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By CharmGirl24.


"Stupid wretch what the hell is her problem anyway? It's going to start snowing soon, we have a puny piece of the jewel and Naraku suddenly ups and decides to go into hiding taking the rest of the jewel and leaving us to fend off his fucking spawns. Life just can't get any better now can it?" The dog demon scowled as he made his way back to the village

Inuyasha had the urge to beat something or the other into a bloody mess and the first thing that moved was going to get disemboweled by Tetsusaiga he swore.

Kagome as much as he cared for her was steadily grating on his last nerves; she was starting to become an unreasonable bitch and was gaining the status of a nuisance. She was continually picking up for Shippo instead of reprimanding his ass when he acted like an idiot. Not to mention always sticking up to that wolfshit, Kouga when he came around, but the worse was when she undermined his authority especially when it was meant to keep her stupid self out of trouble.

Sometimes he really got fed up of saving her and occasionally felt to let whatever demon pestering them at the time eat her, maybe then he wouldn't have to worry about his face being planted into the stinking ground whenever that bitch decided he needed to be 'corrected'.

At least the monk, neko and the slayer could take care of themselves to some extend even Shippo had his moments, but Kagome couldn't shoot a damn arrow straight even if her life depended on it and that happened often enough.

Sometimes it was all he could do not to rip out her tongue so he wouldn't have to hear her whining about the food, or how hard the ground felt or how tired she was. It was so tough particularly when his youki whispered all the menacing, gruesome things he could do to her as payback.

She called him uncivilized; she truly had yet to see how vicious and bloodthirsty he could be, clueless wretch. Inuyasha sighed at least he would be alone for a couple days, the wetch was back in her time to take some useless exam, while the others had gone to some village to exorcist some demon or the other plaguing those weak humans.

The forest was abnormally still, even the wind had died down to nothing and all the usual critters had been silenced. The vast blue sky was spotted by white, puffy, bright clouds and the sun was playing hide and seek for which he was grateful.

It was approaching slowly what ever it was that had caused this abrupt change and the air was filled with danger, tension and an unnamed thing that caused a stir within him. Something powerful and volatile was advancing towards him and his youki seemed to be suddenly fighting for control.

An unnatural breeze arose and it was then he caught the scent of his royal dickhead, the one the only Sesshoumaru. Feh, what the flick did that stuck-up ass want now?

Already preparing to defend himself, his hand steady on the hilt of his sword, his golden eyes glaring at the distance waiting in anticipation for his arrival. In a way this was a good opportunity for him to vent, he had to admit when he faced off with Sesshoumaru he couldn't help, but feel a sense of exhilaration and gratification he had yet to experience fighting with anyone else.

He didn't hold out when he was engaged in battle with Sesshoumaru, the verbal banter and the continual attacks that held enough power to obliterate more than a hundred demons with one fatal swing was euphoric. He had never had much of a relationship with his half-brother and he could safely say this was the closest they were ever going to get to bonding with each other.

Although it was sometimes difficult to admit to himself he had always wondered 'what if' maybe if things had turned out differently it would he who could boast of both wealth and status and wouldn't have to hide his insecurities under such a crude, coarse manner. It was pretty masochistic he conceded, the past could never be changed and the future was looking pretty sucky so there was wasn't much to hope for. The here and the now was all he had and his current ambition was to kill that slimy, piece of spider-shit, Naraku. After that he wasn't sure.

Kikyo was finally gone and even if that graveyard bitch came back he was going to stay clear of her, he really didn't want to be dragged to hell quite yet or spend another fifty years pinned to a friggin' tree. It was rather amazing, he was sure he had broken some record for the longest living hanyou, because frankly his kind didn't often make it past their first fifty years.

Sighing he pushed away his invading thoughts and focused solely on his current situation, he had a fight to win and stabbing that bastard in the gut could be considered a pleasurable pastime.


This was impossible; this Sesshoumaru did not have to fear the compulsions that were brought on by the heat. He was the Lord of the Western Lands, the son of the Great InuTaishou and one of the most revered and powerful inu demons in existence.

He would not be controlled by such baser urges.

But in the far recesses of his mind he knew it was quite futile, his restraint and self-control was impeccable and had it been any normal occurrence of the heat he would be unperturbed. However every hundred years or so a demon would be overpowered by his youki and compelled to mate if he was unattached.

It would be particularly difficult for Sesshoumaru who had long denied his demonic urges that were about to seek payment. But worse yet he knew exactly who his intended mate was and the dread he experienced was incomparable.

It was disgusting and repugnant this attraction he possessed, he knew not what had inspired it and had done everything in his power to quail it, but it was to no avail. Being attracted to his lowly, uncouth half-brother, Inuyasha was unacceptable, how he detested this part of him that longed for the hanyou, that urge to gut those frivolous miko who attached themselves to his Inuyasha.

This Sesshoumar had resisted with every ounce of willpower, yet if anything his attraction grew more and more profound.

It was hopeless his youki had gained a secure hold over his consciousness and was in control; he could do nothing, but observe from the sidelines. And though he wouldn't admit it he wanted Inuyasha, badly. It was a difficult thing for him to come to terms with, how he had strived to put as much distance between himself and the hanyou, yet at the end of the day he found himself drawn to the half-breed.

When he had first heard that Inuyasha had been pinned to that appalling tree by that foolish miko, Kikyo he had desired vengeance and had it not been for the fact that she had already perished and that the threat of war was imminent he would have unleashed his fury upon the land.

How his years of esteemed self control could crumble so easily for one hanyou, it was rather pathetic. But he could not deny for all Inuyasha's vulgar and brusque habits he would be a prized mate. His brother was definitely a strong demon who was worthy of recognition for his skills. Though his crude, brash behavior often overshadowed this fact he was an excellent pack leader who had managed to co-exist and work in unison with a group of oddballs who were quite formidable in their own right.

And though he had frequently degraded his brother for his half-blood status he could not deny to himself that Inuyasha was a striking creature, with proper attire and meticulous grooming he was quite positive Inuyasha would have outshined many born and breed nobles for all their vanity.

And there in lied his brother's lure, he was blunt in the crudest sense and the subtle power plays that often took place in his castle would have probably cause Inuyasha to maim someone. His little brother was not interested in wealth or power, but rather he sorted camaraderie and consequential associations. It was almost laughable, but he knew that by the end of that day he would be taking the hanyou back with him regardless of what anyone one thought. After all who would dare oppose this Sesshoumaru.

He could smell his delectable scent and felt his arousal deepen. Frost, pine, vanilla and something else that made it wholly Inuyasha. This Sesshoumaru needed him, to feel his presence, to inhale his scent more intensely, to touch that smooth sun-kissed skin.

The hanyou was still less than half a mile away and he was already on the verge on losing all sensibility. It was infuriating this uncontrollable desire that was gnawing at him swiftly. Certain that Inuyasha was already aware of his approach, but positive that their encounter wasn't going to go quite as he expected.

'Just a little longer, my little hanyou. I'm coming.' Smirking to himself deviously.


Inuyasha felt his adrenalin pumping, the excitement for their impending battle was making him anxious, it was only a matter of moments before he caught sight of the bastard and then he was going full out. Why waste time on trivialities?

Another gust of wind passed by and he felt a sense of unease, something wasn't quite right, he didn't know what the hell it was, but it was rousing his youki and even Tetsuaiga seemed to be affected. A strong hum resonated through his sword.

Looking straight ahead into the cluster of trees he unconsciously took a step back. He had caught sight of his half-brother, but he was definitely different, even at a distance he noticed the youki leaking from the elder demon dauntingly.

His attire was in shambles compared to its customary pristine condition, the closer he got the more and more things Inuyasha noticed that were off. His gait that was usually regal and aloof was now predatory and his movements had gained an animalistic grace.

The callous demon's eyes had completely been encompassed by red with only his black pupil that was barely distinguishable. There was no trace of gold there, his demonic marks had deepened in colour and intensity and he knew for sure that he was no longer confronting Sesshoumaru, but his youki and this unnerved him. This was undeniably bizarre, Sesshoumaru rarely lost control of his youki and for this to happen something major had to be going on.

Not an instant later his brother was in full view and he was uncertain as to what he should do, to stay and fight or runaway as a lesser part of him was demanding.

'No' shaking those thoughts from his head, he would not run away he would stay and fight to his last breath, this asshole wasn't going to scare him away, as if. He was going to prove that he was the stronger of the two and then his brother would see that he was not inferior, that he possessed much more worth than he had been accredited.

Dammit he was not going to back down, so what if they were alone and he had none of his friends, they would only interfere. He was finally going to show the taiyoukai that he was just as good, if even better, by kicking his as straight into next week Hanyou Style.

Planting his feet firmly he met Sesshoumaru's crimson, demonic gaze head on, his knees slightly bent and his hands firmly grasping Tetsuaiga he was ready. And things continued to get stranger the elder demon was the first one to move only unsheathing Tokijin at the last second. Inuyasha blocked his attack.

They jumped apart putting distance between them, this time Sesshoumaru assailed him from the side and he was again forced to impede him by using his sword, but this time they were closer than before and unexpectedly the Inu demon used their close quarters to lick the hanyou's cheek before quickly evading him.

Inuyasha was struck still for a second, 'What the fuck just happened?'

But he wasn't given another moment to ponder it as Sesshoumaru continued to assault him, never letting up. Inuyasha as a result was forced to defend unable to retaliate, making use of his fast reflexes in order to parry his incoming attacks.

'Dammit, I can't get a chance to hit him with the Wind Scar he doesn't put enough distance between us and he moves too quickly.'

Inuyasha definitely didn't like the way this battle was turning out, he was gradually tiring out and Sesshoumaru doesn't seemed to be fazed, if anything his attacks have become even more hostile and powerful.

Oh and he couldn't forget the brief, but lingering touches that seemed to inflame his skin. 'What is up with this jackass and why the hell do I feel something bad is gonna happen?'

And to top it off the dickhead was friggin' enjoying it; those infuriating smirks and that rapacious gleam in his eyes were driving the hanyou crazy. Why did he feel that Sesshoumaru was only playing him, and if that was true then he had to face it, he was royally screwed. If only he knew.

Too frustrated to care anymore, he was going in all or nothing.

Pulling back his sword he search for the current and hoping for a bit of luck was on his side as he unleashed his devastating attack. The blast was too much and he was sent flying ten feet into the air and slammed into a tree, splinters were flying, the bark had been forcibly obliterated and his body had formed a depression in the wood.

The debris hadn't settled yet, but he felt sure he had done some sort of damage to Sesshoumaru, feeling the weariness caused by the intensive fight he slumped against the tree, too tired to tend to his injuries deciding they would heal on their own, he let his tense and stressed muscles relax.

But it was as soon as he had let down his guard that the scum from hell decided to make his move and the next thing he knew he felt the sharp side of Tokijin's blade pressed against his bare throat and lifting his eyes he mentally cursed every God and Deity he had ever heard of. This really couldn't be happening; he was finally going to die by his half-brother's sword. 'Well, fuck' he had never thought it would end this way and to top it all off his entire body felt as though his being was weighed down by a ton of bricks. He was as helpless as a newborn babe.

"I'm finally going to have my way with you, little brother", as soon as Sesshoumaru told him those words he felt something much worse than death was awaiting him.


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