto then out of sheer force punched the ice mirror the other boy was in, the mirror instantly shattered turning the ice into tiny particles and was eroded away by the wind.

The blonde didn't stop there, as soon as the other boy was flown back, he dashed faster and caught the boy by the collar, and then spinning around in a 180 degree and then threw the boy which sent the effeminate boy upwards. Naruto jumped and suddenly appeared at the top of Haku and punched his face that was covered with his mask. With that shattering, the silver haired genin turned in mid air and performed an axle kick that sent Haku plummeting towards the ground.

Haku crashed on the hard floor feeling his ribs break, but soon recovered as he bounced, willing his body to move, Haku evaded the punch that the silver haired genin sent him by jumping to the side. Haku then performed one handed seals and launched a barrage of water needles that Naruto merely glanced and outstretched his arms

'Stop' Naruto thought and immediately the barrage stopped as if it was following his will with the blonde dashing in the middle of the halted water needles, cracking the small thin line of hardened liquid with his breakneck speed towards the injured Haku. Slamming his fists with an uppercut at the stomach of the said boy and sent him flying like a rag doll. The formerly blonde Genin's assault wouldn't stop as he jumped once again and this time, gave a vicious head butt that sent the fake Oinin on the ground with a lacerated forehead.

Haku stood up holding his side, groggily, he looked on to the silver haired genin for a moment as he started to walk towards Haku. Haku said nothing as the silver haired child approached slowly and then cracking his knuckles

"I'm honored to fight a Shinobi like you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto stopped midway when Haku spoke.

"It is sad to say, but I wish could have met on more friendlier terms." Said Haku raising his head revealing his neck

"Come Naruto-kun, finish me; Zabuza-san has no use for a broken tool like me." Said Haku Naruto hesitated, although under a different consciousness, the blonde haired child still remained within him, his innocence was infectious, Naruto then shivered, he could clearly feel the effects of the blonde. He then looked at Haku as the fake Oinin looked startled, he then used one handed seals and went through the mirror to teleport

Naruto looked back as he could see someone moving with something like a sparkling orb held in his hand. He then saw a huge clump of something that was not moving by Naruto's deduction, it was the intended target, then he saw the appearance of a mirror suddenly sprouting from the ground with the one holding the sparkling orb hit the mirror. A moment seemed to pass by as the one holding the orb of lightning retracted his hand and a sudden gush of liquid was sprayed everywhere.

Naruto was shocked with the sudden twist of fate, he ran towards the area where he saw that particular event.


Kakashi was surprised, never would he thought that the mask wearing boy would get in the way of his Raikiri (Lightning Blade) as he slowly retracted his hand from the boy's chest, he couldn't help but feel disgust with the man that used him

"That's good Haku, just like the tool you are supposed to be!" Said Zabuza swinging his sword towards the corpse that held Kakashi close. Kakashi immediately countered by spinning around the corpse of the said ice user, and then kicking Zabuza with his heel pushing the said man away from him.

"I don't know what happened and why you did that but I assure you, I'll avenge your death." Said Kakashi as he then stared at the gigantic sword user.

Just then, he felt the presence of an approaching chakra signature, it somehow felt the same yet different altogether. As the approaching figure came into view, he couldn't quite figure it out but it was definitely someone he knew, turning his head for a moment, he saw a silver haired genin, clad in an orange colored jumpsuit similar to Naruto's but what caught Kakashi's attention was the blonde's right eye that had glowing yellow lines inside his iris.

'Kyuubi? No, Jinchuuriki normally take form of what their sealed beast is, then, what caused such a dramatic physical change, and what are those lines on Naruto's right eye?' Kakashi's musing were suddenly interrupted when he looked back towards the Zabuza to see a dozen or so mercenaries appearing from the mist, it looked like Gatou's idea of money making didn't involve paying hired ninja to do the job

"Feh, so much for the so called Mighty demon of the mist." Said Gatou, spitting on the floor of the bridge

"And you call yourself a demon? Look at yourself, to me you look like you're a helpless little dog just growling there waiting for his death to arrive." Said Gatou and Naruto growled

"Even your stupid accomplice was useless, I knew I shouldn't have hired missing ninja to do the work for me." Said Gatou, to this Naruto turned furious

"You." Uttered the blonde as his fist turned to white with his shaking anger

'Power, by my will, give my hands power!'

"YOU!" Said the blonde as the yellow lines from his eyes started to turn into different directions around his iris the area around Naruto glowed in blue light as he gathered the light to his right hand. Kakashi has never seen Naruto's anger, for all he knew, Naruto was a child that uphold human life and honor most of all, for someone who tramples honor and disregards human life, Naruto's anger was flaring, he hated people like them, disregarding human life, trampling human dignity and treating them like dirt. All of it, didn't agreed with Naruto's beliefs

"SCUM LIKE YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!" Said the blonde reaching for a punching motion and letting go of a powerful blast, the samurai mercenary were surprised as they were blown by the sheer power of the light blue blast that disintegrated some of the thugs.

"What sheer power…" Said Kakashi as he saw some of the men screamed to their deaths as not even a trace of their molecules remained. Amazingly, Gatou, the one that the blast was intended upon, managed to survived, by miraculously jumping to the side while his thugs were preoccupied with the blue light, but as he was about to stand up and smug triumphantly, he was met by the man that he had tried to kill along with the alcohol addicted washed up bridge builder, he started to shiver as the man that he had tried to double cross had a kunai gripped in his mouth suddenly striking him.

Gatou yelled in pain, as he staggered back with Zabuza spinning around, the kunai in his mouth hitting Gatou by the chest and then another hitting his neck. Gatou fell back his body plummeting towards the sea forever sinking in the depths of the ocean.

Naruto then, collapsed as his receded back to its normal blue color

Kakashi caught him back and thought

'Just what was that?' Thought Kakashi carrying Naruto with his back

Three days later:

Naruto stirred, as he woke up, he couldn't help but feel something covering his right eye, touching it he felt as though something leathery covered it, sitting up and looking for a near by mirror, Naruto saw that his right eye was covered with an eye-patch

"What the…" muttered the blonde as he was about to remove the eye patch, Kakashi then appeared by his doorway and said

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Naruto." Said the silver haired Jounin

"Sensei… What just happened?" Asked the blonde turning to his mentor, who had just informed him what happened after the fight with Zabuza

"But why an eye patch?" Asked the blonde as he stared at Kakashi with his only visible eye.

"Ah, let me explain when you were unconscious." Said Kakashi

Flashback, Three days ago:

Kakashi carried Naruto to the house, his blonde locks slowly returning back letting his silver hair go.

Once arriving at Tazuna's Kakashi set Naruto by the couch and examined the blonde's eye, as soon as Kakashi opened Naruto's right eye, the gold lines in his iris glowed in luminance as the glowing lines started to spin, Kakashi then tried to close the blonde's eyes but the sheer force of whatever his eye was sending was forcing the blonde to open it, The blonde then started to scream and blue light started to encircle his eye. Naruto started to convulse, his mouth began to foam and Naruto started to have a seizure

"Kakashi-sensei, is Naruto going to be alright?" Asked Sakura and Kakashi answered

"I don't know… I just d" Kakashi was then cut off when Naruto started to transfigure, his hair was turning silver again, Kakashi gritted his teeth and sorted to a last resort, he then grabbed Naruto's hitai-ite and then placed it in Naruto's right eye. The silver hair receded and Naruto started to calm down, slowly, he went back to his own slumber and then Kakashi sighed in relief

"Sakura, since you're the only one who's active right now, I ask you that you go to town and buy me an eye patch, I'll stay here and watch over Sasuke and Naruto." Said Kakashi

"Why, sensei? Why don't you just place his hitai-ite on his eye instead?" Asked Sakura

"Because he'll just copy my style." Casually said the Jounin and made Sakura fume.

Flashback ended

"So that's why…" Said the blonde gazing down on the floor

"Naruto, tell me what happened…" Said his Jounin instructor to which, Naruto replied,

"Sure sensei…" Said the blonde as he told his teacher what happened when he went ballistic towards Haku, his conversation with Kyuubi and the so called, eye of beginnings and then finally, attacking Haku and witnessing Zabuza's battle

'So this so called, eye of beginnings and Kyuubi's vague interpretation of the second Armageddon, what does it all mean?' Thought Kakashi, although he was going to question the blonde, it was better that he did not, it was clear Kyuubi told him what the fox was willing to share, however, he kept secret as to why there would be a second Armageddon judging from the way he looked at the blonde

'He's just a ninja trying to make a name for himself and prove people wrong, is it so hard to ask?' Thought Kakashi as he let Naruto exit the room

Once outside, questions started to litter him coming from his two teammates, Naruto didn't want to admit anything, so he answered as vague as he could.

"I don't know what this eye is, all I know is I earned it after I went nuts fighting against that Hyoton user." Said Naruto Sasuke eyed the blonde suspiciously, looking over to the blonde's eye patch he then swiftly moved to Naruto's right and as Sasuke was about to deliver a punch, Naruto reacted perfectly by catching it with his palm

"What the hell is wrong with you teme!?" Asked the irate blonde as Sasuke replied

"As I suspected, even though your right eye is covered, you could still react perfectly from that angle from an angle that your eye isn't supposed to see! Tell me dobe, what the hell that eye is or I'll force it out of you." Said Sasuke but Naruto replied coldly

"I told you what I know about damn it! It's not like I know what's happening to me! Damn it, I'm confused as hell and you still want answers from me!? You know what, ask later about my personal life when you tell me why you have a stick running up your ass!" Said the blonde

"NARUTO! APOLOGIZE TO SASUKE-KUN, YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!" Said Sakura slamming her fists on the poor blonde on the head, Naruto, easily defended it by grabbing her wrist

"I told you, I don't have time for games! I'll tell you when I want to! Right now, I just want to be alone! You're lucky you're a woman Sakura, or else I would've hit you square in the face months ago from the abuse you gave me!" Said the blonde walking out of the house going to the seashore.

"The hell is that dobe's problem! I swear he gets on everyone's nerves all the time! Right, Sasuke-kun?" Asked the irritated Sakura

"Like you don't" Was all Sasuke's reply as he headed to the forests to train

Haku and Zabuza's grave:

Naruto solemnly looked upon the graves of two people, one had a mask on its cross while the other had its humungous sword planted on the ground. Naruto closed his visible eye and bowed paying respects. Just then, a puff of smoke was heard, Naruto turned around as he saw his masked teacher, Hatake Kakashi, quietly reading his book and then suddenly speaking

"I knew I'd find you here." Said Kakashi and the blonde didn't speak, staring at the two graves right in front of him

"When Kyuubi spoke to me about that Armageddon thing, he said that the other one shall emerge and will wage war against me, killing every living thing that existed in this world, just what does that mean, Kakashi-sensei?" Asked the blonde and Kakashi shook his head

"Even an experienced Jounin can't answer that question; there are still mysteries in this world that even a Kage doesn't know. But maybe, we can find out about it when we go to Hokage-sama for help, I'm sure we'll find something." Said Kakashi and Naruto nodded and then grinned

"Right now, you need to concentrate and configure just what that eye does." Said Kakashi

"Right…" Said the blonde as he turned his back from the graves of his former enemies

'One day Haku, I'll stop it, I'll stop the hatred for people like us, and then, you'll see, we'll be able to live here in happiness, this I swear on my nindo' Thought Naruto, having one last look at the graves and then finally going back

The next day:

Setting off back to Konoha was actually emotional, Inari cried when Naruto was about to leave, a bridge was named after the blonde and then as team seven went back home, everyone couldn't help but notice Naruto's new sullen and thoughtful attitude, it agitated Sakura and made Sasuke irritated, Kakashi was noticing the sudden changes with his team until Sakura broke the silence

"Gyah! Naruto, what the hell! This isn't like you, why the hell are you being so quiet all of a sudden!?" Asked the pink haired Kunoichi, Naruto for his patience answered as friendly as he possibly could

"Nothing Sakura I just… Came to an epiphany." Said Naruto staring out in the open fields with his only visible eye

"That's a deep word you thought of there, dobe, are you sure your brain won't hurt?" Asked Sasuke, trying to swagger the blonde

"Don't know…" Said the blonde and Sasuke twitched, since when did the hotheaded blonde let an insult pass by without retorting back?

'thanks to you, you have now brought upon the second Armageddon!'Naruto remembered those words so well, clutching his head, he suddenly told Kakashi

"Sensei, let me sit down for a minute, my head hurts." Kakashi complied and all of them sat down for a few minutes as they all stared at the blonde who was still clutching his head

''Because of you, the other shall emerge and will wage war against you, bringing death to everyone! Even the Bijuu shall be no match!'


'you have now brought upon the second Armageddon!'


'Bringing death to everyone!'


'Death to everyone!'


Naruto then stood up, as his face was twitching his eyes were growing large, his skin was turning pale as he clutched his eye patch covering his right eye. Everyone started to get up as the blonde stood, Kakashi was prepared to restrain the boy while Sakura was holding her mouth watching the blonde feeling scared, showing, fear. Although it wasn't the first time the blonde showed fear, it was the first time that Naruto showed pure, primal fear.

"I won't… I won't… I won't bring death to everyone!" Yelled the blonde as he clutched his head, and screamed…

"Naruto, calm yourself! This isn't like you, what are you talking about, you won't bring death to everyone! Stop it now!" Said Kakashi holding the blonde's arms and the blonde suddenly struggling from the grip

"I don't want this! I don't want this!" Said the blonde struggling as tears suddenly fell down on his visible eye

"I don't want it, I don't want to kill mindlessly… I… " The blonde had no time to talk anymore as he was knocked unconscious by a strike to the back of the neck courtesy of Sasuke

"What the hell was that all about!?" Asked Sakura, shaking as he saw the blonde

"I don't know, we're about halfway to Konoha, I suggest we go now before sunset." Said Kakashi carrying Naruto with his back. The three then headed out towards Konoha and bring Naruto to a hospital


Izumo and Kotetsu were on gate duty, although not the most enjoyable job of being Chuunin, it didn't mean it was the most horrible job; tell that to Iruka or so they say. Both Chuunin then saw three people walking towards Konoha, two children and an adult that had covered almost all of his face except for his right eye. A boy was rested on his back and they all recognized it as the blonde haired Jinchuuriki

"Kakashi-san, thank goodness you are back from that mission gone horribly wrong, Hokage-sama couldn't give out any reinforcements since most of the people on reserve are on the inactive duty, Hokage-sama believed that you could handle a B-rank with your genin team" Said Izumo scratching the back of his head and then noticed that the blonde jinchuuriki was wearing an eye patch over his right eye

"Kakashi-san, did Naruto lost his right eye?" Asked Izumo and Kakashi shook

"No, actually, I can't tell, I need to tell Hokage-sama first what had happened." Said Kakashi and Izumo nodded

"Here are your report papers for the next few days and submit it to Hokage-sama once you are done." Said Kotetsu handing over the papers with Kakashi nodding his thanks

"Alright you two, mission accomplished go back to your homes and we're done, I'm sending Naruto to the hospital."

Both genin nodded

Konoha Hospital:

Sarutobi was a patient man, by all aspects, he was virtuous for a ninja, upheld all human rights and even was said to have been a pacifist even in the great ninja wars, opting for peace rather than arms. So here he was patiently trying to comprehend what the blonde haired child had done, there were tests conducted of him, particularly, DNA tests to check if the blonde still had the same genes since it was a suspected Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit)

The results surprised him to say the least, no more like shocked him since the DNA test concluded with a negative, it was supposed to be the fifth test and still negative! It frustrated Sarutobi to no end. Kakashi had tried to explain it to the best of his ability, coming from the sides of both Naruto and Sasuke, Sarutobi didn't understand this phenomenal event, did it mean that only Naruto was the one capable of such a thing?

Sarutobi then went to the blonde's room as he sat down with Kakashi leaning against the wall while reading his book. Sarutobi looked at the unconscious blonde; his left arm was inserted with an intravenous fluid.

"So, how did the tests go, Hokage-sama?" Asked Kakashi

"All of them Kakashi, from the first up to the last, all of them turned out to be negative." Said Sarutobi giving a huge sigh of defeat

"It's baffling to think that something like this exists, and in the arms of Uzumaki Naruto no less." Said Sarutobi removing his hat.

"Hokage-sama, has there been a legend that you heard, when you were young about the this eye of beginnings?" Asked Kakashi and Sarutobi shook his head

"No, but there was once an old tale called, Souseiki no Me to Keiji no Me (The Eye of Genesis and The Eye of the Apocalypse). In it, the tale of a man named, Touya, was described as a defiant man, who was so knowledgeable about everything that he dared to say that one day, he too, shall become a god, he created two eyes out of magic and then planted them to his own, the two eyes, contradicted each other, as the right eye was the eye of life while the left eye was the eye of death. When Touya inserted them to his own, the eyes reacted and wanted complete dominance with the other, the result became a tie and the existence of the two meant that they are to be punished." Said Sarutobi grabbing his pipe and lighting it, slowly walking to the window

"The celestial beings saw this as an act of defiance, and condemned the man to death by having the two eyes continuously conflict with each other and eventually destroyed Touya's mind, literally. After that, one of the guardians of the plane of the gods, grabbed the body of Touya and then gutted his innards, setting them on fire he then grabbed the two eyes and tried to destroy it but failed to do so. So what he did was seal it away to the opposite ends of the earth, never to let anyone touch it ever again." Said Sarutobi

"But, Kyuubi said to have accounted that with the appearance of the eye, the Second coming of Armageddon shall occur." Said Kakashi

"The second coming… That much I do not know Kakashi, it might have come from the periods of the Rikudo Sennin (Hermit of six paths) since through him, the existence of Ninjutsu was created." Said Sarutobi

"Are you then telling me, Hokage-sama, that Naruto holds one of these eyes?" Asked Kakashi

"No, but it is a high possibility, nothing compared to the DNA tests could have answered that question, the legend of the Souseiki no Me and Keiji no Me might REALLY exist." Said Sarutobi

"Then what do you suppose possessed his eye?" Asked Kakashi

"I have a hunch that his right eye has become the Souseiki no Me (the Eye of Genesis), it is said that the Eye of Genesis controls all life, creating and giving life, however, it cannot by all means, inflict death. The eye is said to grant the user's will, by all means but it cannot try to cause death directly, Souseiki no Me and Keiji no Me were considered as inspirations of the Rikudo Sennin to create Ninjutsu within the world."

Sarutobi then inhaled the pipe and breathe it out

"There is also a saying that when the Eye of Beginnings meets with the Eye of Ends, then the world shall fall to either calamity or prosperity."

"Within Naruto's right eye now, is the hope of mankind itself." Said Sarutobi, with the blonde slowly gaining his consciousness


Hi ho dear readers, once again, I'm experimenting, and I'm trying to keep my writing levels up, This is an experiment, so I don't know if I should continue, I hope you will all enjoy this!