Chapter 5: Bloodrage

Uzumaki Naruto licked his lips, the runic lines on his right eye were circling, his lust for blood grew exponentially, youki forcing Naruto's body and mind to adapt, his sanity was on the verge of collapse

"Oi… Somehow, I feel compelled to be swimming in your blood…" The blonde said as he giggled suddenly

Everyone in the clearing felt a shiver run down their spine, a boy like Naruto giggling at the thought of mutilating someone was something that scared everyone in the room.

"I want… Carnage!" The blonde then dashed forward at the speed everyone never knew Naruto could accomplish. The blonde flipped in mid air, red streaks of light was collected at his fists that were over his head, and bashed the one with the air holes on the palms in the head.

Zaku could feel the strength of the punch, he was lucky he was still able to duck but the sheer power brought a shockwave that sent him crashing to the ground face first

"Don't leave me out on all the fun, dobe…" Sasuke mentioned, Going through a series of seals

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu! (Mythical Fire Flower)" Sasuke blew the fireballs from his mouth, bombarding the mummified Oto Genin with pellets of fire

Dosu dodged the flaming projectiles, as the projectiles hit a tree trunk, the flames dissipated revealing…

"Damn! There are shuriken in the flames! Don't block them! Dodge!" Said Dosu with Sasuke grinning and then backhanded Dosu with speeds that was nearly matching Naruto's

"Where the hell are you going!? I want more fun! More blood!" Naruto yelled suddenly dashing towards Zaku who somehow escaped him. Stretching his hand, a silver sword came out from nowhere, dashed towards Zaku

"Zankuuha! (Air Slicing wave)" Zaku stretched both his arms pumping chakra into it and blasted the sword with chakra induced air

The sword kept penetrating though, as Zaku was forced to dodge, planting the sword on the ground with a monstrous explosion

"Dodging is for wimps! Come back here!" Naruto wickedly laughed retrieving Ginryu from the dust with only his outstretched hand, coming after Zaku like a rabid dog

"Come here, I want you to scream in agony!" Naruto kept his monologue his right eye suddenly glowing, stretching his right hand which held Ginryu, a Mana circle suddenly appeared on the ground that Naruto was currently running

"All things created in light, die in light! Disappear in the endless luminance! Grand Etherion!" Naruto ended his chant, pure, white light suddenly escaped the mana circle, Ginryu, began to shape shift, the handle bent to an almost eighty degree angle, the double edged sword had split in the middle and slightly retracted. White, intense energy quickly gathered at the space between the split blades and was triggered. The white beam of energy blasted like a cannon, the sheer size was almost bigger than Zaku, attempting to swallow him whole

Zaku was shocked when the white light was about to hit him, forcing himself to jump, he pumped as much chakra he could muster into his leg, and gave his all in the jump.

He was safe for now when the beam of energy missed, but the damage to the environment wasn't good. A huge semicircle crater on the ground extending to the outer area of the forest of death appeared about five meters in width

"Oi… Naruto's getting out of hand…" Ino said watching the terrifying sight of the blonde who suddenly appeared at the Tree branch Zaku was on and grabbed him by the back of his head and slamming the poor genin's face to the wooden area of the tree and doing it again and again.

"He- He was already out of hand when he said he would murder them." Shikamaru said watching the blonde as the nine tailed appendages started constricting his body, especially his arms

"I want to hear you scream! Your anguish! Your pain as I slowly choke the life out of you!" Naruto sneered and Zaku only muttered

"Fuck you!" The said man spat on Naruto's face, which only proved to the blonde that he wanted more

"Good! Struggling is better! Hehe… Say, ugly trash, do you take pride in your arms?" Naruto smiled sinisterly and Zaku's eyes widened suddenly at that question. Naruto immediately got the answer

"Oh you do? Then let's see if I do this…" Naruto then sharpened one of his tails with chakra and stabbed Zaku's right arm, Zaku simply screamed in pain, as the chakra Naruto used was youki making it more painful

"Yes… Yes! Yes! YES! That's right, scream! Struggle! Fear me, fear death! Die an agonizing death!" Said Naruto as he continued to stab Zaku's arm with his tail charged with youki

A few moments earlier:

Hinata looked on with her Byakugan, worried about her friend, about Naruto, that strange white light blasted in the forest was strange, as strange as Naruto's chakra signature, something wasn't right. Quickly standing up, Hinata dashed towards the forest intent on helping the blonde headed friend that was like a fragile mirror.

Kiba and Shino immediately looked on to their purple haired teammate and followed suit.

With Sasuke:

Sasuke merely evaded the attacks of the melody arm, his Sharingan could clearly see when the chakra was being fed into the weapon, Dosu clearly at the disadvantage, decided for sneak attacks and ambushes but to no avail, as the senses of the Uchiha were sharp and his Sharingan could detect the chakra


Dosu was startled when Sasuke found him out. Dosu stretched his melody arm but was shot straight at the face with merely a punch sending Dosu flying from his position and skidding on the ground a good distance away.

Dosu then charged his melody arm and held out three kunai, sending high pitched vibrations to the kunai, he threw it towards the Uchiha who merely dodged, the kunai was shot like a missile as it passed through the Uchiha hitting the ground hard. Sasuke then didn't notice Dosu who was charging towards him.

The Uchiha smirked. One silly distraction was not enough to dissuade his eyes from his enemies. With left hand touching the ground, he created a one handed seal and instantly, fire immediately erupted from the ground, and engulfed Dosu in flames

"Katon: Enseki (Flame Release: Fire Pillar)" Sasuke's Sharingan then evolved, his right eye having the third Tomoe.

With Naruto:

Zaku looked pale, the blood flowing from his arms was starting to take effect, he was slowly loosing blood, Naruto's youki made the pain worse now, completely numbing Zaku's arms

"What's the matter? You already done screaming? You want to die already? I won't allow that so easily!" Said the blonde, the tails that were holding his arms began to constrict tighter as Zaku could feel every pain suddenly jolting when Naruto was starting to crush every bone in his arms

"W-Wait… Please… Have mercy! I surrender! No more!" Zaku pleaded and Naruto simply gave an insane smile. His eagerness rose to another proportion, continuing to constrict his tails, this time, going faster.

"I want to play just a little longer… Just let me do this before I kill you!" Naruto said as he crushed Zaku's right arm and Zaku screamed in pain.

"Gah!" Zaku gasped, as Naruto then stabbed the broken arm with his tail that the pain intensified even more

Zaku was on the verge of tears, the pain was too much! This is worse than when Orochimaru implanted the holes in his hands.


Naruto turned around at that voice that voice of his closest friend, he viewed the person as one Hyuuga Hinata, Naruto's crazed smile has stopped, Hinata was holding Naruto's eye patch

"Sakura gave it to me and told me to look for you and give this to you." Hinata said as Naruto remained silent, then the blonde began hold his head in pain

"Get… Back…" Uttered the blonde as his left eye continued to phase back and forth from cerulean blue to Crimson red.

"C-control… Get… Back… Hinata…" The blonde uttered his rage was slowly building up again, the mind's backlash was starting to take effect

"Can't… control… GRRAHH!" Naruto roared as the mana and youki intermingled within his system, trying to fight off his insatiable hunger for blood

Hinata however stood firm, her left hand holding the eye patch, Naruto shakily grabs for his eye patch

"S-stop…" Naruto uttered his tails letting go of Zaku dropping him into the forest floor, Naruto fell on his knees reaching out for the eyepatch

"I SAID STOP!" Yelled the blonde finally his hand reached the eye patch, as the tails started to recede and his fox ears slowly vanishing, the runic gold lines of his right eye glowed and the process of his metamorphosis halted. His right eye closed, the blonde was panting, sweat was falling from his brow and then looked at Hinata with a smile…

Before falling unconsciousness yet again.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata then went by his side, grabbing him by the shoulders

With Sasuke:

After turning away from his first victim, he turned to the next, it was the remaining female member. A smile crept upon his lips, he was so going to kill her.

"You… are dead!"

Sasuke merely closed the distance in a flash. Kin, startled by the movement, took a frightened step backward. Sasuke was about to raise his kunai until Sakura stopped him

"No… That's enough Sasuke-kun…"

"Stop… It's enough…"

Sasuke merely stood as he let Sakura speak her monologue in tears

"This isn't you… Stop already." Sakura muttered, the black tattoos beginning to slip back into the three coma seal.

Sasuke fell flat on his rear as he gave an intense glare at the burnt Dosu and the terrified Kin.

"I am impressed with your level of skill, Uchiha Sasuke." The charred Dosu struggled, blood coming out of his burned skin, the man smelled of fire and brimstone, the man then reached for his sleeve and placed the scroll of heaven on the ground

"I could expect nothing less from an Uchiha, let us meet again in battle." The sound genin turned around and looked at Sasuke back with a threatening gaze

"But next time, you and your blonde teammate wouldn't be so lucky." Said the man as he and the girl jumped up trying to retrieve their unconscious teammate.

Up in the trees, two genin were shuddering at the power that was displayed by the two rookies, one particular Hyuuga merely gripped his chest as the insatiable bloodlust he felt coming from the blonde one was almost enough to stop his heart.

"Uzumaki Naruto…" Neji muttered as he viewed the unconscious Genin laying on Hinata's lap who was caressing the blonde's hair whispering to his ear that everything was ok now.

Tenten merely looked on with worry on her teammates, Rock Lee who recently used a forbidden Taijutsu move and Hyuuga Neji who unconsciously showed his primal fear on Naruto. Who wouldn't? The killing intent that the blonde calmingly released felt like being hunted by a vicious predator that did not have his hunt for the past two weeks. The weird gold and blue right eye, the animalistic vicious red eye that seemed to bring about one's nightmares with a mere glance. Tenten felt like swallowing her saliva as she saw the blonde maniacally and methodically destroy the Oto Genin.

But the weirdest thing that she saw was the nine sprouting fiery red tails on Naruto's back. It made her wonder how Naruto was related to the believed to be dead Kyuubi no Kitsune

'Is he the Bijuu's reincarnation?' The girl thought but soon put her thoughts back as she saw Naruto as a mere goof off during the academy. Although he was a year younger than her, Tenten fully understood Naruto's situation, being an orphan herself, but to her surprise the kind blacksmith adopted her, while Naruto was treated as nothing more like someone's pimple.

Tenten laughed at the idea of Naruto being the incarnate of a malevolent bloodthirsty beast whose purpose was to bring misfortune. She knew Naruto was really a sweet kid but tended to want attention due to his predicament. She was glad Naruto never grew up into something that would resemble like that Psychopath Suna Nin that she saw the other day.

Naruto's mind:

The sewers remained hollow as they should have, but the colour of the said place changed from orange to dull colours of grey, white and black.

The blonde turned around, and saw his silver haired alter-ego.

"Has the process of turning into a Hanyou stopped?" The blonde asked, his silver haired counterpart nodded

"Yes, in the meantime, but it does not mean that the effect reversed, you merely hampered the process it's on standstill because the eye-patch, the one that is used to contain Souseiki no Me, absorbed much of the mana in it, the Mana in turn, gave off a neutralizing effect to any foreign powers that enter your body. Simply put, that eye-patch is your limiter."

"But the process of turning into Hanyou won't stop unless the seal is reversed, the Youki remains frozen, and unfortunately, that means your chakra also, you could still use techniques but that means you are limited. If you run out of chakra this time, there's no replenishing it until you re-allow the metamorphosis to continue, which is very risky but that means if you run out of chakra this time, you'll die." The Kyuubi then appeared from his cage, in all of his three feet of fluffy glory

"And I still hate you for what you did." The Kyuubi huffed and Naruto merely nodded

"So using Ninjutsu is out of the question for now, what am I supposed to do now?" The blonde asked, a hint of uncertainty escaped his face

"It is not a problem, given that you have Souseiki no Me and the Sword Ginryu, using mana based spells will not be a problem, I will implant them to you now and once you wake up, you can do those offensive and defensive basic Mana Spells." The silver haired boy replied

"Word of advice gaki, if you don't want that monster in you to awaken again, don't open that eye-patch until you've had the seal altered."

With that, Naruto drifted off into the darkness…

Once he woke up Naruto noticed that they were at a nearby river, he could feel the eye patch wrapped around snugly on his head covering his right eye. A feeling of relief washed over him, as he saw his teammates were alive and well, with the rest of this year's Rookie Nine gathered around the area

"What the hell are you all doing here?" Asked the blonde in disbelief

"We were waiting for you to wake up Naruto, you were sleeping for at least one day. The deadline's in two days, you were scary back there… What happened?" Asked Shikamaru Naruto looked on the ground and remained silent

"That right eye, when we saw what had happened, that right eye was looking functional, but it had more purpose than just for sight… I knew it wasn't coincidence that you lost your right eye during that mission in wave." Shikamaru added and Naruto simply smirked

"I never really did complement you on your smarts Shikamaru, if you weren't so goddamned lazy, you would've given the teme over there a run for his money." Naruto then pointed to the Uchiha who was waiting for a fish to jump so the rest could eat with Kiba diving in the water disrupting the fish's route jumping up.

Sasuke smirked and let the senbons fly. A perfect hit…

"Don't change the subject, Naruto, I know you, I mean that I really know you like I do Chouji, I can read you like an open book, you're a bad liar you know that?" Shikamaru retorted and Naruto smirked again and palmed his forehead

"Who said I was changing the subject? Or that I was lying? Promise me that you wouldn't tell this to anyone, the only ones that know this secret aside from me is the Sandaime, Kakashi and Hinata. You and Chouji had been my most trusted confidants in the Rookie Nine, and I hope I can continue to trust you."

"All right, we won't say anything to Ino, or any others that don't know your secret, you can trust us on this one, Naruto." Chouji stated

A few minutes later:

Shikamaru was speechless as was Chouji who could not seem to put a potato chip into his mouth, it was a good thing Ino wasn't here to listen to ANY of this a mere statement of the Souseiki no Me would have spread around town like heat on metal if Ino got word of it.

Who would have thought that the fate of the world rested on Naruto's shoulders, not one but two burdens that he must carry on his shoulders, the idea was unfathomable. Shikamaru shook his head, his forehead being cradled with his right hand and muttering 'Troublesome'

"That's pretty heavy to believe, Naruto, but seeing that scary form you took, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt." Said Chouji and Naruto smiled and scratched the back of his neck, and Shikamaru just nodded

"Thanks guys." Said Naruto and viewed the fire that was cooking the fish, with his stomach rumbling, he stood up and invited his two friends over the open fire and eat the freshly cooked fish that his teammate had just caught

Unknown to them, a single bug flew away from the area Naruto slept on, its wings fluttering into the forest going back to its owner. It landed on the owner's hand and began conveying his message.

"Most Interesting…" Shino muttered, as he dropped from the treetops and went back to the Rookie Nine's camp.

Sasuke viewed his already awoken teammate who was now sporting his eye-patch, and by the looks of it, the blonde put his headband on his forehead to keep the eye-patch from falling. Sasuke would not dare to question the blonde about his power today, the priority first was the central tower.

"What's the status with our scroll?" Asked the Uchiha, Sakura merely answered him

"Right now we only have a heaven scroll, the one that mummy Oto Nin left us."

Naruto then looked questioningly at the pair and asked them, "What happened to our scroll of earth?"

Sasuke answered the blonde without looking at him, "The snake bastard burned it."


Naruto fell on his back, his eyes moving at the back of his head as unconsciousness took hold of Naruto.

"Naruto!" Sakura yelled in worry and then turned her head to her raven haired teammate

"Sasuke-kun! We have to get Naruto and get away!"

Sasuke answered her in a frustrated manner, "I know that!"

He then stared at the man with yellow slitted eyes, his gaze condescending back at the two affecting them yet again

'Kanashibari no Jutsu!? (Body Binding Technique)' Sakura thought, as movement felt like being covered in molasses.

Sasuke continued to stare at the said man with contempt and then hatred once he saw the limp form of his teammate. He clenched his teeth willing his body to move while uttering curses at the snake man

"I'll kill you…"

Unknowingly, Sasuke flashed the Sharingan to life, breaking the Genjutsu as he charged towards his battle with the man, giving of a lion's roar

Flashback ended

Kiba then crossed his arms and began to contemplate, a man that had an affinity for snakes, wasn't the description that Sasuke gave oddly familiar?

"A man with strong liking to snakes… Correct me if I'm wrong, but the description that Sasuke-san gave… It sounds as if Orochimaru of the Densetsu no Sannin was the one who attacked you." Shino commented

"Now that I think about it, it does, but it's impossible, isn't the exam supposed to be genin participants only?" Asked Ino

Sakura nodded and Naruto thought grimly. The assault by that man was timed perfectly, he made Naruto separate from the others effectively reducing the support that Sasuke needed in the fight, not only that, what scared the blonde male the most was the fact that the man had managed to sneak into the exam without the guards ever noticing. That alone made Naruto's suspicion that it was Orochimaru. But what was he after? He then stared at his male teammate and was about to ask when he noticed that Sakura looked at Sasuke worriedly.

"What did that guy want with us anyway?" Asked Kiba

Naruto had an inkling suspicion that the man had wanted Sasuke just looking at the gestures his pink haired teammate sent towards the Uchiha. But why Orochimaru wanted Sasuke, he'll never know.

"So we're back to square one… Damn it!" The blonde cursed two days left and still no progress with the team

That is, until Shino had spoken, "Actually, we have another scroll with us. We acquired two earth scrolls and one heaven scroll, here, we do not need this."

Shino then handed over an earth scroll to team seven, who gladly accepted the gift.

"Thank you, Shino-san." Sakura replied

"It wasn't a problem, teammates lookout for each other." Shino replied his back was turned and then continued,

"Kiba, Hinata, we go now. Team seven has made full recovery and it is not wise to go to the tower at the very last day, there would be ambushes waiting."

With that, the nine fish roasting on the flames were eaten already, and team eight had departed but not before saying their farewells.

"The same goes for us, we were lucky we encountered this on the ground on our way here." Shikamaru motioned for a heaven scroll and added, "I suggest you three get a move on too, Shino had the right idea." Said Shikamaru, with that his team also departed

"Well now that we've finished, we need to go ourselves." Mentioned Sasuke as he put out the flames showering it with soil.

The other two nodded. Naruto then rechecked his equipment for his remaining supplies and then strapped Ginryu securely on the back of his waist. A glint of the silver sword reflected upon the mid afternoon sun.

Central Tower, Training Area 44:

Arriving at the central tower, Team seven had prompted to take a break awaiting the arrival of the last of the genin teams, which was seemingly, the team of Yakushi Kabuto.

The Hokage merely gazed at the remaining exam participants and motioned over to the Jounin on his right and whispered into the man's ear. The onlookers gazed at the old man with a curious look. Naruto remained silent as the flood of information began streaming into his head, not bothering to look at the Hokage but paying attention instead to the data that Souseiki no Me was sending. The information was simply overwhelming, his head was starting to hurt as he gripped his covered eye. Naruto gritted his teeth, the pain was simply weighing him down. But he tried to bear the pain bitting his lip, letting the pain wash over his body like water. Blood was starting to drip from his nose, his mouth and surprisingly his covered eye.

Naruto tried his best to hide it by bowing down but it seemed hopeless when the blood dripped on the ground. Immediately taking notice of this was Uchiha Sasuke, and the other, Sabaku no Gaara that looked at the blonde with a surprise and hungered look. The wave of sudden killing intent was rising from Gaara as his thirst for blood was increasing, but he tried to shake it off as he wouldn't want to make any commotion… Yet.

Letting his instinctual desires slide for a moment, Gaara noticed that the man that the Hokage had spoken to, disappeared with a plum of smoke and reappeared again, at the front.

"Since there are still that many combatants remaining from the second exam." Hayate then side gazed at Anko who pouted and crossed her arms looking away. Hayate merely chuckled inwardly and then turned back to the genin

"We will be conducting a preliminary match, tournament style; the winner of each match gets to move on to the third and final portion of the exam. All those wishing to forfeit now, raise your hand."

There remained silence. It seemed none of the genins would quit, that is, until a silver haired bespectacled man raised his hand. Quickly being noticed, one of the Jounins questioned the man's identity

"Isn't he the same genin that took this exam eight times already?" One of the Jounins asked and the other answered

"He did the same thing last year too…"

Naruto looked at the man intently, no matter what, something about Kabuto unnerved him, it was when the man had given them the info cards. As Kabuto passed from Naruto, the one eyed blonde didn't even move his neck to look at Kabuto, the blood and pain already subsiding, the blonde simply said to the silver haired genin

"Just who the hell are you, Kabuto?"

Kabuto adjusted his glasses the said eyewear blocking the view of his steely unnerving eyes, stopping when he reached Naruto's side, "Someone who is simply not on your side."

The blonde's remaining visible eye looked on in shock as he looked at Kabuto who waved at him with an unnerving smile before heading out of Naruto's vision. Then he remembered one of the thoughts that he had heard during the first exam

'Those fools don't know that I'm right under their noses… Hehe, he will be pleased once he sees the results.'

"Good, this is much easier to work out, now we have a fair amount of number." Hayate said and then pointed to the bleachers at the side of the tower,

"All participants that will not commence in the first fight please go there and wait for your turn, but the first two shall remain. The fighters will be determined randomly." Said Hayate, with that, the giant screen began to randomly shuffle the names. Everyone remained silent, the pressure was rising within the genin as their names continued to e shuffled, until it finally stopped…

Uchiha Sasuke vs. Akado Yoroi

All uncalled combatants were sent to the bleachers with their Jounin sensei following suit.

Uchiha Sasuke merely stretched his neck from side to side and an audible sound of joints grinding were heard. Sasuke frowned when the sudden pain in neck immediately radiated. Sasuke preoccupied with containing the cursed seal, hadn't heard Hayate begin the match. Almost getting caught, Sasuke forced his lower limbs to dodge the said man's charge to the side, Sasuke jumped left and securely landed on the stone tiles.

Electricity seemed to fire from the soles of his feet as he landed. He knelt on one knee as the pain was intensifying. He cursed as he was forced to back step against the longer reaching Yoroi.

Clenching his feet, Sasuke performed a series of hand seals, preparing for his favourite Katon Jutsu.

But as Sasuke slammed his hand on the final hand seal, his chakra began to fluctuate, he felt himself suddenly stopping as pain exploded from his neck, radiating to his fingertips, forcing his hands back, cancelling the jutsu

Up at the stands, Sakura looked on with worry at her teammate while Naruto was staring intently.

"He cancelled Gokakyou (Grand Fireball) for some reason." Naruto frowned when he said that, gripping the iron bars that were bent under his strength, Kakashi noticed the sound the bending of metal from Naruto's palm on the iron steel bars.

"What the hell happened while I was out of it?" The blonde asked not bothering to look at Sakura

"Orochimaru bit Sasuke-kun's neck, giving him this weird seal. I couldn't do anything, I was helpless back there." Sakura mentioned looking down in regret and sadness, since when did she feel so down? Oh that's right, when she was forced to stay back and watch her teammates fight that feeling of being useless was radiating from her…

"And you were forced to watch, huh?" Naruto mentioned Sakura in silence, merely nodded and accepted her fault wholeheartedly.

"I thought as much… After this exam is over, seek me in a week, I'll try and help you." Naruto said still not looking back and Sakura could merely gaze back at Naruto and smiled, tears falling from her eyes as she bowed, giving gratitude to her blonde teammate.

Back at the battlefield below, Sasuke had managed to plant a kick at Yoroi when the said man hyperextend his arm for a grab. Sasuke took advantage of his speed and dodged the move, the second it made contact with his hair and kicked Yoroi in the gut. Forcing the said man back.

'If I can't use Chakra right now, I'll just use Taijutsu!'

Sasuke thought finally beginning to move. Dashing towards his enemy, Sasuke let out a volley of punches and kicks. Yoroi, the more experienced one, jumped back from the spray of attacks. As he was about to be cornered, Yoroi forced to retaliate by punching with his right arm at the approaching Uchiha. Sasuke reacted by doing the same thing again, he dodged at the last second and extended his left leg with a kick. Yoroi smirked behind the cloth on his face and grabbed Sasuke's leg.

"You think I'd fall for the same trick twice?" Asked Yoroi and Sasuke answered him smugly

"For lack of a better word… Yeah, I knew you'd fall for it." Sasuke then used his other leg and jumped in midair, giving Yoroi a mule kick. Yoroi was partially surprised by the sudden kick but blocked it also. Yoroi then felt the effect of the rotation of the Uchiha who had suddenly grabbed into his right arm for an arm lock. Gravity took its place and Yoroi fell on the ground, Sasuke still gripping the older man's arm in an arm lock.

"Forfeit, or I break your arm." Sasuke stated

"You think this will stop me? Actually, the one with the disadvantage is you!" Said Yoroi, flipping his arm and then grabbing the Uchiha by the collar.

"Your chakra… Is mine!" Suddenly, blue energy seeped from Sasuke as his chakra started depleting in him and going to Yoroi, Sasuke could feel his limbs suddenly going numb and was slowly limping.

Sasuke felt lightheaded, tired and lethargic his grip was loosening and the pain in his started to take its course again.

"Damn it! You're forcing my chakra to drain…" Sasuke said gripping the man's arm that was latched on his shirt. Yoroi was about to double his efforts by placing another arm. But Sasuke would have none of that

'Get the hell off me!' The Uchiha inwardly screamed as he forced his torso to do a sit up, it hurt like hell, but the Uchiha willed himself, slowly the effects of adrenaline in his body taking effect. Sasuke then slammed his forehead on Yoroi's the said man staggering back from the attack

"Taken from the blockhead ninja, I'll say it to you, I'll beat the shit out of you." Sasuke said as he dashed towards Yoroi, suddenly appearing from below, Yoroi was surprised, he didn't have time to block as Sasuke sent a jaw shattering rising kick with his right leg.

"That attack…" Lee immediately noticed the attack of the Uchiha who suddenly appeared under Yoroi's back.

"Konoha Shoufuu and Kage Buyou… ( Leaf Rising Wind and Leaf Shadow Dance respectively)"

"Those were your moves wasn't it, Lee?" Asked the blonde. Lee nodded and looked with envy

"To be able to copy and emulate my movements after just one encounter…" Lee said as he watched Sasuke started his assault.

"Sasuke-kun really is a very scary genius."

Meanwhile with Sasuke, the curse began its spread again, Naruto suddenly felt Sasuke's chakra spike, he was suddenly alarmed he was about to intervene when Sasuke said

"From here on, it's all original!"

Sasuke kicked the man on his left using his left leg. Yoroi blocked the move but was suddenly surprised when he was ambushed with a kick from the right, Yoroi fell down when Sasuke arm smacked him with his right arm, forcing him to be under the Uchiha back first, Sasuke then punched the man's stomach and flipped hitting Yoroi with a powerful axle kick.

"Shishi Rendan! (Lion's Combo)" Sasuke then skidded back from the attack, Kakashi then suddenly appeared from a plum of smoke, catching Sasuke using his right leg for Sasuke to lean on.

"Good work Sasuke, you showed your improvement." Kakashi then took Sasuke vanished from the tower for a few minutes and finally Kakashi reappearing back.

Naruto immediately detected Kaksashi's cold sweat that seemed to tell, he had encountered someone powerful,

Naruto then merely shrugged it off for a moment when Kakashi began reading his porn book and then giggled pervertedly

"Tee Hee…" Naruto suddenly had a huge sweatdrop appearing on the back of his head.

With that Naruto dismissed any thought of Kakashi encountering something big seeing as he was back to reading his porn book.

Naruto proceeded to watch the remaining matches waiting for his name to appear on the screen, the fight with Lee's teammate, Tenten, against the one from Suna named Temari was terribly one-sided. Tenten had no chance of winning since her aim would lways be disrupted by the wind currents that Temari sent with her huge fan.

Another match was with Shikamaru against that Sound Kunoichi named Kin, it was decisively Shikamaru's match since the beginning, the Genjutsu the girl sent weren't effective enough to dull Shikamaru's sharp mind.

Then came the match with Misumi against Kankurou. Naruto observed how deceitful the puppet master was, to Naruto, this was the puppet master's most effective weapon, he could truly create a replica of himself using only his puppet and sand, the enemy wouldn't really notice.

Then came Sakura and Ino's fight. Although Naruto thought that the fight was lacking, he simply watched with satisfaction as Sakura grew out of her shell and fight with a different motivation.

"Here's a motivation for you Sakura, don't lose." Was his words of wisdom for the kunoichi. Naruto had told her if she wanted to grab Sasuke's attention, she would need to be the best kunoichi that she can be. Exerting herself beyond limit and fighting to win.

So it was a head turner when Sakura tied with Ino. Sakura stirred as she was back to world of the living, and suddenly feeling depressed again, she stared at the ground, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world

"I lost…" Sakura muttered, meanwhile Naruto just said to her

"Congratulations Sakura, this is the first step. You may not have won, but you never lost. Just look at Ino." Naruto said smirking and then pointing with his thumb over to the other blonde who was yammering against a deeply annoyed Shikamaru

"Yeah, no thanks to you. Now she would pester us for the rest for the test, geez, this is just troublesome." Shikamaru mentioned

"Are you even listening tome Shikamaru? Can you believe that forehead girl? I tied with her! That's supposed to be impossible!" Ino ranted and Naruto simply said to Ino

"Not really, by account, the only thing that made you one up over Sakura was your Shintenshin (Mind Body Switch) and that was still a fifty-fifty chance. But Sakura compensated with using her brains in familiarity with academy jutsu, if Sakura learned one jutsu beyond academy level, she could have wiped the floor with you." Naruto mentioned and Ino became enraged

"You shut up, Cyclops! And pay attention! Your name just came up!" Said Ino, Naruto turned his head and smirked, well what do you know…

Uzumaki Naruto vs Inuzuka Kiba


Well that's it for this chapter, I felt like skipping the Sasuke vs. Orochimaru battle, and Kakashi and Orochimaru dialogue since the story does revolve around our favourite blonde shinobi…

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Anyways, jutsu section will be placed next chapter and today, we have a preview section!

Chapter six: The howl of the Silver Dragon

"Ginryu, show your true form… Unleash the sealed dragon! Ginryu no Ippatsu! (Charge of the Silver Dragon)"

Blue light emanated inside the tower, as the silver sword howled and raced towards the heavens in a bask of white trickles of energy, there came, the shape of a long slender body of a silver dragon… It then coiled itself around Naruto opening its mouth, it gave off a powerful roar that seemed to vibrate around the stadium

"If I can't use chakra right now, I'll use Mana!"