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By CharmGirl24.


Sesshoumaru couldn't think straight his mind had become clouded and sluggish and his focus was directed by his lust for the delicious, writhing hanyou beneath him. As he allowed more of his control to slip from him unconsciously his youki which he had been keeping firmly under wraps surged to the forefront excited.

Driven by his baser instincts the daiyoukai was much more susceptible to his youki's influence.

"You want him don't you? You want to ravage that sweet perfect mouth and you want to make him moan and call out your name. You want him to beg for you. To take him. Claim him. Fuck him. He's all yours now he won't try to stop you. He'll more than like it, he'll love every minute. He wants it, so just take him now!"

His youki voiced his every desire all the things he had been longing to do to his hanyou. The thoughts that caused him to take several cold baths since the hanyou had come to stay at the castle. Sometimes it was all he could do to keep from molesting his mate. It was agony trying to be civil and keep his distance, to not hold him like he wanted to and kiss him when the whim struck. Most of all he just wanted to be close to him, for Inuyasha to open up and tell him everything he wanted, he needed.

The demon lord felt like he was always walking on eggshells around the half-demon always rethinking before he said or did anything knowing that one false move and all his efforts would be shot to hell.

He had more than his fair share of pent up sexual frustration and with a very handsome, lithe, endearing hanyou as his mate it just made things all the more difficult for him.

So when the opportunity presented itself he lost his head a bit and gave in. You couldn't fault him he had been practically a saint in spite of his overwhelming persistent urges but dammit he wasn't impervious to the sight of his mate half naked looking at him with those smoldering eyes.

Inuyasha whined and whimpered, he was incoherent unable to think straight and it made Sesshoumaru smug with satisfaction, this wasn't the time for talking and it was a wonderful ego boost to have this effect on his mate.

So far besides Inuyasha's lack of a shirt they were still fully clothed but from the way the hanyou was tugging at his garments trying to touch his skin it appeared things wouldn't stay that way for long.

Trailing kisses along his neck the daiyoukai nipped at his skin, sucking occasionally knowing that his mate's fair flesh would be marked by him and that gave him a primitive thrill. When he came to the bonding mark he had left on the half-breed all other thoughts flew out of his head beyond marking that spot again after being neglected for so long, every instinct in his body drove him to bite his hanyou.

Sesshouamru's eyes had gone completely red and briefly running his tongue over his elongated canines he bent down kissing the mark softly before opening his mouth and biting down hard.


There was a searing flash of pain that hurt like hell, cutting through his lust addled mind, but not a moment latter he was assaulted by pleasure that literally sent him from the frying pan straight into the fire. Every inch of his body became super sensitized, the brush of silk on his bare skin, the lips pressed to his neck, the firm, reassuring grasp around his body. Every touch gave him a burst of pleasure and the waves kept on coming, they swept through his body leaving him breathless and panting.

Unwittingly his head had craned to the side to bare more flesh as his spine arched upwards as he tried to close the space between him and the solid, muscled body atop him, anything to get more contact between them.

All these layers of clothing were pissing him off terribly, he wanted there to be nothing between them, just smooth warm flesh pressed against him own. His manhood was hard and aching, as loose as his hakama was he felt contained and uncomfortable. His desire was almost like an itch that was covering his entire body and the only way that itch was going to get scratched was when the sexy, powerful demon above him got rid of all his fucking clothing and pressed every inch of that glorious perfect form against his own and moved against him.

While he fruitlessly tried to get rid of all the material between them the youkai above him had placed his large hands on Inuyasha's hips, gripping his ass and pushing them together, his cock was being crushed against the incredible hot-blooded demon above him and his inner demon was singing his praises.

'That's it. So good. Gimme more. Just so hard and goooooooood!"

Lips were currently trailing down his chest while he was rocking his hips against the ones pressed against his, grounding their manhoods together desperate to get more friction and movement between them.

Letting loose a sudden yelp his hands clung to the elder demon as his mouth bit down sharply on his nipple before soothing it with his tongue blowing cool air on the nub causing the hanyou 's whole body to shiver in delight.

That's how they continued grinding their pelvises' together, all the while moaning and gasping. Begging and demanding more.

As the daiyoukai's mouth claimed his muffling their groans he gave a particular hard thrust and wrenching his lips free Inuyasha keened as his orgasm wiped his mind clean of every thought and rocked his entire body with incredible force as he shuddered and quivered with pleasure gripping onto the demon crushed against him who was equally affected.

The cum in his pants didn't get a chance to cool nor had he completely returned to his senses before the weight that been keeping his warm and sated was suddenly gone. The abruptness of the action caused him to finally open his eyes focusing on the ice prick who was looking at him with a grim expression, his eyes had returned to their usual golden colouring but they were colder than Inuyasha had ever seen. Though his face was flushed becomingly and his hair was ruffled and spilling into his eyes, his clothes torn and ripped he stood rigid with his apathetic mask firmly in place making it difficult for anyone to imagine that he had just been rutting on the floor with his sibling like an animal.

Under his glacial stare the hanyou had never felt more exposed or vulnerable, before he could catch his breath and figure out how to respond to their joint moment of temporary insanity the bastard had fled.

Groaning in frustration and confusion he banged his fists on the ground because he didn't know how the hell he was supposed to face the asshole and what he was supposed to do now.

In his gut though he knew that things between then wouldn't be the same. No the game had been changed and so had the rules, except he didn't know how the hell to play now.

He should have never gotten outta bed today. His day had officially turned to shit.


A month later and Inuyasha was still at the palace, yet as he had predicted things between him and the bastard had changed. One day they had a comfortable, occasionally antagonistic relationship, now they treated each other with cold civility, as they would complete strangers not even a hint of the bond that had been steadily forming between them.

It was very formal and stilted and pretty much irritated and disturbed the hanyou to no end. Sure "the thing" that had happened between them was upsetting and he felt very weird every time he thought about it, but he had sort of expected they'd talk about it or come to some sort of agreement that it some random fuck up on both their parts and forget about it.

The hanyou hadn't realized till now that he had began to hope, with all the changes that had happened between them, the progress they had made, then the ice prick does a complete 180 and was back to being a dickhead though he didn't spew any insults at him. But he didn't really give him much notice either. He just passed him straight and that unexpectedly hurt, being dismissed so easily.

The time they did spend together though was very structured and all business, the daiyoukai occasionally came to instruct him about various duties of a lord of Western Lands and his responsibilities. He discussed paperwork and treaties and how to act in meetings and other formal occasions, how to avoid potential political disaster and manipulate others to his advantages. It was all very interesting though at times tedious and Inuyasha desperately wished he could knock down this wall between them and restore the rapport they had and the playful bantering.

He tried to pick up things as quickly as he could to show the elder demon he was smart, capable, to prompt him to give the same recognition he did when the hanyou had just started to read or when he had first learned about the history and geography of their home and surrounding lands.

However his efforts didn't bear much fruit, beyond correcting him and a few approving nods here and there, there wasn't any real improvement and he could feel his spirits flag.

When his frustration got the better of him he took to training with Morimoto who was quickly becoming more than just a rival. The elder demon could whoop his ass the minute the hanyou let his guard down. He kept Inuyasha on his toes, their sparing was an excellent stress-reliever and with such a capable partner it made things so much more exciting and satisfying.

Usually he didn't do this sort of thing, but he didn't really have anyone else to talk to besides Rin and he wasn't going to go for advice from a child, even if it did concern her guardian.

Inuyasha was frankly beginning to question his purpose there anymore, if his bastard brother didn't want him around and was giving him the cold shoulder what the hell was he sticking around for.

He was sick and tired trying to please him when the demon lord didn't bother to pay the least bit of attention to his efforts. He hated feeling this way, being so blasted lonely and confused all the damn time, feeling so miserable and hurt. The hanyou knew damn sure when he wasn't wanted and he wasn't going to over stay his welcome, if that asshole didn't open up soon he was gonna walk no matter how much he had come to like staying at his "family home".

They had just finished an intense sparring session and were sitting on one of the benches nearing the training grounds trying to catch their breath and cool down. It was then Inuyasha decided to broach the topic of his predicament

"Hey Morimoto, how long have you known the bas- I mean Sesshoumaru", the bear demon didn't take kindly to the hanyou referring to the daiyoukai in a less than respectful manner.

"I have known Sesshoumaru-sama since he was a pup, I was a young solider serving in your father's army at the time when I first met him, even from then he displayed tremendous potential."

Scoffing, he rolled his eyes, "Yeah he always was Mr. Perfect wouldn't doubt he was a child prodigy too. Anyway how well do you know him?"

The older demon stared at him intently, "As well as anyone does, he is not a demon who reveals himself to others easily, if at all. I have merely known him longer than most. Want to cut to the chase and tell me what's with the sudden questions concerning the lord; he isn't your favourite person as you've often indicated."

Grumbling slightly, he second guessed his decision before he took a deep breath and blurted out, "I gotta talk to you about something, but you are going to have to swear that you will cut out your tongue with a rusty knife and impale yourself on your huge ass spear before you repeat a word of our conversation or I will hunt you down and gut you like a rabid animal for screwing me over. Do we have a deal?"

Raising an eyebrow at the outrageous rather gruesome conditions he nodding knowing full well that Inuyasha was placing his trust in him and if he betrayed him he didn't doubt the young demon lord's threat to maul him, "I wouldn't dare entertain the thought of betraying your confidence Inuyasha-sama."

Stunned at being addressed so formally he fumbled briefly before continuing, "Good. Do you know the history between Sesshoumaru and me?"

Frowning a bit the bear answered, "I knew he held an intense dislike for you because of you human blood and considered you a tarnish upon your father's legacy."

Snorting loudly Inuyasha sneered, ""Intense dislike you say. HA! The asshole wanted to squash me like a bug under his boot, he thought I was a disgusting mongrel and unworthy of carrying our "precious" father's blood. He wanted to fucking exterminate me."

"But you are here at the palace located in the heart of the Western Lands, your ancestral home. You are treated as a member of the royal family. Lord Sesshoumaru has given you your rightful inheritance. Something must have changed." Morimoto countered, his eyes troubled.

"A few months ago some shit went down between us and suddenly he claimed to have turned over a new leaf and wants to welcome me into the freakin' family and make amends. Honestly I thought he was just sprouting bullshit and was gonna fuck me over in the long run. Yeah but I went along with his charade because I was bored and curious. It didn't help that he turned out to be a persistent fucker.

Ignoring the glare the bear was shooting him for his insolent address of his sire and continued, "So I end up here and I expected everyone to treat me like scum, but he made sure they didn't and when he pulled out the ten-foot pole stuck up his ass he didn't turn out to be such an insufferable asshole. He actually seemed to be trying to make up for our shitty past.

"Then one little incident, something I'd like to write off and never talk about again and he clams up completely and goes around ignoring me like I don't matter and he's got something better to attend to. This hot and cold nonsense ain't cutting it, I don't know what went wrong and what's up with his mood swings I swear he's worse than a bleeding wretch, but if he doesn't get over his hang up soon I'm not sticking around. I'm not gonna be disregarded and tossed aside, I've dealt with enough rejection and I ain't gonna wait for him to kick my hanyou ass out when he's done playing his effin' games."

By the time his tirade was finished his face was flushed and his heart was beating rapidly, but he also felt a lot lighter as corny as it sounds. It felt good to tell someone all the stuff that had been bothering him since the ice prick had crashed into his life and turned everything on its head. Of course he left out all the kissing and mate stuff that was something he wanted to think about much less tell anyone else about it, he couldn't be like that with a man, much less his own brother that was wrong and freakish.

Morimoto didn't respond immediately and the lengthening silence aroused the hanyou's insecurities and made him regret telling the older demon, what if he tried to use Inuyasha confession against him what if he-

His freak out was put on hold when the bear finally spoke.

"I can't tell you what to do Inuyasha-sama, I do not know the entire story nor do I claim to have an inkling of what goes on Sesshoumaru-sama's mind, but from all indications it does appear that he has good intentions and is sincere in his desire to bridge the gap between you two. However if you are to resolve your current issue your only option is to discuss this with him. You must tell him how you feel, find out why his behavior had changed so drastically towards you. I do not think my lord would wish for all his efforts to have been in vain due to this misunderstanding. "

"You're bat-shit crazy aren't you? You really think I'm gonna go to him and say 'I want to have heart to heart. Let's talk our feelings and crap'? Further more why do I need to go and talk to him? I'm not the one acting like a stuck-up jackass. I didn't do anything, he's the one with the problem. The way I see it he should come groveling to me!" the hanyou was red in the face as he tore into the bear youkai's suggestion.

Morimoto sighed pinching his nose bridge as he often did when faced with a difficult or particularly troublesome problem.

"You asked for my advice and I gave it. While you have no duty to seek out Sesshoumaru-sama and confront him, if you leave this be it shall continue to drive a wedge between you. Had my lord been acting in his usual manner I am certain matters would not have escalated to this point. I am merely asking that you consider my words, there may be more to this than it may appear."

With those parting words the demon arose, performed a polite bow and left the hanyou to ruminate over his counsel.


Internally he knew his control had been weaken as his youki's influence and the mating bond incompletion gnawed at him to do what the most selfish, greedy part of himself yearned for but he had been putting up a valiant fight to resist their demands. He could not give it, he would not break the fragile, tentative relationship that had formed between himself and Inuyasha, but it was certainly a struggle. One that became increasingly more difficult with each passing day he left his mate unclaimed.

To have held off for so long without consummating their bond, without ravaging Inuyasha senseless and taken him like a feral dog was an accomplishment few could boast considering that he had no physical intimacy in the least to pacify his primal urges.

Yet in a single unguarded moment all his efforts had collapsed like a house of cards, his desire to attend to the hanyou's injuries had led to his downfall, the close proximity and the lack of clothing was a dangerous combination, he had played with fire and in return had gotten burned.

But it had been glorious.

Of course he knew his mate was beautiful, but the sounds that he had elicited from the hanyou's mouth had been the sweetest music to ears outdoing any masterpiece a musician could possibly perform and his wild, unabashed response had made his youki run through him with wild abandon.

Never had be experience sheer bliss, it was pleasure that surpassed anything he could possibly imagine reaching his climax in his mate's embrace.

But of course that one moment of raw pleasure had cost him dearly and there wasn't a second that went by that he didn't chastise himself for his foolish actions and lack of restraint.

What he had done had been reckless and irresponsible and he had expected the worst from the hanyou, knowing full well he wouldn't appreciate the boundaries that had been crossed. So after he had made all efforts to steer clear of the younger demon in a desperate act to regain his impeccable control and formulate the appropriate response, he had major damage control to do.

Almost a week after the incident he approached the hanyou at the end of one of his tutoring sessions which the daiyoulai had delegated to an elderly though knowledgeable demon who tended to be a bit crotchety at times but he had a sharp wit and he knew Inuyasha would appreciate his blunt attitude, the hawk demon didn't pussyfoot around.

However at the end of the lesson when he was about to enter the room he froze up, one look at the hanyou's face and his resolve was shattered, his mind overwhelmed by the worst case scenarios his mind had spent the last week conjuring up.

Sesshoumaru didn't think he could handle speaking to his brother about his loss of control and what had resulted because of it. His most prominent fear was to see the disgust reflected in those amber eyes so dissimilar from his own despite anyone else's observation.

The daiyoukai knew he could not withstand being blatantly rejected, his youki would not react favorably nor would he be able to recover as easily as he had the first time the hanyou had walked out on him after initiating their mating bond by marking him.

So he took the coward's way out and avoided being alone with the hanyou for any extended period of time, focusing solely on his mentoring duties inviting no conversation and essentially keeping the hanyou at arms length. At first he had expected to see the hanyou turn away from him or confront him about the incident but as the days went by nothing of the sort happened. If anything Inuyasha seemed very keen to learn and applied himself diligently in his studies which pleased the elder demon to no end, knowing how seriously his brother was taking this and the vested interest he had in his future in the Western Lands brightened his outlook about the state of things between them.

In addition he was not oblivious to the hanyou's confusion regarding his apathetic behavior towards him, but he couldn't bring himself to let down his guard again around the hanyou, fearing another lapse in control would be devastating and there would be no returning.

Of course his youki was none too pleased and protested fiercely, perpetually trying to undermine his control and escape his grasp. The volatile nature of youki thus put a rift between them that the elder demon was too fearful to breach, though the distance between them wore on him with everyday that slipped by.

It had been his intention to never again expose his mate to this callous mask of his to be open and forthcoming, but things did not always go as planned and he had to retreat, drawing himself away from the one person he wanted to truly know him.

The one person who was bound to him for life, his other half.

The demon lord could not wait for the day when his mate reciprocated his feelings and completed the mating bond, when they were fully joined and utterly inseparable.

It was that knowledge that gave him to drive to persevere despite the numerous setback and obstacles that he came across. There was no way he would allow their passionate interlude to disrupt all his plans, he would fight for their future. Inuyasha would be his.


The warning the bear demon had give him just a few days ago had been consuming his thoughts relentlessly, he had not realized how perturbed his mate had been though he should have known better judging by his past treatment of the hanyou.

Morimoto had not gone into specifics declaring that he would not betray the young lord's trust, but that Sesshoumaru had to act now if he wanted the hanyou to remain at the castle, insinuating that this Sesshoumaru's recent manner had affected Inuyasha on a deeper level than had been shown.

This new threat immediately put him on alert, feverishly trying to devise a strategy on how best he should handle the situation, though ultimately he knew no matter what he would not allow Inuyasha to leave him.

Unfortunately before he could make his move the hanyou confronted him while he had been attempting to tackle the stack of paperwork that had been accumulating due to his preoccupation with the hanyou's possible declaration to desert the Western Lands.

Usually the guards posted outside his office doors would announce the presence of visitors but apparently his mate had other ideas and was decidedly impatient pushing past them before bursting through the doors in an entrance that hinted at the hanyou's flare for theatrics just seconds before his guards came rushing behind him to explain the sudden intrusion.

However he waived their excuses aside and instructed them under no circumstances was he to be disturbed and all visitors should be turned away while he was speaking to the hanyou.

Once the doors were shut Inuyasha standing with his hands akimbo and an irate expression demanded, " You owe me a goddamn explanation you jackass. I'm fucking fed up of your games. I want to know why you have been treating me like I'm a nuisance. 'Cause if that's the case I'll pack up my shit and leave I'm not staying here so I can be seen as a burden.

"And just let me remind you. You brought me here, I didn't ask you to bring me to back to your bloody palace."

Sighing the elder demon stood up before stepping from behind the desk to approach the half-breed.

With just a few feet between them he stared directly into his eyes running his hand through his hair in a gesture the daiyoukai had thought he had abandoned since his days as a fledgling a clear indication that he was stressed.

"You are correct. My behavior towards you has been has been intolerable, but there are reasons you do not know justifying my actions. However that does not excuse that I could have handled the situation more appropriately."

Turning on his heel the hanyou began to paces gesticulating with his hands as he raged, "Don't fucking trying to weasel your way out of this and say you've got your reasons. I dont want to hear it. You don't have the right to pull this shit and expect me to stay quiet and put up with it. And "handle the situation" don't make me laugh you didn't do a thing. Instead of saying something or at least telling me it was a mistake and just forget about it which I could have accepted but you didn't a say a blasted word you just started treating me like a freakin' pariah and it's been over a month!"

His words seemed to have stunned the daiyoukai who did not reply nor could he not face him preferring to move towards the window, his hands clasp behind his back.

The ice prick's refusal to explain himself and his silence made Inuyasha ready to tear his hair out in aggravation. He had come here to get an answer and one way or another he was leaving with one.

"You're a sick bastard you know that. It not my goddamn fault we are in this mess and I'm trying to give you a chance to explain yourself and won't even speak to me, what would you have me think? You stalk me for months and make all these promises, tell you've changed, things will be different, that you will make everything right .And even though everything inside me was screaming to get the hell out here I gave you a chance. I gave you the chance to show me that you weren't just feeding me a pack of lies that somehow that you aren't the coldhearted pompous ass I thought you were.

"And you know what you succeeded. You made me believe how had it in you to be different but now I can see I was just a fucking fool you stringed along. You must feel so damn proud to know you've got me right where you want me, that you actually had me hoping that I could make a place for myself here. Now I can see you're just a nasty, twisted manipulative bastard that I want absolutely nothing to do with. Is there anything you can say now to prove me wrong?"

Inuyasha's eyes were boring into the elder demon's back willing him to say something, do something, scream, shout, deny that he wasn't telling the truth. Yet the daiyoukia's stance didn't change he stood frozen as a statue staring out the bloody window. The asshole didn't even have the courtesy to look in him the eyes and tell him he's being playing with him this entire time.

Feeling more dejected and exhausted than he had ever felt in his two hundred and fifty years alive he gave a tired sigh feeling all the anger and pain and confusion drain out of him leaving him empty and worn out. It was time he stopped expecting anything goo to happen to him, it was a waste of time trying to change his fate, he was destined to be alone and miserable and unwanted, afterall he was just an abomination, a monster, a being that didn't belong in either world.

His shoulders were bowed under the weight of his disappointment and fatigue as he turned around to face the door swallowing hard so he could push the lump that had formed his throat down and tried not to give notice to the heaviness in his chest, a pain centering over his bruised and battered heart.

"Even now you won't bother to own up to your deception, still treating me like the despicable, vulgar half-breed. But it doesn't matter anymore, none of it does, because I am finished with you. I would rather dig out my own eyes before I ever have to lay eyes on you again."

With those parting words he continued his walk towards the door, ready to leave everything behind especially Sesshoumaru.

Yet what he finally said appeared to spur the elder demon into action shaking him out of his inanimate state. The hanyou yelp as he was suddenly pulled off his feet and arms were being crushed against his body.

Dazed he tried to process what was happening when he realized that the ice prick was the one holding onto him. His body was smashed against the taller demon's form so hard it was difficult to even breathe properly.

'Was he trying to strangle me!' he screamed internally.

"Let go!" the captured hanyou demanded struggling to break free, his arms were useless but he tried to kick the demon with his legs but that didn't seem to do much good.

The daiyoukai's grasp loosened a bit but there was still no room for Inuyasha to maneuver, his hands were still trapped and now he could feel the tickle of the ice prick's breath on his ear.

"You will not leave me. I will not allow it", his voice had gained an eerie quality as thought multiple persons were speaking at the same time layered and complex radiating power and authority. That smooth even, cultured voice mixed with a rasping, deeper growl he recognized as the elder demon's youki.

This didn't make the least bit of sense, why was the bastard trying to keep him here after the way he had treated him all but stating that Sesshoumaru no longer wanted him here.

Grinding his teeth he attempted not to completely lose his cool, huffing in annoyance, "You're the one who refuses to give me a straight answer, acting as though I'm not even worth your notice. You won't even fucking talk to me and now you're telling me I can't leave. Who the hell do you think you are?"

Not missing a beat the elder demon retorted, "Your mate. Your place is by my side."

Groaning the hanyou raised his eyebrows in disbelief, "Are you still prattling on about that nonsense? I am not your mate hell I don't even want to be your brother. I consider you dead to me."

"It would be best if you stop talking now. Do not make me angry little one. I will only tolerate your insolence for so long" his warning succeeded in pissing off the hanyou further.

"You can kiss my ass, I will say whatever the hell I feel like saying."

Giving him a hint of a smirk the ice prick intoned, "Be careful what you ask for."

"Argh! You are so goddamn annoying there is no way you are going to make me stay here unless to tell me what recently crawled up your ass and dies 'cause you've been a complete jackass to me. I have had enough people treating me like shit you especially and I won't fucking lay down and take it anymore."

Being trapped by the royal dickhead when all he wanted to do was get as far away from him as he could was fraying at the last threads that were just keeping him from becoming completely undone. Inuyasha didn't want to have to deal with this anymore, why the bastard still toying with him?

"You don't want to know the answer. You are not ready to hear the truth", Sesshoumaru insisted.

"If you don't tell me now I will leave here and if you try to stop me I will fight with every ounce of strength in my body to break free even if it kills me and you, I will hate you so much that the very sight of you will make me sick I will do whatever it takes to rip your perfect lying face from your body. The only way I will ever be happy is to see your dismembered corpse being eaten away by maggots and vultures" Inuyasha spat, the venom in his voice made the daiyoukai's blood run cold. He knew without a doubt his mate would not go back on his promise.

"Very well if that is your wish. I will show you exactly why I have been keeping my distance" Sesshoumaru acquiesced.

The hanyou was stunned and a bit relieved that he would get his answer but he had not prepared for what the daiyoukai meant by showing him.

Adjusting his hold, the elder demon placed his arm around Inyasha's waist while his other hands grasp the nape of his neck tilting his head back slighting before kissing him.

Of course the half-demon was caught off guard and felt disoriented before attempting to put an end to the bastard's advance and push him away, but he would not budge and continue to press his lips against Inuyasha who was growing more uncomfortable and alarmed by the minute for he actually found himself liking it and he could feel his face becoming hot as the blood rushed to his head. Diizy by the closesness of the daiyoukai and his scent which he was now noticing had a rather embarrassing effect on him.

Then there was the issue of his own youki which was urging him to take advantage of the situation all but screaming at him to kiss him back, to stick his tongue in his mouth and get a taste of the gorgeous inuyoukai who was making him go haywire with sensory overload.

The hanyou hated to admit it but he was practically a teenager in demon years and he had needs that weren't being met and when a tall, sexy demon lord was kissing him like he was the sweetest treat he had ever had then who was he to resist.

But unfortunately before he could make his move a knock came at the door. Though content to ignore the interruption the knocking persisted and the elder demon pulled away before growling his displeasure, "Think carefully before you enter my domain, I am not pleased."

There was a pause before the guard continued, "Please forgive my intrusion my lord but a miko, a slayer, a monk and their charges are insisting on having an audience with Inuyasha-sama."


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