Why is Desmond Tiny so cold? I was reading the last few books, specifically the 11th one, and for those who know what I am talking about…related to blood…I wondered why he was so cold. Why had he shown only a second of emotion before becoming a bastard once more? Here is what I came up with…

Darren couldn't see for his vision blurry with crimson anger. He kicked a tree, almost breaking it as though it were a twig. A growl escaped from his lips and before he knew it, he was howling in mourn for his lost friends.

"Why couldn't he have warned us!? Why couldn't he have helped?! That cold son of…" Darren started to shout for the seventh time when this time, someone interrupted him.

"Have you ever tried to see the world from his eyes?" The shadows spat out a figure that was hairy, short, wore ropes and…well, ugly.

Panting, he snarled like the wolves he joined six years ago. "See the world from his eyes?! See the world from Mr. Tiny's eyes?! That would be easily; just picture yourself laughing as people die! Laugh sadistically like the bastard he is!"

Evanna said nothing, simply watched him for a moment with her mismatched eyes. Usually, he would have broke eye contact because he felt as though she could…could…read him somehow. Instead, he stared back, determined not to be put down.

"…You know very well that Desmond Tiny can see into the future. You know he can see several ways of what will happen if this or that occurs. He can, as you found out before, even travel time to mess with the past and see the results. He was like this since he was born so many years ago." Evanna spoke wisely, giving the angry Darren information he already knew.

"However…" They continued their glaring contest. "Have you ever thought about what kind of person it takes to do that job? What kind of person must you be to be born with the curse and blessing of future-seeing and time traveling? Knowing that whatever you do may help a group but kill another, a bigger one…you must restraint yourself.

"I believe that Desmond had no choice but turn into a cold bastard, as you put it. He had to learn to laugh, really laugh, at people's deaths. If not, Darren, he would have been driven insane with grief and the fact that he could not help anyone without destroying someone else.

"So while I know your pain of losing your friends…don't judge people so fast."

And with that, Evanna turned and walked away slowly, allowing the shadows to swallow her. Darren stood there, a strange saddening calm washing over him. He closed his eyes and felt more tears fall just like before.

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