I have always wanted animes and mangas to bring up more holidays, like Halloween. Everyone dressed up in costumes could be fun. Here is a Halloween Amuto story. Enjoy!

Trick or Treat

It was really dark at this hour. She finally found her way out of the haunted house. The other guardians were probably still inside. Amu didn't have the courage to go back and look for them.

"I h-hate s-scary things." Amu said herself.

Her guardian charas were at home babysitting Ami, because her parents were on a date.

As Amu was walking home she kept looking behind her, afraid that someone was following her.

"Happy Halloween." a voice said.

Amu gave out a small scream, but then she noticed that Ikuto was standing in front of her.

"Ikuto! Don´t scare me like that!" she shouted while punching him.

"Little girls shouldn't be out at this hour." he said with a grin. "How cute." he liked her costume, Little Red Riding hood. Maybe later he could play the big bad wolf.

"Just leave me alone." Amu said and turned her back to him.

"Fine." Ikuto said in a bored tone and walked away.

Amu regretted what she said. She realized that if he left, she would be alone out in the dark. So she ran after him.

"Ikuto wait!" she shouted after him. Once she reached him, she tripped and fell into his arms.

"What is it?" Ikuto asked her.

"Walk me home." Amu said in a shy voice while holding onto him.

Ikuto grinned. He liked the thought of her being innocent and helpless in front of him. Almost a minute had past and he still hasn't answered her. Amu looked up at him. "Well, are you gonna walk me home?"

Ikuto smirked at her. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. A few seconds later he pulled away and whispered to her. "Have I ever told how cute you are?"

Amu blushed. No one has ever called her cute. Not even Tadase. They always thought that she was just cool. She didn't respond to his comment. She just looked down, to afraid of looking him in the eyes.

He gently took her by the hand. "C´mon, I´ll walk you home."

On the walk to her house, Amu wondered if she should asked him. After thinking about it she decided to go for it.

"I-Ikuto?" she said in a quite tone but he still heard her.

"What is it?"

"Do you really think I´m c-cute?" she wanted to her those words again.

"No." he answered her.

Amu looked disappointingly at him. "What?"

"I think you're adorable." he told her.

A big smile appeared on Amu´s face. "Really?"


Amu was so happy that she hugged him. She didn't plan to do it but she did it anyway. Only a second later she pulled away of embarrassment. "S-Sorry."

Ikuto grinned and pulled her back closer to him. "You´re beautiful." he whispered in her ear.

This caused a even bigger blush on her face. She liked his scent. For some reason it made her feel calm.

Ikuto blushed a little himself when she hugged him back. Her hair smelled just like strawberries and that outfit made her look even cuter then she already was.

Once they had let go of each other. Ikuto walked her home. When they reached her front door, he did not expect her to do what she did. She invited him in. Luckily her parents were not home. If the were they would flip out about the fact that she brought a older boy home.

On the unlucky side, her sister was home and she has a big mouth.

"Sis, who is this?"Ami asked and looked at Ikuto.

"This is Ikuto. He walked me home." Amu told her little sister.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Ami asked, now looking at her sister.

"No." Amu said.

"Good." Amu said with a smile.

"Good?" Amu wondered.

"Cause now he can be mine." Ami dragged Ikuto with her to the couch where they could watch TV.

Amu didn't know why but she go really jealous. She walked right up to her sister and told her "No, he can't be your boyfriend." Then Amu grabbed Ikuto by the arm and pulled him closer to her.

"Oh, is sis getting jealous?" Ami teased.

Amu´s face turned extremely red. Was it from embarrassment or anger? Ikuto enjoyed watching those two fight over him, but mostly because now he knew for sure that Amu liked him.

After a lot of fighting, Amu sent Ami to her room. When she looked back at Ikuto she noticed that he had a big grin on his face. Just then she realized what she had done. She fought about him with her little sister.

Ikuto walked up to Amu and moved his face closer to hers. There was a wall right behind her so she couldn't move away. But she did avoid to look him in the eyes.

She blushed heavily when one of Ikuto´s hands started to pull up her dress.

"I-Ikuto? W-Wha...?" she was interrupted when he put a finger on soft lips. He was moving into kiss, but then at the last second moved done to her neck. His hand moved higher up her dress. Once his hand reached a certain point, Amu pushed him away.

Ikuto grinned at her and the started walking towards the door. Before he closed the door behind him he said "Trick or Treat".

Let me know what you think. I really hope you like it!